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  1. I had to love one player's persistent use of corpses as the plural of corps on the Strategic Command board. Though funny, it turned out to be an ESL problem. English is an easy language to speak badly, but darn tough to speak fluently or idiomatically. That said, I do pay attention to spelling, consistent typos and grammar. Justly, or unjustly, I find myself biased against I-speak (du u want2play a game) and butchery of common usage. Enough slop, and I tend to tune out on a writer -- very few people's ideas are so good that this is a serious mistake on my part. Laziness. Been the
  2. Useful to know: i'd always worried about friendly fire from tanks or troops: evidently this is only an issue with arty and etc, (or, evidently, MG grazing fire, however that works..)
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