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  1. If she doesn't like foul mouthed people what the **** is she doing with you? When was the last time you brushed your teeth? I mean with something other than a pubic hair. And Merry Christmas to you too.
  2. As neither you nor your wife know me, eh? *Scratches head* As for both you're education, I assure you I am completely sober. If she indeed, would like to drink with me, it might calm me down . . . Until then . . . *Runs outside, picking up the lighted wire-frame reindeer and tosses it through the window and into the fire.* *Spies the nativity scene on the lawn and moves towards it . . . *
  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHAHAHA AHA AHA HAHAHAHAHAHA! *runs through the Peng house, pulling down the Christmas lights, ripping the decorations off the wall. Pulls the angel off the top of the tree and shoves it up Abot's ass. Pours gas on the tree itself, lights a smoke with her Zippo and surveys the wreckage. Finishing the cigarette, tosses it onto the tree and watches it go up in flames. Walks outside into the fog.*
  4. Well, obviously you do or you wouldn't have reponded, you nut-gargling whore.
  5. My bad. I've been corrected. Rother just told me that you are "a fat, dumb, piece of ****." =)
  6. Just one regret in all this: Y2K, I forgot to call you a cunt. You are. =) And the next time you tell me I shouldn't drink so much why don't you film one of your belches in the mirror and think again? Hypocritical whore.
  7. Just got tired of being polite, and being amongst liars (not all of you but an important few), and enough is enough. Didn't want to go out with a whimper. The meek shall inherit ****. Someone told me their views on this thread the other night, "It's a lot like high school. But it's like the nerds all got together and formed a clique and beat up everyone who is new." This person was right. Again, with exceptions, it was spot on. In high school I once spit my chewing gum out on my vice-principal and told him to go **** himself . . . I see this as the same thing. Nidan you rule. Merry Christmas to you and to all else who deserve it. To all else, go on and talk **** about me after I'm gone. I'm sure you think I deserve it too. Maybe I do, maybe not. The powers that be will certainly consider it to be and thus ban me. Good for you!!! Do something right for once, you cocksuckers. =) And =P
  8. No, and to all, excepting you and some others . . . A hearty **** off.
  9. *goes berserk* you're all a bunch of lying ****heads. YOU Madmatt for promising me **** if I dated you...you and your ****ing bondage clubs, YOU Y2 slut for being such a self-concerned slut... YAYAYAYA Mi mom sez you I am speshul!! Atak!. . . remeber that you single mother piece of ****? And how you used to explode when Grouper attacked you? Hi, I'm grouper. So to make sure I stay away, I post this. **** you. [ December 25, 2006, 04:37 PM: Message edited by: Kitty ]
  10. So go to dosomefink and chat with me, dickhead. Or would you rather skull Joe? THIS IS MY ****IN' LAST POST!
  11. Umm, Dear Penguins... This is going to sound corny but . . . [serious]Thank you for all the fun you've provided me here. It's been a few years worth. I'm sure it will last me a lifetime. I love each and every one of you, but it's time for me to move on; a blessing to most I imagine. A curse to maybe a couple. Especially thanks to Master Berli for welcoming me here, Babs, Stuka, dalem, Boo, and especially Mace, but everyone else too. This is sounding like the Academy Awards I guess, but oh well. When you think of me, think of Hamster Faces and Peng Challenge mods, and all the times I kicked your asses in the game. =) Thanks for all the laughs and and insults . . . and Happy Holidays to all. You will always be in my memories. =)[/serious] Anyone who wants to yell at me can email me at kittyusmc@hotmail.com Kitty retracting claws, out of ammunition. God Save the King.
  12. What are you now, Dr. Seuss? Nice rhymes. Considering I've always thought you might be a pedophile, that's more than a little disturbing. "Maybe a dance, maybe some pants?" I might suggest you wear said pants while you hang out across the street from the local Jr. high school, scouting for your next victim. But whatever happened to that part of your parole that said, "Not to go within 100 yards of any school?" Then again, why would you need pants when you already have, indeed already ARE a Leeotard?
  13. Squid grogs! A giant squid has been filmed! http://www.cnn.com/2006/TECH/science/12/22/giant.squid.ap/index.html
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