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  1. Wild Bill... You are the best!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I have a lot of PC games and I just now realized this is the only one I have been playing. On another note: I got 2 Solido-Verem 1/50 scale tanks from Toy Manai and man they are great looking! I put them on my desk righ next to my computer. I got a limited edition Sherman(special paint job) and a Tiger.
  3. I was thinking it had something to do with your smoke setting in the game. Sorry All these messages about grass is getting us crazy
  4. I think this is a good idea and I was hoping BTS could do it but it looks like they dont have the time right now. Hay BTS how about you let Prima do it for you???? I would pay $15 for a good CM guide
  5. Good post!! I too would like to see a Army list added.
  6. Maui Dude Maui! You set yourself up on this one.. heheheheh
  7. S#$T guesses is what is getting me into trouble!!!!! This one still makes no sense to me.... Oh well they cant all be great!!!
  8. Dman Yes. Need more instructions on how to rename the files that have the - in them. I renamed and copied over my Damn 11002.bmp which is the opeing screen...grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
  9. Hi. Please let us V3 2000 owners know the exact drivers you used and where you got them from... Thanks!
  10. I was just wanting to know the same thing. How do you change resolution.. And you know what I did????? I used the search function and it worked... I did not want to get a flame for asking a old question... Anyway. So you dont have to seach, delete the pref file in your CM directory and the next time you start the game it will let you change the resolution...
  11. Hi All. Could you please tell me how and where I can D/L the programs and Pic's to create a CM ScreenSaver.. Thanks!!
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