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Reichsfuhrer's Escort Battalion

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The above unit, along with the 10th SS Panzer, 7th Parachute, the 384th and 667th Assault Gun Brigades, participated in an attack during the Nordwind offensive in January 1945 (the 16th to be exact). Does anyone know the OoB of the Escort battalion...was it infantry? armor? Any help is appreciated.


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Try this thread. Note that there are several units with that name.


Relevant part:


Begleit-Btl. Reichsführer SS when with the 19. Armee had aaprox the following OOB according to a report it filed:


-1. Schützenkompanie

-2. Schützenkompanie

-3. Schützenkompanie

- 4. schwere Kompanie (IG-Zug, Gw-Zug)

- Pz. Jg. Kompanie (Hetzer)

After Operation Habicht (12.-14.12.44) it had lost 50% of the Schützen-Kpn. 1 Hetzer written off, 1 Hetzer in long term repair, 3 Hetzers in short term repair, 3 Hetzers ready.

(Source: F.Bruns Unser Ende im Elsass, A, reprint of original report by Begleit Btl Reichsführer SS).

According to Zuführungsliste Gen.Insp.d.Pz.Truppen, a delivery of 10 Hetzers left HZA on the 2.2.45."

Googling for "Begleitbataillon" brings up other links, too. Some deal with the different btns with the same name. Seems those existed at different times.



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Sadly my near neighbor and friend Edward Reiger  a sargeant in the begliet battalion reichsfuhrer ss passed away. He had many stories of his time in Russia, to the defence of Berlin and eventual breakout and surrender to Canadian units west of Berlin. He married a land army girl working next to his prisoner of war camp in Leicestershire and never returned to Germany.  

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