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  1. Okay, so if I set my desktop res to something less than 1600x1200 that should get "close enough" Intresting.
  2. Just re-installing CM:BB after a long absence, and in said absence I've broguth a much bigger monitor. Deleted prefs file etc, but CM:BB refuses to go for the correct res and persists in 1360 x 1024 Desktop res is set to 1680 x1050, but CM:BB won't select that res. Any way of forcing it too that res?
  3. Yup, they all get worse. And stuff the germans capture gets better we should test captured soviet stuff vs finnish stuff Does that change at all?
  4. Well, that works to - but if he's asking about how to beat them, that means his opponent is taking them. Find new opponents is a good solution for many problems;)
  5. KV-1's are almost unbeatable in 1941. So don't bother. Play another date:)
  6. The units are exactly the same in all respects (radios, cupolas, blah, blah) except reported ammo quality which has nothing to do with my first two claims. I am going to run some more tests. I only ran 8 initially, but another person reported similar results when I mentioned it to him. Edit: Another observation, the german 43 (late) ones cost 16 more points than the soviet 43 (late) model. Testing Methodolgy: Flat map. Default map size and paramters. 4 Tanks present on either side. T-34 43 (Late) used on both sides. Date set to May 1945. Game loaded as hotseat, no orders issued for
  7. I've noticed with T-34's that their performance improves very markedly as a result of being captured. For an example of what I mean, add 4 IND. captured T-34 (43 models) vs 4 of the matching soviet models. Set the date to May 1945 to eliminate crew quality as a factor. Make the map pefectly level, and don't issue them any orders. At equivelent experince, the germans A) Aquire their targets faster. Fire first in the engagement C) Will kill all the soviet tanks with 0 or 1 loss to themselves every time. Why is this the case? It looks to me like the tank gets magically be
  8. If I was your partner I'd turn around and wack you upside of the head. However, I have a question! Recently I've been experimenting with almost entirely tank based buys. I've been using stugs in an interlocking field of fire with a tiger as "fire brigade" and HMG's with a minimum of infantry. I tried this technique against graves registration and major vic'ed him - partly because my tiger came though and nailed 6 tanks in 6 shots. I did nothing more than drive around the tiger a bit and hit go. Force compisition was 6 stugs, 6 150MM HE chuckers 1 tiger and an infantry coy defending
  9. Part of the problem here is that something that is easy for Walpurgis is not easy for the general body of CM players I've seen the method he proposes, and it requires a perfect tableau of timing and co-ordination amoung multiple units in a situation that might not be easily achieveable. However, Walpurgis can and has beaten the tar out of me with it - but I could not possibly hope to employ the solution against him:)
  10. The basic difference of opinion is some people are playing the game called CM, and some people are re-creating WW2 via the medium of CM. If you google for "playing to win" and sirlin there is a great series of articles on it, but basically it comes down to "If you think things are 'lame' or 'gamey' in tournments, maybe you should not play tourments."
  11. I started playing when I was 20 - AK time. It's a good game, I dislike some parts of it, like others, lots of replayability, frustrating balance issues, and I would love it if the graphics got a revamp Dawn of war style graphics would rock very much (Indivdual soldier combat animations, you see the guy throw the grenade etc). While it's not going to add to "gameplay" per say, it would make it alot more enjoyable to see your russian SMG platoon fanning out in the woods, moving from cover to cover etc. I'd like source style mods n stuff to, but that doesn't seem to go over well here.
  12. Complaining about "gamey" play in a tourment played with a computer game is like complaining about being tackled in a rugby match.
  13. Always play full or extreme. I personally will never play less than extreme.
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