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  1. On the other side of the room general McAuliffe made a mental note.
  2. CMC looks promising and if there is still room I'd like to participate. Fredrik
  3. Plaeeeeeeese. Served aboard a WWII Battleship that was recommissioned 4 times and finally went down for the count in 1991. Now she's a great museum </font>
  4. I think I'm one of the few guys in here who actually used WWII equipment (sort of) in the early 90's. I served with the Swedish AAA in 92-93. I was in charge of a radar with two 40 mm Bofors AA-guns attached to it. Well, there had been a few modifications and upgrades on the ammo but the basics were the same. It felt really nice when I first saw it in CMBO. (if you guys at Battlefront are going to work it back into the later releases of CMX2 I can probably dig up some old video tape of us practicing so you can get the sound right this time ) Short anecdote. In a live ammo exercise one of the guns suddenly decided to point its barrel from towards the sky down to the ground. I managed to fire a couple of rounds into the ground just a few meters in front of the gun. By doing that I was named the only guy who wouldn't be able to hit the inside of a barn with a 40 mm AA-gun... Ahh! The memories...
  5. Just had one of the usual scenarios against the AI. Lots of action, killing etc. Took the flags with some losses but there were still some enemy troops left close by. What did you do in real life when the fights died out? Did you wait for darkness so you could sneak back to your lines? Try to hold on to your position (when low on ammo and friends)? Negotiate a cease fire with the enemy and then sneak back?
  6. When I performed with the massed Pipes and Drums at the Nova Scotia Tattoo in 1989, the Malmö girls were one of the other musical acts; they wore tight blue costumes and danced around with rubber spheres and ribbons and stuff. We were all quite taken with them. I do not suppose, however, you are one of them. :mad: </font>
  7. I think that Oddball_E8 is from somewhere round these parts but I'm not quite sure if he still around CM...
  8. I am from Malmö, but I guess we have already met. I am just waiting for my ADSL to come back to life after moving it to our new apartment. Fredrik
  9. Luxury! Mine didn't have computers. They had to imagine the water they threw, all while eating a handful of cold poison!
  10. OK! So which events should we include? 100 m artillery bombardment? See how far you can drive a tank trough a mine field? 400 m hurdles through the 100 m artillery bombardment? BTW. What happened to the close games Sweden always had against the Czechs. It was always a safe bet if you put your money on 3-3 or something like that.
  11. A while a go some Finnish and Swedish players talked about playing each other in what is called "Finnkampen" in Sweden. What happened? Did someone play? Did Klüft beat the Finns single handed?
  12. *** SPOILER AHEAD *** This was the first scenario I ever played when I first got CMBB. As I was used to the infantry's invulnerability to enemy fire from CMBO I advanced almost all my troops through the small valley and stormed out in the open hoping that at least some would get across and exit the map. I shouldn't have done that. After a turn or two of mad advancing, assaulting and even some human waving (err...?!) artillery started to rain down. I don't remember the exact figure but I think i suffered about 150 casualties and the rest just gave up and fled back to the boats. It was horrible. I've never played that scenario again but i guess I've got to try it out sometime soon. Can't let the AI slap me around, can I? [ April 21, 2004, 08:37 AM: Message edited by: Beeper ]
  13. I've tried everything now. I waited for over half an hour for my computer to find the CMAK CD but nothing happens. First of all, if the CD is in the drive when I start the computer it finds the CMAK CD and displays the content for about five seconds, then it powers down the drive and I can't run anything else on it until I restart the computer. I've had no problems with CMBO or CMBB, both is on my hard drive and running well. I'm running on XP with a new computer. Everything is updated and working fine. I have the non-CDV version of the game. Anyone? Fredrik
  14. I read in the RoW description that scenarios could be very unbalanced and that scoring was based on how well the other players in the tournament performed. What I would like to know is if there is some of the old scenarios out there in the Scenario Depot or somewhere else for the rest of us to try and what the average final score in those scenarios was. Finally. Is there some scenarios that you guys have played that is meant to be unbalanced, (either almost impossible to defend or very easy to attack) but also realistic. Fredrik
  15. What about us poor sods who never took the time to download the demo? I want my Line of Defense too!
  16. Jag håller med, en finnkamp hade varit riktigt roligt. Någon som känner sig manad att dra ihop en miniturnering? Fredrik Hoppsan! Glömde nästan nämna Seanachai
  17. Jag bor i Malmö så det passar mig perfekt. Jag hör av mig på din e-post så att de andra (och då speciellt Seanachai) inte får panik! Finns det möjlighet att dra in lite danskar och tyskar kan det ju bli en hel del spelande. Fredrik [ October 07, 2003, 07:23 AM: Message edited by: Beeper ]
  18. Thanks for the reply. I guess I have to settle for the Forum. Well it could have been worse, I could be playing CC (shudder!) Fredrik
  19. Sometime long ago I downloaded the offline version (someone had compiled the posts) of the ”Anthology of Useful Posts”. For some reason I can’t find it on the forum so any pointers would be helpful. -Fredrik
  20. A bit embarrassing this I have been plying CMBO and CMBB for some time now but it wasn’t until today that I found out that you can not only change the location of the plotted waypoints but the orders as well. First of all, why hasn’t anyone told me before, and second, is there a use for this?
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