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Does any one know roughly the number of variations of a graphic item will appear in the game at certain quality setting?

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I hope I'm explaining this correctly. As most of you who read the threads in the modding section know, one can have variations of a certain graphic file, say helmets tagged -1, -2 etc, I've seen up to 8. When I developed some poster mods, I found that the number of variations appearing in game will vary depending on what graphic setting one has set for the game, such as balanced or I think after that comes improved, etc. Does any one have a rough idea of how many variations on sees at a certain quality setting? Is there a max of around 8?  I wouldn't be surprised if it can vary depending on the size of the graphic.



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Oh, I used to know this but I've forgotten the number. I recall Charles once chiding me to make the better looking face textures the lowest numbers (1, 2, 3) because the higher numbered (7, 8, 9) face textures won't show up in the lower quality settings. Its easy to test. Copy the art you're interested in, make a lot of versions, then color each version a different color - red, blue, pink, orange. Then fire up the game and see which colors disappear as you lower the quality settings.

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