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  1. some really good comments here, but i would like to add something. i have had enough of my guns blown up while trying to push them into position, so my advice is this:

    do not set up guns where the enemy can see. they will make that a priority target. you should have some idea where u want the gun, before you click go and start playing. look at the map before u begin, and try and determine where the best fields of fire will be, and where your gun can best cover the approaching, (or static) enemy. look for places that the enemy wont be able to see at first too. set up an ambush, if you can rush in some gun to cover a road you know he will come down...thats perfect. if they are waiting for you and see it coming, its already too late.

    i find (obviously), that its best to find places for your guns before you start, and to not move them.

    i played a battle some time ago where i had 4 towed light AT guns, and 4 towed medium AT guns. i moved them up like an infantry advance...first one group, then the other, covering each other. in the end i think i only lost one of the guns. they didnt get alot of kills in the fight, but they did prove very usefull for covering fire...they kept some of the german armor pinned down till i was ready to deal with it. very useful indeed.

  2. "I vote for the Sturmgewehr 44"

    perhaps he meant that 'not' inventing it sooner gave the allies a serious advantage, and that was the the contribution factor.

    or maybe the original author is just still drunk from a new years eve party, and does not know what he is saying.

  3. before all you grogs have a heart attack over this guys art work, let me say something. i used to make alot of models when i younger, and i hope to get back into it when im older, and one of my favourite types of projects were what ifs...in this case, what if jerry invaded america, and the war was still going on in the early sixties. obviously these two ardent national socialists are doing their part to keep some low priority area under proper control. nice model, excellent finishing techniques.

  4. thats a nice model, but i think the zimmerit is only useful as camoflage. as we all know, the real purpose of zimmerit is to prevent magnetic charges from sticking, so it has to be a certain thinkness. it looks too thin on the car. i forget what those charges were called, but i think it would be wasted on a cheap car like a beetle. did they even make those in the war? i thought they would look more like kubelwagens.

  5. ya, i do want to repaint it. it would look not to bad, but i live in beijing, and finding paint, let alone an airbrush would be difficult and prohibitive. that tamiya one looks very fine. in fact it looks just like mine with a better paint job. identical. different hat on the commander, but the same pose.

  6. and now some halftrack. i copied the files into the bmp directory, but they didnt over-write anything. whats up with that? i have installed some brilliant vehicle mods in the last few days, but the terrain ones all seem problematic. ones that worked include juju's hi-res tree base, and foxhole/craters, and someone's fall trees. everything else...either no, or i cant tell. some advice would be handy. the pics for some grass look great, but i cant tell if it works or what.


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