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You can't add any more reactions today?

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More of a forum support issue but I can't see a forum for that.  Noticed that you can only click a few 'Likes' per day / session.  Is there a reason for that?  If I haven't checked the forum for a while I'll often read a whole thread through, such as SF2 demo feedback.  If folks are raising issues I am finding I'll often click Like.  Can generally only do 2 or 3 though.  Not a big deal of course.  Just curious over the rationale?

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That seems low. I find though that since I am frequently reading the forums at the same time of day that I am unable to like a post but if I try again in a few minutes I can. Like 24h clock ran out on one like from yesterday so I get it back. At any rate I asked Steve if he is willing to bump that up or eliminate it but he has way more important things on the go right now so I don't really expect him to even think about it for a while. But maybe one day...

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