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  1. I have a fix that works on both my Windows 8.1 and 10 laptops. No more lag, fog works and graphics look they way they are supposed to. Download a ddraw.zip from this site: https://github.com/narzoul/DDrawCompat/releases/tag/experimental It needs to be the experimental one which is the most recent as the older one didn't show fog and the graphics looked low resolution. 1. Extract the dll file from the zip file and put in the CMBB directory. 2. Go to properties in the CMBB executable and select the comparability tab. 3. Select "Run as Administrator" and "Disable Display Scaling on High DPI Settings" (Win 8.1). The scaling options are a little different in Win 10. Go to the overide high DPI scaling behavior and select Application (this works the same as the above option in Win 8.1).
  2. Good AAR. I agree that getting rid of the AT guns should be the mortar's top priority. You are aware of the trick about knowing whether a unit that is unspotted is dead r not. If not check out this link http://www.theblitz.org/message_boards/showthread.php?tid=41649
  3. Seen as how you liked these try downloading Jason's Russian training scenarios as these are quite instructive/fun as well.
  4. You have to install a mod. Rocketman's high contrast gridded series will do the trick. The mod(s) can be found at cmmods. CMMODS [ May 01, 2008, 06:02 PM: Message edited by: Leprechaun ]
  5. I've used the SU-152 against the Tiger before and, while it can kill the beast, it is by no means an easy task. The SU's slow reload time, crew's inexperience coupled with the gun's inaccuracy make the Tiger a clear favorite in any encounter. The only way you loose the Tiger is by moving rashly and presenting an easy target or he gets lucky with a shoot and scoot. I'd say his tanks are moving to warmer climes.
  6. Great story and I am learning quite a bit from it also. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the comments gents. The 88's did well knocking out 6 tanks but were matched by the Stugs who also destroyed, though not as spectacularly, 6. My infantry took out another 3 with close assaults and a Pz Jager took out a single tank. THe Ju-87 managed to immobilize the remaining tank but did little else except miss and strafe a couple of friendlies.
  8. Thanks for the comments. As far as inhibiting the Norwegian's thirst, he volunteered for the "recon" mission and the recovered cache and Captain have not been seen since.
  9. For the remaining 5-6 turns the front has stabilized with neither side able or willing to attempt a large attack. Von Leprechaun has 2 platoons in reserve but decides not to commit them in an attempt to recapture C. There are a lot of grumpy Soviet infantry entrenched there and they would be difficult if not impossible to dislodge. On turn 36 he does, however, order a Stug to move into a good recon position near the flag in C. Von Leprechaun has intelligence that a large Russian cache of vital supplies (vodka) is located near there and, knowing its strategic importance, has ordered its capture. Final Score: [ April 06, 2008, 03:18 PM: Message edited by: Leprechaun ]
  10. In C, my 2 platoons are fighting for their lives against Soviet infantry attacking from D. Things are bleak until the 3 Stugs, who are in the vicinity, move into a support position. Heavy casualties are taken but the woods are held and will remain so until the end of the game. On the right flank, a lone T-34 appears approaching my men at F. The tank moves into a position in front of my men and remains there for several turns. Hauptmann Ragnar anxiously wipes the sweat from his eyes and takes a gulp from his flask that sends its contents, a burning liquid, down his parched throat. He wonders what that crazy Ivan bastard is up to. Ragnar's reinforcements have just reached H and one of the squads reports tank noise emanating from the gap between H and the map edge. Von Leprechaun knows he should have listened to his instincts and not to Hauptmann Ragnar. Well that Norwegian bastard better be as good with a grenade as he is with a bottle of schnapps. The Stugs moving through the scattered trees in E are rotated to an ambush position and await the arrival of the new threat. The infantry in H take up ambush positions and ready their potato mashers. Their platoon commander's sweaty palms caress the luger at his side as he makes a last desperate call for air support. The Stukas have saved his ass on more than one occasion and he hopes that this time will not be the exception. He sees a T-34 emerge from the mirk and it is, thankfully, accompanied by the loud scream of a Stuka diving on its prey. The watching infantry hiss in frustration as both of the Ju-87s bombs miss and the tank lumbers on towards their positions. Two of the squads are within grenade range and let lose with little effect, and one of the Stugs, with LOS, fires several shells that bounce from the steel beast like tennis balls. The Ivan TC coolly destroys a rapidly repeating track and truck but his charmed tank is finally immobilized and then destroyed by infantry grenades. The men let out a ragged cheer that is quickly silenced by the report of another sound contact. Another f*in tank is confirmed by the deflated men. As the T-34 comes into view, the Stuka, like a prehistoric beast, dives from the sky and releases three bombs that scream towards their target. The bombs' concussion knocks the watching infantry to the ground and the sudden change in temperature and pressure sucks the air from their lungs. Moments later, the dazed men get shakily to their feet only to find the tank is unharmed. The job, as always, is theirs. Two men, their belts stuffed with grenades, make a mad dash for the tank. One is gunned down as he reaches the left side of the tank but his aim is true and the tanks thread is destroyed. The other man makes an inhuman leap and lands on the beast's back. He deposits his cargo inside, jumps down and runs quickly back to the woods. Muffled screams and wisps of grey green smoke announce the tank's agonizing death. The crew attempt to escape the smoldering wreck but are eagerly dispatched by the awaiting Wermarcht infantry. Meanwhile, the stationary tank near F has announced its intentions by moving forward and blasting a track and its crew into oblivion. It moves forward too quickly for the drunk and infuriated Ragnar to deal with. The marauding unit, however, meets its demise. It is ambushed by the Stugs on the hill E and after several pens is abandoned. After this action, Hauptmann Ragnar reports his sector secure and inquires about "supplies." Hauptmann's Phantom Tank: Goring's Fireworks: [ April 07, 2008, 07:22 PM: Message edited by: Leprechaun ]
  11. Don't feel too sorry for the Soviets. Their tankers may be meat but the infantry is giving me fits once it gets into the woods. Thanks. Yes they are a pain to deploy and utilize effectively.
  12. Moving on to turn 20 and I get my last reinforcements (3 platoons of mechanized infantry, 4 Panzer Jager 1's, 3 Stugs, 2 HMG's and 2 light mortars). Reinforcements Part 3: I'm going to send the Jagers along the road and use them to support my units in the middle of the map. The Stugs, I'll send to a staging area just below Wood E and, depending on what Ivan's armor is up to, deploy them as necessary. I will send one of my platoons to Wood H to secure my right flank. I know Ivan has at least 3 T-34's over there and, with the exception of engine noises, I have no idea where they are. One of my other platoons, I'll use to reinforce Wood E and the final platoon I'll load in vehicles and keep in reserve. Deployment: The gap between C and B continues to be a popular area and, now that I have two 88's and one of my 50's zeroed in, a deadly one. The roar of the 88's fill the air and and four more tanks visit the scrap heap. In C, the woods are swarming with angry Ivan infantry bent on avenging their fallen comrades. My 2 platoons, despite their heroics, are simply overrun by hordes of PPsh wielding killers. One squad, shattered by the onslaught, breaks and makes it to C with 7 men left. These are the only survivors. Von Leprechaun orders a 105mm barrage to add to the 81mm one already falling on his former positions. Two more T-34's come trundling down the road through Wood C and surprise some of the tracks. A truck and two more tracks are lost but the tanks are destroyed by an 88 and the timely arrival of the Jagers. Nasty Surprise: You Shall Not Pass: Meanwhile, the German position in E comes under a simultaneous assault from G and C. The Russians, eager to maintain their momentum, charge forward with blood curdling cries and are met by a wall of steel. The German infantry in E, supported by tracks, Panzers, HMG's and guns, shreds wave after wave. Von Leprechaun shakes his head in disbelief as reports of the action start to trickle in. [ April 23, 2008, 11:00 AM: Message edited by: Leprechaun ]
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