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  1. Since I'm a new player I'm in a lot of these situations. The opponent has all the flags and I have nothing left to get them back. Should I keep fighting until the bitter end of the scenario or just surrender? Does surrendering make the final score even worse?
  2. When in a situation where you are trying to race infantry to a flag ahead of your opponent's infantry, what is the most effecient combination of commands to use without getting your units tired, exhausted, or pinned? It seems like my more experienced opponents always seem to get there first and I'm not sure why.
  3. Thanks guys. I'll try to do more self-experimenting so as not to become obnoxious. By the way: Why is the sky blue? Does sour cream ever expire? Why do we park in DRIVEways?
  4. How do you guys know how to time your smoke when attacking? It seems like I always run my guys out in the open before the smoke starts or it stops right when they are halfway across open ground.
  5. Well it seems like even in a meeting engagement if I'm the Germans, I'll be able to buy say 2 decent tanks and then the Reds will come with 3-4 T-34s. I'm doing a QB now (ME) where I bought a tiger and 2 stugs and he came out with 4 IS2s and 2 T34s.
  6. The rules say a hidden unit can't spot as good as unhidden. However - I can hide and unhide my sniper and he sees just as far according to the LOS tool either way. Is that just recalculated at the beginning of the turn or what?
  7. I'm new to quick battles but I was wondering - does the Russian player always have a numerical advantage in a quick battle? It seems like I'm always outgunned - sometimes 2-1 or 3-1 in tanks. Perhaps I'm buying wrong.
  8. Human. A shell exploded right where the symbol was and then it disappeared.
  9. I was area firing at a german symbol where an AT gun is located. The symbol has disappeared. Does that mean I knocked it out?
  10. I just got CMAK. Is there no escape to windows feature like on the first 2 games? If so, what is it? Thanks.
  11. Is it necessary to rotate your German AA vehicles such as the SDKFZ 7/1 to face to the rear or do they pivot 360 degrees on the back of the truck?
  12. Very helpful - thank you - wish I'd known this before starting some of the battles I did!
  13. I've seen a lot of helpful threads on using split squads when advancing - 1/2 to scout and 1/2 to cover - but I have not had success doing this in low light conditions. (night time and fog) Any advice?
  14. Yes I'd like to see some US and British forces.
  15. No I haven't - I may do that if it takes too long to get here.
  16. I just ordered CMAK and can't wait to get it in the mail. Is it better than CMBB or about the same?
  17. What about during a scenario setup phase, defending with roadblocks provided?
  18. I'm new to PBEM play - what is the usual (generally accepted) FOW setting you guys use when playing?
  19. Is there a way to place a roadblock so that a bridge is completely blocked? (AFVs can't go around) I don't think it can be done with one roadblock, can it?
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