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  1. Lindan, newer drivers are buggy for you becasue you have an older card. Every new driver set has features added that your card simply cannot do. Time to upgrade
  2. OK nice post Rune, what do you mean by a problem with Asus video cards? Asus makes GeForce cards, and this problem is with all GeForce cards... Whether made by Creative Labs (mine), Hercules, Visiontek, Elsa, generic beneric, or ASUS... Also, I REALLY don't think it has anything to do wth Directx. If it did you'd see the exact same problem on the ATI Radeon, Power VR, Matrox G's etc. I haven't heard this kind of thing reported with them with FSAA enabled. In a perfect world, with perfect drivers amoungst all cards with perfect incorporation with Directx, you'd see the same fault
  3. Schrullenhaft: I hate to say this but you're wrong. Look at ALL the MMORPG's out there. I can run Ultima On-Line, Anarchy On-Line, and WWII On-Line with FSAA enabled and ZERO problems. Why do you people have such a hard time admitting the probelm is with CM? AN On-Line, 3D, MMORG CERTAINALY has more to worry about with floating text, PLUS extra text at the bottom of the screen, optimizing 3D output, and MOST of all streamlined code for running on-line. DON'T tell me it's NVidia's fault or make excuses for CM. If it really were such a critical issue with NVidia's drivers, we'd would ABS
  4. Oops sorry, I missed your last sentence abot trying to help. That's nice. Anyways I can tell you guys DEFINITIVELY. With Win98SE, it is not a directx related problem, nor is it software clash compatability, nor is it the motherboard, nor is it VIA problems, nor is it AGP 4x, nor is it fast writes. It IS a problem between the BTS code and all driver reveisions (beta, whql, and official) since the 6.5 drivers. I have done al the hard work for you guys. I have done all the testing, removinig everything by painstaking process of elimination. Yes, I like the game that much I'd spend days te
  5. Man Rune, you sure are full of yourself. It's almost enough to make me want to puke. Before I became permanently disabled because of my Cystic Fibrosis, I was a remote technology engineer / OS engineer for the largest Energy Compnay in the Midwest. So, you pulling this NDA and beta testing crap is like telling NASA since you know how to fly model rockets you know better than them how to fly to Mars. Geez, if you ONLY knew. Anyways, the 12.90 drivers are BETA, lets not forget that. They are leaked betas of course, not all betas are official NVidia property. You use them at your own risk.
  6. on WinME... did you disable the autobackup and backup reovery modes? They are terrible resource hogs and slow the system down every 15 minutes. That's why I went back to Win98se, but disabling those features does help bring Win ME a little closer to the resource state of Win98se. If you need help let me know.
  7. Come on Rune, read what I was atually SAYING. The titles mentioned as being "not yet released"... They are not released for a reason buddy... They still need to be programmed and bug-fixed. Also, did you not realize that MS does not "develop" its games, it has developers program games. MS simply publishes them. Any idiot would know that if a game was ready for prime-time it'd be released, due to financial constraints of game companies. Oh WAIT!! Most games are released in BETA state these days. Hmmm Rune, do you remember a game called Crimson Skies??? An MS "published" game. Yes, tha
  8. Hey Col Klink, are you in wwiionline? I wasa trying to recruit a Col Klink in wwiionline...
  9. Come on Rune... Blaming drivers for video problems on a game not even released? That's pathetic. And by the way WWII Fighters AND every version of Falcon 4 (most importnatly eFalcon) work perfectly for me. Both with no FSAA and with FSAA. NO video card has 100% compatability on the PC, but NVidia's cards come closer than any other video card in PC Gaming history. I do believe that should count for something - don't you think??? As far as these titles "xfree86 -problems with nvidia drivers Microsoft Baseball online- problems with nvidia drivers Virtual Sailor 3- Problems with nvidia
  10. Ummm, my name is Jeff Anyway, if I disable FSAA it works fine, but the game needs FSAA desparately to look decent. Since the graphics are not the hog of the game, FSAA gives me no performnace hit (just battle size does). I could understand a driver argument against ATI or 3dfx, but NVidia??? I don't think sooo.
  11. I think they are in denial actually Aussie. The drivers work perfectly for me in every game I have (including FSAA) except for Combat Mission. Heck it even works good (with and without FSAA) in WWII On-Line. That game is buggier than a Florida Swamp. So if THAT game works, then CM sure as hell should. Of course BTS is conveniently blaming NVidia...
  12. Incubus, I don't have crashing problems, I have garbled text with FSAA on.
  13. Realistically, NVidia is not going to make changes for their driver because a tiny developer asks them to. Chances are they will tell BTS that it is a DX8-Driver issue (that it is not their fault, but BTS's code), and they need to update their game code to make it compatible.
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