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  1. Hi All,

    For the longest time, I've been supporting the community with mods warehouse infrastructure, though I don't play anymore.

    This is not free, but it is on cheap plans so I haven't minded.  Also the occasional kind soul has donated (I think I get about $5 per month this way, which doesn't cover costs).

    However, this infrastructure can't support bots or automated downloads.   They put too much load on it, it runs out of allocation.

    For some reason, the last few months, we've been running out of allocations at CMx1 Mods Warehouse.

    I've ponied up a few more dollars this month to go to the next level and get it running again.

    And I've had a look in the logs.   It appears that someone has an automatic script/bot that is trying to download everything, one mod a a time.

    This is not OK.    The allocations we have can support people using it at a moderate rate, but not sustained bot usage.

    If this doesn't stop, I'll have to turn it off, or ask you all for the money to keep it going.

    In case it's of any use or interest, the IP address originating the requests is  Unlikely we could do anything with that, but just in case.



  2. 8 hours ago, __Yossarian0815[jby] said:

    Works fine, thank you!

    Not important at all, but while I have your attention, how does CMH tell which version the game is?

    CMSF, CMFI, CMBS, CMFB are displayed correctly

    CMBN, CMA not


    This relies on someone telling me which BRZs are in the Data folder for each version (and for each OS, if they are different)

    It doesn't need a new release of CMH to update that information (CMH fetches if from a web site where I store that info).

    It does need someone to tell me though.


  3. I think it's safe to update while games are in progress: I'm pretty sure that's what the test users have done.

    The "opponents" tab alludes to a number of ideas that were in the works, though are kind of on the backburner at the moment: keeping track of your games and results after you finished, finding opponents etc.    Since most H2H players are in clubs, I'm not entirely convinced those ideas need implementing ...


  4. Hey all,

    A version of CM Helper that supports CMFB is available at:



    Because I don't actually have CMFB myself (simply haven't got around to obtaining it), this release has had limited testing by me, but a few folk who've tried it tell me that it works OK.

    If you are not keen on encountering problems, you might want to hold off a little to see if there are quirks to be gotten out.

    If you are willing to take a plunge, go for it.   Let me know of any issues through "the usual channels" (Help->Report Bug is good).



  5. For some unknown reason (to me) my CMBN Terrain mod hasn´t been reuploaded yet to CMMODS v3.

    I'm looking into it (IE I thought we'd transferred everything).

    Since I pulled down the list from the old CMMODS (to save me the monthly bandwidth cost from there.... it could be undone, but not easily) any chance you can just upload it again, or point me at it on the BFC repo?



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