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PBEM file 33 corrupt, crashes game. Can it be saved?

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So I've been playing a pbem this weekend, and all's going well until suddenlt my opponent says that his game crashes when he tries to send his next turn.

He can open my file 33, but after doing his orders and clicking end turn, the game crashes to windows with the generic error "Final Blitzkrieg has stopped working".

We tried the following without success:

He reinstalled the game.

He tried sending a turn without any orders.

I tried re-doing my turn, to produce a new turn 33. It still crashes.

I tried opening his turn, using his password. I get the same result. Crashes on end turn.

He says he only ever saw this problem with very large savegames (over 40mb). But this is a small battle, so the files are only 4 mb in size.


Any way we can save this pbem? And prevent it from happening again?

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