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  1. I'll play you - I'm new also so I don't know how to send you the first move - you'll have to get me going. kelvinchecks@hotmail.com
  2. That won't help. It does that on my computer too -don't know why.
  3. Where did you guys get your copy of CMAK? Do you have to order it online? I live in St. Louis, MO, and haven't seen it at any game stores I know.
  4. I'm moving a recon squad across some open Russian steppe and the squad keeps dropping to the ground alerted. At ground level I can hear a few bullets hit the grass but there are no target lines to where the fire is coming from. Is there a way to locate the enemy fire?
  5. Yeah well I was trying to get him to fire smoke because he was down to 2 AP rounds and he needed to get out of there. But it turned out he was in a good hull down position in rocks and the Russians just kept bouncing rounds off of him until the scenario ended. The covered arc strategy sounds like a good idea, though - I'll try that next time.
  6. I'm in a battle where I have a PZIIIn in a good hull down position on a rocky slope. After several turns I'm almost out of AP ammo. This tank has 8 smoke shells, but every time I give the orders to fire smoke so he can move out of there he just ignores the comand and keeps firing regular shells. Why won't he fire the smoke?
  7. I was looking at the armor table for a KV-1 and one of the lines says "upper hull 75+20". I assume thatmeans 95 in total thickness. Why is it written like this instead of just saying "95"?
  8. OK for those curious to know, I replayed the turn with them on "run" instead of "advance" and they didn't throw any charges.
  9. I was playing a scenario Vs the AI yesterday. There was a minefield next to 2 houses that were occupied by 2 of my squads. I ordered another one of my pioneer squads to advance to the next house up the road. So as they are advancing past the mine field, they chuck a satchel charge at it. Boom! It destroyed the minefield plus the two occupied houses my squads were in. Then when they got to the next house, they threw another charge out the window at a nearby enemy trench and blew the house down on themselves. What the? How do you control how these bozos use charges?
  10. I hate to ask these but my curiosity is killing me! What is a "peng" thread and what is a "bump"? Thanks!
  11. No not an enemy unit - an area of the map.
  12. Yeah I saw that - it says "greatly enhancing its long range spotting and identifying abilities" - so I'm assuming this is a "passive" ability - it works automatically - not like in Blitzkrieg where there was a "use binoculars" command.
  13. How can you tell if a unit with binoculars is using them? Does it just automatically spot objects better?
  14. It would be cool if there was a "move to LOS" command where you stop at the point where you can see a selected area.
  15. Thanks guys - good info - I also found some related posts by doing a search as suggested.
  16. I'm new to this game and am playing my first operation as the Germans. I keep getting stuck in this same situation and was wondering how to overcome it. I move up to a point at the edge of a clearing where a russian MG opens fire on me from a well placed foxhole, usually from higher ground with good LOS. My platoon can't rush him - too much open ground to cross. I can't get a LOS to him with my 50 mm mortar crew without them getting spotted and shot at. I don't have any smoke. I can't use tanks for fear of hidden 45 mm AT guns. What do you guys do in situations like this? There's a tool for ev
  17. OK I figured the save problem out - the scenario name I was using had a long name and it took up the whole box so I couldn't see the cursor. Also alt + tab gets me to windows if I press it a few times - thanks for the help!
  18. Hmmmm...Ok I've been trying CMBB - the first scenario I tried was "Assault on Kamienka" as the Germans. It was, indeed, no fun. Well, I didn't know what I was doing. I had to draw fire in order to even find the Russians, and they let me have it. Can somebody refer me to some good basic strategy posts? The graphics look great up really close but from a more meaningful view (the one you have to use to give orders) the buildings and vehicles look blotchy. Two other things bother me: You can't press "esc" to go to windows like CMBO and you can't make multiple saves of the same game? It won't
  19. Sounds good but are there mods for other theatres than just the East Front?
  20. I'm new to the combat mission series (have just been playing for about 3 weeks)and have been playing exclusively CMBO. I have all the mods for it and everything. It's a good game. The question is: should I switch to CMBB? Is it a lot better than CMBO or about the same? Is it more fun?
  21. Are AA guns just as effective in cover (woods) as they are in the open?
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