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  1. I was playing a guy recently in a no-flag tournament. After 20 turns neither of us had left our good cover, and no action aside from me knocking out two of his recon jeeps with MG fire. We agreed to a ceasefire - I was thinking "draw" - lo, to my surprise - I was given a Total Victory! The score is figured by percentages of points. Though I had only killed two jeeps, they represented 100% of the casualties since he did not kill any of my units. There were no flag points to figure in - thus - 100%-0% Total Victory. That was crazy...
  2. Thanks JasonC - I assume if you show as "hull down" you could also stay sideways, since only the turret would show...
  3. Situation - an AFV appears to the side of your tank - your turret has turned to fire. Is it best to: a) stay still and shoot though your tank's side is exposed, or Pivot to face the vehicle head on while firing, risking reduced accuracy?
  4. IME hidden units spot perfectly fine, infantry, tanks, guns, whatever; so hiding your T-34 would be a good idea, IMHO. Prevent rotating the turret is another since it defeats the purpose of hiding in the first place. Be carefull when setting a coverred arc. </font>
  5. How accurate is sound contact information? I know the unit's location will be off, but - For example - if you see a "Truck?" sound contact, could it actually be a tank? Or several "Tank?" sounds beyong a ridge - could they actually be halftracks?
  6. Well I don't see how hiding the T-34 would have helped since hiding reduces spotting ability. My tank was still when it was hit - not in the process of turning - but one point is true - there could have been German troops in the field - with exteme FOW I can't tell yet...probably should have put my screening squads on "move to contact" towards the sound to remove more of the risk....
  7. Situation: My T-34 hears a german vehicle (sound contact) crossing a field at night. I order 2 squads of infantry to set up about 10 meters out in front of the T-34, facing the sound. The T-34 rotates toward the field and stops - it is unbuttoned with an armor cover arc facing the field. Result: next minute after a few seconds I hear a "bang" "thud" - my T-34 is dead. Then some open topped german crap vehicle appears in the field right where the T-34 was facing. How could he possibly have seen me first and how could this be avoided in the future??
  8. I would go over to the Blitzkrieg ladder site and click on "scenarios" and look at which ones have been played the most - the Blitz is the largest Combat Mission ladder site I know of - in fact, you should join for some real Combat Mission fun...
  9. Very nice, Jason C - I can put that info into immediate use in one of my games...
  10. OK I'm tired of trying to fight Russian SMG squads with rifles - when and where is it in the game that the Germans get SMG squads?
  11. Thanks JasonC - I was about to ask if moving them on "fast" tired them - guess so...
  12. I have never used them but now find myself in an OP that uses tons of them - any help regarding their use would be great....
  13. It never even turned to find the plane so I'm pretty sure it's range...
  14. No - it's a sturmovik. No cover arc. Not hiding. The 20mm may be out of range - I'll have to draw a line next time I get a turn.
  15. Hmmm...I remember JasonC saying in this forum that it doesn't matter what cover your AA gun is in. It will fire regardless. It's a pretty long map so another possibility is that the plane is out of the gun's range. It's worth some expirementing.
  16. I have a german 20mm quad AA gun in some woods at the edge of the map - it is set up and in command. Russian planes keep coming over and shredding my tanks - he just sits there without firing or even targeting - what's the deal?
  17. Can you expound on this? What do you mean by green bar/blue bar phase? What bars are you referring to? Also, how can you delete your hunt command when your reverse comand comes after it?
  18. After many engagements I've observed that if your tank is buttoned or commander has been taken out, borg spotting won't work. Every guy in your force can see that T-34 over the hill but if your button tank crests with a cover arc there, it will just sit there until it starts to get shot at. Anyone confirm?
  19. I smell a rat. I've been advancing quickly on my opponent in the operation "Mobile Defense" - he had no units left at the end of our last battle battle and suggested a "ceasefire" which would move us on to the next battle. Well, it did all right - with me back at the start line from the previous battle - all of the ground gained from the battle had been lost. Is this normally what happens when you "ceasfire" during an advance op?
  20. OK thanks - any difference in performace when buying in-game artillery? I've read before that guns are better than howitzers but don't really know why.
  21. Can anyone tell me the difference in performance of a 75mm infantry gun and a 75mm howitzer?
  22. Good for me - bad for my opponent - he he.
  23. If you move a unit off the mapp during an operation to prevent it's destruction, does it come bak in the next battle or is it lost for the rest of the operation?
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