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  1. After I installed V1.11 I noticed that my vehicles performed strange and very unwanted dances and turns at every point I clicked to create a route. At such a point they stopped, the crew started observing and the vehicles made a full 360 turn and sometimes retraced their previous route and then came back again. I tried to include an attachement with a saved game that contains the strange bug but it is refused because it is a game file (.bts). Any idea how to solve this? Regards, Pieter.
  2. Hello, After a few tests, I live under the impression that the reactiontimes for gunners are not correctly modelled. Tanks (or infantery) suddenly appearing at full speed from behind a cover (being a row of houses or forest) and dashing for the next cover are often hit by enemy gun fire. IMO this is not correct because the human operator of the gun has to react himself (1-2 sec, has to lay the gun, (even when the gun is allready pointing in the right direction (gun rotation is allready modelled)), and has to aim a distance in front of the moving target, which is difficult. All of these act
  3. Hello, Does anyone of you know a game that is a good representation of the problems that can be encountered in a Crisis Response Operation? Thanks
  4. I could give you a scan of some maps in the Ardennes or Normandy in 1 : 25000. Very good detail en heights. greets, Pieter.
  5. Apart from the above allready mentioned map copy/paste function I would like to see an adaptable road- 'icon', so that you could the angle or curve of the road. In that way you could draw straight roads in any angle. Maybe 30-degree anle road-icons would allready solve a lot of topographical problems. Third, I would like to have something that would 'connect' several heights together so that you could really get a rolling hill or instead of the cascade it is now. This prevents tanks hiding behind a 'step' on the middle of a hill where in reality it is a straight line from the bottom of the hi
  6. I tested the contrast grass of Wolff and I think its great. It works very well and solves the problems I had with determining the heights and contours of rolling hills in the terrain. Thanks Wolff!! Pieter.
  7. In the Battle of the Bulge a tankdestroyer battalion of Jagdtigers was in the german order of battle. But I've never read any account of their appearence on the front. Does anybody know were they saw action??
  8. active duty, major in the Dutch Army. I had from 1984 to now several assignments mainly airdefence. Pieter Soldaat.
  9. thanks folks, So that leaves me with the decision to do it all over again ;-( Or to wait for CM-2 in which might be included a scenario-editor with a cut/paste function. greetings, Pieter.
  10. Hello, I was very enthousiastic on making a specific battle in the Ardennes. But now I want to make the map bigger (4 by 4 Km) and therefore need to alter the scenario from battle to an operation. Does anyone know if that is possible and how I should do that? greetings, Pieter.
  11. Hi Johnno, Some very fine scenario's can be found at the next link: http://users.pandora.be/aneric/index8.htm As far as I can see, and I've checked with very detailes maps, it is all very accurate. Hope you enjoy.
  12. Hoi Stoffel, Goeie tip. Ik zit nu bij het LBBKL (landelijk bevoorradingsbedrijf KL)en doe daar aan de besturing van bevoorradingsstromen. Maar ik hoop weer op het OCMAN te komen.
  13. Hoi, Ik kom ook uit NL. (Hai, I'm also from Holland (translated for the rest of the world)). I'm still in the army. I really like the game and follow the discussions now for a year or so. I'm impressed by the professionalism of a lot of discussions and draw a lot of good ideas from them.
  14. Hi there, I read that you were looking for some maps of Europe. It is correct that you can get very detailed maps of any place in Europe. For the battlefields of Normandy you can use Serie Bleue 1:25.000 You can buy them at IGN Espace I.G.N. 107, rue La Boetie 75008 PARIS Succes. Pieter Soldaat. I can get adresses of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium as well.
  15. Hi Sarge, Read your posting.I disagree with you allthough I do agree with you on the other hand. Some postings ago named 'Kill info' I asked for more information of how a kill could occur. This is mostly because I want to examine the factors that influended the kill. This is because I want to learn from an engement. Furthermore I would like to know the 'combat-results-table'. This is to know how the chances are of winning or losing a tank. I realize that providing this information gives the player more info than a commander had in reality. But still I want to learn. It might just be pos
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