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  1. I always understood that the AI sees whatever FOW setting you see and reacts accordingly.
  2. Area fire targets any unit in the general area and suppresses better. How many squads were firing at the sound contact? Only one squad may not have been enough to keep him down.
  3. That would have been an interesting wedding ceremony: "I, Axis commander, take you, Allied commander, to be my opponent..."
  4. The Germans were trying to avenge WWI, expand, and conquer Europe which is more adventurous and exciting. Games for me are about that. The allies were basically trying to stop them and restore the status quo, which is morally sound but boring. In my opinion the Germans had the coolest uniforms, coolest flag, coolest equipment. Practically the whole world had to gang up on them to beat them. And many of the major players who beat them had roots in Germany. (Eisenhower, Einstein, etc.) I don't know of anyone who seriously approves of what the Nazis did to the Jews, but - think about it - w
  5. Women ought to really enjoy CM - since you basically order men to do things and then watch how they carry out your orders.
  6. I'm doing a PBEM and my opponent has several US star symbols in a patch of tall pines. By clicking on them they give diferent info - for example: AT Team? (Blank area) Machine Gun? (with picture labeled "Tall Pines") Mortar? (Blank Area) Infantry Squad (Blank Area) Infantry? (with picture labeled "Tall pines") Questions: Do the symbols with the blank area mean I destroyed those units with my HE fire or does that just work with AT guns? If it says "Infantry?" and not "Infantry squad?" does that indicate a HQ unit? Are there other "hints" in these symbols that help you know what
  7. What are your tactics when managing your squads that read "low" on ammo? Are they still useful to you in some way?
  8. There's a certain distance you have to be away before you can get a visual but I can't remember what it is. Perhaps a search using "visual contact" would tell more.
  9. No - they weren't captured. They must not have seen each other like Jason said. I think they all need glasses.
  10. PBEM game in the dark. My full strength Panzergrenadier Platoon (plenty of ammo, in command) is pursuing a broken Russian motorized Rifle Squad into a small patch of woods. I can see the lone squad (not just a symbol) hiding about 20 meters away. I give my platoon "assault" orders. Next turn: My squads go right up to the hiding russian squad (one meter away) and kneel down right next to it without firing at all. After about 10 seconds, the enemy squad gets up and runs away without firing. Nobody in my platoon fires at it. Huh???
  11. They say we learn more from defeat than victory. I am curious to know what you guys think are the main reason(s) you lose. For me most of the time it's lack of patience. I'll want to make something happen and start taking risks with my armor when I know there's 15 turns left. Or I don't have the patience to give each unit an individual move so I'll use "group" orders. I made a sign that says "patience" and taped it to my monitor to remind me to slow down!
  12. Well, I see it like this: if it is a scenario and you both look, it's still even. (As long as you both have equal intelligence.)
  13. Good ideas guys - thanks. My men didn't die in vain. he he
  14. Today I had a German tank hunter team, regular experience, rested, not in command, hiding at the edge of some summer woods at night. They had a 40m armor cover arc set to trip when a tank came by presenting its side or rear to the team. Next turn two T-34s and a Stuart drove up together and tripped the arc, all within 10-20 meters, presenting their sides and unaware of my team. My team raised up to attack and, before they could even blink, all three vehicles instantly spotted them and sprayed them with machine gun fire, panicked, and killed them. How could I have set a better trap? If
  15. I cannot view the pictures that are posted in these threads. They just show up as a small white square with a red "x" in it. Does anybody know what to do? I'd like to be able to see them.
  16. "No more European robins screeching "CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP!" while your tank battle rages!" Yeah I always thought that that sound effect was out of place during a battle. Tweeting birds has kind of the same effect as hearing an ice cream truck go by. Back to the subject: I must have missed in that instance because there was just a metallic "ping" sound and no scream.
  17. You have a crack sniper zeroed in on a tank commander. You hear the bullet hit something and the commander quickly goes down into the tank. How do you know if you got him or if you missed?
  18. I would like to see some discussion from you veterans on this please. Does the CM engine take into account differences in height? For example: All things (includig LOS) being equal, does a platoon near the top of a slope fire down at greater efficiency than the platoon firing up the slope? Same for tanks - if one is higher than the other, does he have an advantage? Is it more efficient to fire from the second story of a building than the first?
  19. Well I'm inclined to want to put them at least in scattered trees so the planes can't spot them as good, but I don't know if their performance drops by doing that. I know that a mortar can sit in deep woods and fire up without a performance drop in the game but Flack is another question.
  20. In your experience, does flak gun performance against planes change when placed in different terrain or is it always the same?
  21. Hey no problem junk2drive - I think all of you guys are cool - I've got no problem with any of you. Sometimes communication is hard in this medium. Thanks for taking the time, everybody. (group hug) he he
  22. Ok I just wanted to know if it was possible - I was in the middle of a raging PBEM game and didn't want the sideshow of doing all the experimenting myself at that time - and didn't want to waste my ammo on something with no chance. I respect you guys and your answers and feel that this forum is a good place to pool our knowledge so we each don't have to re-invent the wheel. Otherwise, why have a forum? We could all just figure it out ourselves. Sorry if I irritated somebody but no one is forced to click on my posts or answer my questions. Thanks to everyone for the good answers.
  23. OK but you answering "yes" or "no" would have been a lot quicker.
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