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Ok, so I downloaded the windows folder.

I got an unzip app.

I unzipp.

Get to the Installer on my desktop.

Click it follow prompts. 

While installing says its missing brz file?  Says to ignore it.


Get combat mission desk icon

Click it - Get to the classic screen with the tank and then crash to desktop.  Everytime.  Tried reinstall and everything?  Do I need to redownload?  Is that file that is missing corrupting me?

Thanks for any and all help, as I just want to get back to my roots.  

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I missed this too. If you're "moving an installer", which I assume to mean the executable file only, then you're missing the .brz files that are part of that install, but not built into the installer - they're separate files. Moving that executable only will result in the installer being unable to find the .brz data files (resulting in the error that you're seeing during the installation process). You need to run the installer in the same folder as the .brz files that should have gotten extracted along with the installer.

I just downloaded the installer (Windows version) and it had a filename of 'CMBN Windows v402 Installer.rar', which is the .rar compression format (different from .zip). When this is extracted there are 22 files taking up 10.2GB of disk space. The installer needs to remain with all of these files in order to find them during the installation process.

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