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  1. Its been fun. I started this addiction last August and now I'm bored. I'm finding a new game to play, so I wish you all well in your lives. Thanks to those of you who made me laugh and entertained me. This will be my last post on this message board. (really) hehe Take care folks!!
  2. This is the last Peng thread I'll post in. Thanks for the laughs, guys and girls!! I hope each of you get what you want out of life. take care, Michael Raber
  3. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Stalin's Organ: Not worth mentioning.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> I'm sitting here looking at my watch, wondering when will you shut the hell up? We share the same first name and I understand that we can have moments of idiocy. Mine involves Moosehead and Cheetos. But, thats another subject. All of us yanks just adore you guys over there and find it amusing that you never paid us back for the lend-lease thing. We also chuckle at the fact that your cooking hasn't improved yet and you are no longer an empire. I watch BBC news sometimes because its quite informative but the accent does make me giggle. Oh, I forgot. Shut Up Shut up Shut up Shut up
  4. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by russellmz: ...widdle teensy tiny...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> ...thong with a bell that jingled and...
  5. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Panzer Leader: Okay, M1A2 on a small island surrounded by 100 panzerschreks, who would win?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> Ditka by tree points
  6. Can I get my horoscope there? I want to know how well my tank destroyers will be doing this month.
  7. Can I get my horoscope there? I want to know how well my tank destroyers will be doing this month.
  8. Phan's Phutile Game Updates I should be ashamed of myself. I can't really remember whom I'm playing or how well I'm doing in each of my games. I'm pretty sure that I never got much better at this game, so its possible (probable even) that I'm losing each of my PBEM's. I'm playing tactical masterminds who I cannot outsmart because of my genetic disorder. I've peaked, ladies and germs. I am a WYSIWYG sort of guy. The sloping forehead and one eyebrow has decreed my fate. Each of my PBEM opponents knows this and use it to their advantage, time and again. They each have massive intellects and I know that I am as an infant to them. I sit with my pacifier & rattle and demand that I be entertained. Meanwhile, they slaughter my troops, rape the horses and ride off on the women. I was kind of hoping that if I just click go and not move my troops, then the TAC AI or the built in idiot proofing would kick in and save them. Perhaps they would do some flanky thing. My armor moves for 12 or 13 seconds and then goes up in flames. I think its because my opponent almost always has something big and loud that immolates my tanks. My troops are hourse from screaming and I've yet to find a house strong enough to hide in. Anyhoo...I'll send my turns out soon.
  9. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by MrPeng: Thank you for your patience while we resolve this matter. Peng [ 07-03-2001: Message edited by: MrPeng ]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> OMG!! You are so kewl!! I'm going to name my belly button lint after you.
  10. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by YK2: *passes Berli a tissue* Awwwwww not to worry Berli, you are indeed on my list, my ICQ list, which is only for the truly Elite..... you rank second on there. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE> I remember being kicked off of that list. Oh well.
  11. Perhaps "You lika da tanks? The tanks are good, eh?"
  12. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Mace: ...Phillips had just parked it, as was evident by the extensive panel damage to one side, and duco scratches to the other. This along with the suspension damage, holes in the sump and busted radiator hoses was a result of parking on a ....<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> ...really, really pointy thing. Mrs. Phillips did not know that her American made car did not have a "Sump" and only a backwards Aussie would use such a word. All she cared about was her ganja weed. She would light up a big...
  13. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Username: Tripe not worth mentioning Lewis<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> Did Peng steal your girl? Are we a little bitter? Does she call out Peng's name during a frantic Ben and Jerry's ice cream session? You can tell us. We care. Well, some of us care. That would be the small group of us who don't really know you and think you are retarded.
  14. Ah, me. Yet another thread. I didn't have the energy or the inclination to contribute when I first saw it's inception. Like turds stacking up in the litter box, the Mutha Beautiful Thread grows and grows. We still have our Prima Donna's that say "I don't like this thread, I'll wait for the next one". Like this is a friggen bus system we have. Well, I'm not giving up my seat when you want to sit down. You can sit on the driver's lap. Here are some things that suck in no specific order: Rt 295 This God awful highway makes me want to arm myself with something of the 76MM caliber variety and clear the friggen way to work. It’s like a big parking lot that moves sometimes. Fireworks fans also go into my "you suck" list this week. It took us an hour and a half to leave Philadelphia last night. There were fireworks (good show) after the game and every Tom, Dick and *Elvis was there. They should have a plan to let the decent God-fearing people exit the den of pollution. South Philly is a maze of factories and parking lots. We drove past a Fish Factory and I earned myself a bruised chin from my precious love. (May the golden dew of the early morning mist accompany her footsteps) I'm also a bit bitter about the search function (Aaargh, I can't think, they are having an abomination of a parade outside of my window and are qualifying themselves as candidates for bludgeoning and evisceration) I wanted to gather some of my verbal gems from my H Sedai days and the search function is next to useless. Here is what happens when a man of severely limited intellect gets a job supervising too many people with estrogen. He forgets his home phone and spends entirely too much time looking at hindquarters and busts to get anything done. The owners of the body parts are constantly chattering and bemoaning every small slight that comes their way. (real or imagined) I struggle with my own Estrogen machine but she is only one person. I can help solve her problems with some of that Slap & Tickle . That is not an option for the Fallopian Friends who must call out sick if their horoscope promises a new love interest. So, when I get home, I can barely remember my home phone and CM turns are entirely beyond me. I could just click "Go", but I would be wondering if the "Go" button will be here tomorrow or will call out because one of it's kids came down with Diphtheria or Typhus. If you spent some time reading this and wonder if you suck, then you probably do. Sorry. ********************************************* *Let it be known that our Elvis was not seen there. Any and all references to Elvis made by Phillies Phan, his family, his girlfriend, his pets, and associates are not about the venerable Elvis, King of South Philly unless specifically stated.
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