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  1. Oh yeah, you need to in order to upload at both places. It apparently has something to do with my Adobe Flash...it's not reading it. I have had no trouble in the past uploading mods at CMMODS, and I have the latest version of Flash, so who knows. I can use my son's comp to upload, but probably won't be able the finish off a few little things before they are ready until Thursday.

    I had the same trouble at cmmods with the same message about Adobe Flash, I have the latest version installed, I recreate a new count & I got the same issue!

  2. Sorry, I can't upload to CMMODS, atm.

    Martin/GaJ, if you see this, there is no "box" to link to my mod zip file. I can link to a picture file, but there isn't anything after this: "... and select the mod zip file:"

    Any suggestions?

    I got the same problem, and finaly I upload my buildings mod into several parts to the repository, no answer from GAJ via chat, perhaps to busy with CMFI GL AAR! Lol!

  3. Good idea, thanks to include the CEF in your modding plan, forgotten by BFC team, 2e division d'infanterie marocaine (2e DIM) & 4e division marocaine de montagne (4e DMM), were on the Gustav line (operation Diadem) & le 4e régiment de spahis marocains (4e RSM) 3eme DIA on Castelforte(Garigliano battle)!

  4. As far as I could tell adding the [nation] suffix to the helmets didn't seem to work (but it does with boots). All helmets default to the British helmets (I had made Polish helmets but they wouldn't show up).

    I don't think just adding whatever you like in the [*] works. I assume the scenario would need to specifically reference which uniform to use. But I am just guessing. I have no idea.

    Vein, thanks for the quick reply, I understand better now, may be, only mdr.files could be help us I guess (Mord if you read this thread your contribution is fully needed), I hope a patch comes with the next module!

  5. Thanks again for the job, but I need to know, how work CM 2.0 , there are bmp files for British, Polish & Canadian uniforms & Para units, and when I put your mod in Data "Z" folder, Canadian & Polish helmets appears with the British design!

    I RezExploded your mod to choose what helmet I need for each country & renamed properly each bmp files without succes what I do wrong?

    I thought the 2.0 version must to give us more choice with uniforms?

    By the way I give you a sample, I trying to rename a bmp file "41st" (41st Armored Regiment camoed uniforms) as we can have with 101st & 82nd airbornes but it doens't work! I'm a bit disapointed about that, I don't know if it's already discussed before but I have no too much time to read each thread!

    Cheers, Pat

  6. Two independant buildings number "005" show snowy destroyed roofs in dry condition!


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    One number "103" & one other not determined with the same issue!


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Several modular buildings show no snowy destroyed roofs in snowy condition!


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    One question to the graphic designer, there is no bmp files for "building" "108" only mdr files?

    I hope this could help you to fix that!

    Cheers! Pat!

  7. Now that Gustav Line is out it's time to start the process of informing you about Combat Mission: Market Garden. But it will take a little while before we start putting out screenshots and other bits.

    6. Fallschirmjäger are now present, all the way from June through September.

    9. Bridges. Lots of 'em :D We are including 5 custom made historically accurate bridges, a canal bridge, and 3 new generic long bridges. Some, like the Arnhem road bridge, are massive. For the larger ones we include "stubs" which map makers can use to simulate fights around the entrance to a bridge without having the other 500+ meters stuck in there.


    6. Much needed thanks for that! Many scenarios as "Carentan" could be redesigned!

    9. Just a request? in your five custom historically accurate bridges, a canal bridge couldn't be "Pegasus bridge"? I say that because you did with "Gustav line" "Primosole bridge" in Sicily and I think is a very very very good idea!

    Here a link : http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=52dc9b7bdcc1db92895eb4a4c185d9dd

    By advance thanks for your reply Steve!

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