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WWI Breakthrough! - 1918 Russian Civil War AAR

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To highlight this grand campaign set in Russia in the aftermath of WWI, here is an After Action Report of a war that shaped much of the twentieth century.


I am in the Red Corner, commanding the Bolsheviks, and I am up against one of our beta testers, Michal Senajko, aka Ivanov, who is controlling the Whites.

I expect to be under a lot of pressure right from the start, as Ivanov, who has played this campaign a few times, knows that in the long run the Whites cannot afford to let the Red Army get too strong before attacking.

Will Lenin triumph, or will the various White factions win the day? Follow the action to find out!

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The campaign begins with White forces massing in the south and preparing to both finish off our scattered forces in the Caucasus, and to advance on the important city of Tsaritsyn. We’ll be hard pushed to hold them here, but we’ll have to try, and under the leadership of Comrade Stalin, there will be no retreating in the face of the enemy.


There are Anarchists under the leadership of Nestor Makhno preparing to stir up trouble in the Ukraine. This is something we could make use of, especially if we decide to invade, as the resources of this country would prove very useful to our war economy.

Further north, we need to maintain a force around Minsk to discourage the Poles from trying to take territory from us. War with Poland is ultimately inevitable, but we wish to fight it on our own terms rather than theirs, when we’re ready and can attack them with a huge superiority of force.

Moscow and Petrograd are both securely in our hands, providing we can contain any White advances either from the newly independent Baltic States, or from Murmansk and Archangel where there are small British and American forces helping the enemy. Garrisons are being maintained at both, because control of these cities is vital to the success of the revolution.

It is in the east and to the south that the main threats exist. Fortunately, the White forces in the Urals are not receiving much aid from the Interventionists, but that isn’t the case in the south where the British are providing significant amounts of aid, and a French expeditionary force may soon be sailing to Odessa.

An immediate priority is to delay the Southern Whites, and to this end we launch our first attack against some Don Cossacks to the south west of Tsaritsyn.


We’ve also sent some reinforcements to Tsaritsyn, and are massing forces further to the west… more will be revealed regarding their orders soon!

The coming year will be a tough one, but if we can survive that then time will be against the Whites. Workers, to Arms!

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A little introduction before I start the actual AAR. The Russian Civil War, is one of the brand new campaigns, that come with the "Breakthrough" package. Testing it, has been an amazing experience for me, because I find it really unique and fascinating. First of all, the game play is very different from the WWI campaigns. Aggressive maneuvering and force economy are the key factors here. There are relatively few units within a big space, so digging in and hoping for the best is not an option. Also, unlike in the WWI scenarios, the cavalry plays a really important role - the Whites start with numerous experienced Cossack units and the Reds will eventually deploy the fearsome Konarmiya - ( 1st Horse Army of Semyon Budyonny ). An effort has been made to keep RCW a mobile and a relatively “low tech” campaign. For example the maximum trench warfare level possible to research for the Reds and the Whites has been limited to two, the max heavy artillery to one and the gas/shell production to two. Also, the maximum possible chints to invest per category, have been limited to two and the maximum research advances per turn are lower, comparing to the WWI campaigns. The national Morale has been replaced by Political Standing, but it basically works the same way as NM and there are many scripts and decission events that affect it through the game.

Other than that, RCW is a pure madness :D It’s packed with many historically accurate decision events, that add a lot of flavor to it. There are Bolsheviks, three White factions, Cossacks, Anarchists, Western Interventionists, Poles, Czech Legion and few more central/eastern European nations, hoping to fulfill their ambitions of national independence in the post World War I chaos. My guess is, that the Russian Civil War is less commonly known, than the World War One, so the campaign may serve, as a great jumping off point for the future research. Most off all, I hope you will enjoy our AAR!

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Ok, so here it comes! After playing this campaign few times already, I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do and how to do it – unfortunately the same can be said about Bill… I has been mentioned by him already, but needs to be stressed again – time is the key factor for the White player. His armies are more experienced than the Reds and that gives him an initial advantage. In the long term, the Bolsheviks will have a great superiority. The MPP and research of the Whites are divided into the three factions ( with the Northern and Uralus Whites making less than 50MPP per turn ), so it is much more difficult for them to invest in the research and purchase new units. However I am aware, that in 1918 and 1919 the Reds walk on a really thin ice. It will be interesting to see, how Bill will cope with the multiple threats during this time. He will need to manage his forces carefully and adopt the right strategy. Apart from the main White actors, there are the British and US interventionists around Archangel in the North, but they are prone to the mutinies and they cannot fully engage in the conflict. Poland is potentially an ally of a great value, but there are few factors, that may speed up or slow down its entry. Also, the White generals do not wish to see Poland as an independent country after their eventual victory in the civil war, so the Polish army may be helpful to secure the Belarusian and Ukrainian territory, but it is practically impossible to see it marching against Moscow. Anyway, Poland won’t join the war before 1920 ( unless the Reds will declare war on it before that date ).

Right now we are in the November of 1918. All quiet in the North – the Allied forces around Archangel are for the moment combat ineffective. There was however a DE regarding the North-Western Whites. I could choose between a direct British intervention or send the UK money to arm the local forces under gen. Yudenich. I have chosen the second option, because Britain is a feeble and war weary ally. Something tells me, that it may eventually withdraw from the conflict all together. Anyway, it will take some time before the North-Western army in the Baltics will be ready for action.

In the east, around Ekaterinburg, there are two corps under gen Kolchak operating. They are ready to avenge our dear Tsar Nicholas II, who has been recently slain by the Bolsheviks in that city. The units have advanced West and attacked a Red division in Perm, hoping for the best. A damage has been done, but the defenders have stood their ground.


There are a considerable Cossack forces operating further South, with their capitals in Orenburg and Orel and they have advanced too. I won’t reveal much for the moment and how I will employ them, depends also on what Bill will do.

As in every RCW game, the main fun is in the South. Also, the biggest White armies under gen. Denikin are operating there. I have split my forces into two army groups. First one, has been tasked with finishing off the Bolshevik forces in Crimea. The land assault on Kerch has been supported by the Allied navies.


The Melitpol mines are the main prize and there is not much Bill can do here, mostly because because Ukraine is still not at war and the Bolshevik enclave in Crimea is not linked with the rest of Red held territory. So an easy and morale boosting victory is expected here... I have a feeling though, that the Reds will attack Ukraine sooner or later ( I’m suspecting that Bill is eager to see those Anarchists in action ), so I’m pretty sure that the Crimean army group will be busy enough in the future…

The second army group under gen. Denikin himself, is in a full pursuit after a Bolshevik army, which is trying to avoid an encirclement and is running for it’s life towards Tsaritsyn, where comrade Vasily Iosifovich Dzhugashvili ( aka Stalin ), has already located his HQ:


A position of Cossack unit in Elista is crucial in preventing the Reds from the escape:


It will be interesting to see what will happen here next. I’m sure, that Bill is pumping all available reinforcements into Tsaritsyn and a major battle is ahead. Will the beleaguered Bolshevik army escape to safety? Well, they are marching and I’m the one who has plenty of cavalry…;)

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Someone just made an attempt on Lenin’s life! Such treachery, and just to show that he’s alive and well, here’s a picture of our great leader reading Trotsky’s latest report from the front:


We need to consider what the Whites are likely to do, especially as their main strength is in the south. In view of this, the immediate priority is strengthening our forces at Tsaritsyn, and Red Army units are now heading in that direction as fast as they can.

This map shows the historical situation and the main forces at play in Russia around the outskirts of Bolshevik territory. Fortunately the Whites are divided by geography and politics, whereas we can make use of an iron leadership and interior lines.


Because the overall strength of the Red Army is not as high as we would like, we are preparing some Militia units to prevent the enemy from advancing into our territory unopposed before we can fully mobilize our war economy and start fielding large numbers of highly motivated and highly disciplined troops.

We just have to hope that we can muster enough strength at Tsaritsyn to hold the enemy there, at least for a while, until Trotsky can take the pressure off by attacking elsewhere.

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Apparently, after seeing the Lenin’s poster, gen. Denikin was so moved, that he had tears in his eyes... But he quickly added:

-“I don’t care if we get him dead or alive. Onwards to Tsaritsin”!

The order has been executed with no delay.


Firstly, the elite 2nd Army, with a Cossack unit support, was fairly lucky in destroying a Red division, acting as a rearguard in Stavropol ( big red arrow on the screenshot ). Under the normal conditions, it would be quite obvious course of action, but let’s not forget that it's winter now, so the effectiveness of attacks is low. The victory of our troops there, is just another statement of how good they really are! Instead of attacking directly the Bolshevik army which is trying to escape from Caucasus, the Don Cossacks strike force, attacked in the North. Their intention is to cut off the lines of communication, between Tsaritsin and the rest of the Bolshevik held territory. It seems, that there are no much red troops in the city by the moment. I would hope for a quick vitory here in summer, but I doubt if anything can be achieved before arrival of the spring thaw...


Will Tsaritsin be a quick victory or the battle will turn into a meat grinder, sucking up the resources of both sides? Well, each course of action can have it’s benefits for the Whites, however they should rather avoid a prolonged and attritional battle here...

The second White strike force in the South was less lucky. Despite the naval bombardment, Kerech is still in the Bolshevik hands. Reinforcements are on the way however and it will fall sooner or later.

In the East, forces of gen Kolchak have captured Perm, which is a very good news for them, because the Red stocks have been discovered in the city ( an artillery unit, armoured train and 125MPP )!


South of them, the Uralus Cossacks have captured Samara, which turned out to be undefended.

It has been a good start for the Whites so far, but their advance has to keep up the momentum at all costs!


More Russian patriots are joining our ranks:


It’s good to have them bad boys on our side...

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It’s now January 1919 and the time has come for some decisive action!

The Ukrainian government has been oppressing its workers and crushing their attempts to achieve freedom. By acting now we can free our comrades and also strike a blow at the White hierarchy in the Ukraine.

So, Trotsky orders the Red Army to move into the Ukraine. Kharkov is liberated, our Political Standing with the workers and peasants is rising, and just look at those mines that are ripe for the taking!


One other positive result from this move is that our units in the Crimea will now have an opportunity to move north to join up with our advancing forces.


Maybe the next step is for us to see if those unruly peasants led by Nestor Makhno can be enticed to enter the fray. We could certainly make use of them, though they are a troublesome bunch who will need to be brought under party discipline one day, whether or not they side with us.

Elsewhere, the changing situation at Perm is of little concern to us, and the battle for Tsaritsyn is just beginning, despite what White propagandists might think.


As predicted, the French have landed at Odessa. But we’ve got a surprise in store for them and all the others who think they can come to Russia to destroy our revolution: beware the forces in your own countries who will soon take power and overthrow you. To speed this process, we are sending agents and propaganda to spread the Bolshevik message of Peace, Bread, Land, and the World for the Workers!

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So the Bolsheviks have shown their true colours again - they have invaded Ukraine! It seems that all this chit chat about peace and liberty is only an empty propaganda talk!



The invasion of Ukraine is probably one of the most important events of the whole war. In the long term, Bolsheviks won't be able to achieve a total victory without the Ukrainian resources, but right now the invasion is problematic... for both sides. First of all, the Reds had to form the Southeastern front, while they are hard pressed from the East and from the South. I know for the fact, that right now they are not strong enough, to defeat the Southern and Uralus Whites, while maintaining the offensive against Ukraine. The move is certainly right but maybe it came a little to early? In the short term, Ukrainan resources have allowed the Southern Whites to double their industrial production and the Red armies that have been sent against Kiev, may be severely missed somewhere else. Also, Poland is alarmed by the Bolshevik aggression and it's mobilization jumped now about 20% up. Anyway, the Southern Ukraine and Criema are turning rapidly into the main theatre of operations.

And yes - the French have landed in Odessa:


Unfortunatelly, their morale is weak and they cannot move too far away from the port, because it would have a catastrophic impact on the French Political Standing.

Anyway, it looks like 1919 is going to be a difficult and decisive year for both sides...


Some good news from the Baltics:


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Things are hotting up as British, French and even Greek forces are arriving in Russia in greater and greater strength.

Yet this help doesn’t assist the Ukrainians, who suffer a severe defeat as Trotsky’s forces continue to advance!

Here is the situation at Tsaritsyn, and we aren’t going to pretend that it will be easy, but reputations aren’t built on easy victories, and Comrade Stalin is surely capable of maintaining discipline and order among the defenders.


The situation in the Urals is developing, as White forces are inching westwards. But the longer they delay, the better prepared we will be, so come forward Admiral Kolchak, and let’s see who is the one who determines the future of Russia.

We’ve also spotted a British division advancing south from Archangel, so we'll soon have some action in the north.

Workers’ Republics are declared in Bavaria and Hungary, world revolution is near comrades!


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So here we are, in April of 1919 and the violence escalates nicely through the vast spaces of beloved Mother Russia...

Our troops of the Caucasus Army led by gen. Denikin himself, have done a wonderful job so far and are pushing mercilessly towards the city of Tsaritsyn ( the red stars mark destroyed Bolshevik armies ). A vanguard of Cossack cavalry division has approached Stalin's headquarters in the city of Volzskiy. Apparently comrade Koba is quite terrified by this fact:


The Army South Ukraine, is chasing remnants of Bolhevik forces from Crimea. Right now, they have been cut off near Melitpol by a bold action of our 1st Division moving from the direction of Taganrog.

Hampered by poor supply, the Red South Western Front is marching slowly towards Kiev and the mines in Krivoy Rog. Will the White reinforces come in time to save Ukraine? Quite dramatic action is expected here...

In the East, Uralus Cossacks corps has approached Syzran, where two entrenched Red armies have been encountered. By the moment the attack has been postponed here.

In the North, few allied divisions have moved South from their bases around Archangel and they bumped into a Bolshevik army in Emptsa:


This is actually a good news, because it means that the Red army besieged in Eptsa, won't be transfered to some other, more important front. The only possible way of achieching victory by the Whites and their allies, is too push simultaneously from all the directions and pin down Bolshevik forces in place, disallowing them to operate their troops using the interior lines.

Other than that, the newly arrived task force of Royal Navy, has commenced the blockade of Petrograd, nearly destroying the legendary Aurora cruiser. The Bolsheviks certainly begin to feel the preasurre... It's going to be a very hot summer for them!


Britain has promised to send some tanks to the Southern Whites!


It will be very hard for the Reds to counter them...

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It’s April 1919 and spring is nearly here!

With the warmer weather comes warmer allies, and Makhno’s hordes have taken up arms in the Ukraine, while our Red Army is continuing its advance, threatening Kiev and liberating Ekaterinoslav and Alexandrovsk.


The loss of our units near Tsaritsyn was to be expected, and the arrival of our reinforcements shows how the enemy has overextended himself because we’ve managed to cut off some Don Cossacks.


We’ve encountered some rather cold, hungry and wet British and American units near Archangel. Poor fellows, being sent all this way to suffer like that!

The front near Petrograd has been quiet so far, but we’re mustering some forces here and using them to liberate some towns to the east of the Pripet Marshes.

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It's May of 1919 and the civil war expands rapidly... Southern Ukraine has become the main theatre of operations, where both sides have engaged their most numerous forces. Because the Bolshevik attack against Ukraine came slightly earlier than expected and the push North of White forces from Criemea has been slow, gen Denikin asked the French Expeditionary Force for assistance in securing of the precious mines in Krivoy Rog. Gen d'Aselme agreed, however he may pay dearly for this move, because the French goverment does not want to see it's troops engaged fully in the war in Russia. This move will also have a severe impact on French Political Standing and the Expeditionary Force may be sailing home quickly. Still, the White HQ is happy to see it's allies taking some useful action. Nevertheless the situation in the eastern Ukraine is extremelly fluid. The Bolshevik South Western Front is still marching towards Kiev and the White Armed Forces of South Russia are pushing from Crimea and Rostov trying to outmanoeuvre Reds and their new allies - the anarchists of Nestor Makhno. In a bold move a Kuban Cossack division has captured Hulaipole the capital of Makhnovists:


Heavy fighting is still raging around the city of Stalingra... ups - I beg you pardon - Tsaritsyn. Gen Denikin is consequently moving his main forces towards it, trying to prevent at the same time the flow Red reinforces. Another Red division has been destroyed there.

In the East, a difficult terrain and mud are slowing down the operations of Uralus Cossacks but a corps of gen Kolchak army supported by a captured armored train has approached Kazan which turend out to be lightly defended.

Royal Navy has been very efficient blocking Petrograd. A Bolshevik cruisier has been sunken there. It seems that all the Baltic Fleet has been trapped and will become a source of Political Standing boost for the Brits:



The scope of UK military aid to the Whites is becoming significant now:


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Well, Makhno won’t take kindly to having his home occupied by the Whites, so the siege of Huilaipole is on and the White Kuban Cavalry take a hammering!


It looks as though the enemy believed our lies about advancing on Kiev, as that was just a feint, and now there are lots of war weary French troops in the eastern Ukraine. Let’s hope our agents working among the French forces can succeed in stirring up a mutiny among them.

Meanwhile at Tsaritsyn the Don Cossacks are still in a bad position, though we’ve not yet been able to attack them effectively. New and fresh units are arriving in greater numbers so Stalin has moved his Headquarters slightly to make room for them.


In the Urals, the Whites have brought up an Armored Train in an attempt to batter us at Kazan, while further south they are preparing to attack Samara. Good luck to them, and even if they are successful, it’s a long way to Moscow from there.


There is an inconclusive skirmish to the west of Archangel, and in the Baltic we’ve repaired some of our ships so that we’ll be able to challenge the Royal Navy for control of the sea.

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Permit us to commence the report from June of 1919 with a quick look at the situational map of Southern Ukraine:


After sustaining 50% loses the division of brave Don Cossacks has managed to break through from Hulaipole. It’s daring raid has surprised the enemy, who had to reorientate the whole South-Western Front in order to expel Cossacks from the Makhnovist capital. The men of division have finally joined their brothers from White Wolves. There were some scenes of wild celebrations in Alexandrovsk:



Main forces of the White South Ukraine Army have advanced further north and destroyed the last remaining Red units, that were fleeing from Crimea ( a HQ and a division, marked by the red stars ). As expected, the French units have mutinied but the reckless gen d'Aselme ordered them to push further east, engaging the revolutionary forces in Kremenchug. No doubt he will be court martialed in France, but by the moment his actions helped the Whites to secure the western bank of Dnepr. As can be seen on the map, some precious hardware send by the British allies is arriving by rail and by the air. It’s obvious now, that the main forces of Bolshevik South-Western Front are moving south, rather than west. Will the fighting here turn into a stalemate or the upcoming summer months will sufficie for the Whites to achieve a breakthrough? We are hoping for the best.

Few hundred kilometres east, the troops of the Caucasus Army are already placed in the vicinity of Tsaritsyn and a supply route has been established, in order to support the Kuban Cossack Division, that occupied the eastern suburbs of the city. Here the question is the same as in the Ukraine – will city fall this summer or the fighting will degenerate into a true “Red Verdun” of Comrade Stalin?

Finally, the Uralus Whites have been able to unleash their main offensive:


The Oranenburg and Orel Cossacks have launched a vigorous assault south of Syzran. They mauled a Bolshevik army that has fled in panic. Main forces of gen. Kolchak are approaching rapidly Kazan. An elite infantry corps has cut off the Red division stationed in the city, so no reinforcements could be sent there. The weak military presence of the Reds in Kazan, is actually quite pleasing for the White command, because it means that the Bolsheviks are already unable to field sufficient forces, in order to stop their enemies advancing simultaneously in the south and in the east. Especially the Tsaritsyn ulcer is taking it’s toll – the Reds have sent few new armies to the city, yet the fighting there is unconclusive so far.


Not the best news from the diplomatic front. Still, it was expected:


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Makhno returns home to a warm welcome, for the White cavalry have retreated in the face of our counterattack in the Ukraine, and who can blame them!


The siege of Tsaritsyn continues, as we launch some attacks over the Volga using the four new Red Army Corps that are now joining the battle.

Our turn ends with some good news, as we can now start improving the training and equipment of our infantry and cavalry. The French are mutinying, the US is riven by strikes and Germany is seething at the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.

Here is the situation map after 8 months of war:


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It is obvious that, some of the White units are of much better quality than their Red conterparts and this has been proven during the recent fighting south of the Makhnovist capital. Two of the regular Bolshevik corps have been annihilated there. Driven by the counter revolutionary zeal, French 30th infantry division captured the ancient city of Poltava. Fate of Charles XII seems not to preoccupy the French at this very stage. Southern Whites got the infantry tech level one at the end of the previous turn but there was no time to upgrade, as the units are constantly ordered to move and attack!

There was still no major breakthrough at Tsaritsyn-grad, but the troops of gen Denikin are tightening the noose around the city.

It become clear now, that the Uralus armies of Alexander Kolchak are in the process of an enormous pincer movement, aimed at total destruction of the Bolshevik Front led by gen. Vacietis. Their progress has been satisfactory so far:



While the fighting has been inconclusive so far, it's worth to have quick look at how belligerents compare in terms of share numbers:


The Bolsheviks have taken far greater loses so far and they field right now 46 land units ( it were more than 50 few turns ago ). It seems like the Whites have an overall numerical superiority, however the western interventionist are not fully reliable and Poland is obviously still not at war. In general, the Whites have more experienced units but each of their factions has to research tech on it's own.

It terms of industrial production the Reds have a clear superiority however:


They make around 350MPP with a considerable potential for a growth. On the other side of barricade, the Southern Whites make 150MPP while the Uralus and Northern Whites only 40MPP respectively, making it very difficult for them to research and purchase new units. This comparison probably explains quite well, why the Whites need to hurry - at some stage the Red Behemoth can become unbeatable!

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The first White unit falls victim to us this turn, as our Red Army coordinates an attack by two Makhnovist units to destroy an enemy division in the Ukraine. Such cooperation shows that we can work together in the struggle for a new world!


We’re holding our positions well at Tsaritsyn and our attacks fared better this turn.


The fighting near Samara in the Urals is hotting up, and an enemy Corps fled after receiving a severe battering to the south of Syzran. Well done comrades!


Beware the Bolshevik Behemoth, for it is growing in strength all the time!

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Superb AAR. You all talked me into purchasing the WW! game, and are getting close to convincing me about this expansion.

In both cases, it is an issue of simulating conflicts which others have not, and having multiple factions.

There was a Russian Civil War board game--may have been called just that. IIRC, it was long ago.

Is it possible not to root for the White Russians? It is just a visceral thing for me, and of course I wish both players well, and an interesting fight.

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The High Command of Southern Whites is determined to crush the Reds in Ukraine by the end of Fall 1919 and it's units are constantly engaged in rapid maneuveres, violent assaults, tactical retreats and counter attacks! The French ( who are already plagued by mutinies and desertions ) with a support of one White cavalry division, have managed to destroy the revolutionary bands, that were recently occupying Kremenchug. The main forces of Army South Ukraine, have for the first time used tanks on the battlefield! An elite corps of the Makhnovists has been obliterated in the attack. The success was so rapid and unexpected, that the pursuing Cossacks, have partly overrun the main positions of the Bolshevik artillery. Clearly, the Reds have no answer for our tanks and some of their troops were evidently paralized by the fear. Anyway, the Whites are again at the gates of Hulaipole!


Another Bolshevik division was destroyed near Tsaritsyn and gen Deninkin is slowly but surely improving his positions before the final assault.

In the north, few British and one US divisions are again combat ready and they begun manouvering around the Bolshevik corps entrenched in Emptsa. Will they succed or not, they are doing a good job, forcing the Red unit to stay in place, on this remote and secondary front.

Gen Kolchak has captured Kazan! A Red division has been finally overcomed there after a gallant fight - it's very rare to hear that kind of statement from the Whites about their enemies... But right now, Kazan is liberated and the future of Bolshevik Uralus Front looks very bleak:


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Superb AAR. You all talked me into purchasing the WW! game, and are getting close to convincing me about this expansion.

In both cases, it is an issue of simulating conflicts which others have not, and having multiple factions.

There was a Russian Civil War board game--may have been called just that. IIRC, it was long ago.

Is it possible not to root for the White Russians? It is just a visceral thing for me, and of course I wish both players well, and an interesting fight.

I'm glad you like it! Having multiple factions is great and accurately simulates the madness of Russian Civil War. There are even Red and White insurgents taking over some cities or provinces and establishing independent republics there :)

The White victory is quite possible and in my opinion RCW is very well balanced. I'd say it's a masterpiece, equally good as Call To Arms. Hopefully we will see the Whites entering Moscow at the end of this AAR :)

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The intense fighting in the Ukraine continues as we smash those overconfident Cossacks and drive them back from Huliaipole!


Here is a picture of Trotsky watching our forces launching their attack


Our units are resting and refitting at Tsaritsyn and in the Urals, while more reinforcements are on their way.

At the same time, we advance on Kiev just to test the enemy’s defences here. One division is holding the city. Ok.

The first major clash with US and British forces near Archangel is now underway, and we do feel sorry for the enemy’s soldiers forced to serve far from home in a cause that is not their own. Especially as they, and not the politicians who sent them here, are the ones suffering from our bullets.


We predict that the French will soon pull out. Lenin is working hard behind the scenes on the other Interventionists too!

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It's over then for Makhno and his revolted peasants! Hulaipole had fallen into the hands of White troops for the second time and the Anarchists gave up the fight. Right now our troops are searching the area looking for possible Makhnovist supporters. The order has to be re-established there. We are pretty sure, that most of the Ukrainians are god-fearing people and they will welcome us as liberators.

The recent fighting near Hulaipole is pretty significant, because a large number of aeroplanes and tanks supported the assault on our side. The Reds have nothing like that in their arsenal!


Remaining Bolshevik corps in the area is partly cut off. Will it manage to breakthrough to the safety? We should probably ask this question directly to Mr Trotsky and his clique, who are watching the battlefield safe in their armored train, while the poor Red infantrymen are dying...

In the mean time, the Ukrainian forces of Otaman Symon Petliura are reinforcing and rearming. The Frech withdrawal is expected soon, so they will be ready to take over the north western part of the front.

Cossack cavalry is manouvering hard around Tsaritsyn. Before the final assault can commence, the appraches to the city need to be cleared of the enemy:


At the same time, the Bolshevik Uralus Front is not having the best time:


The Allies advancing from Archangel are trying to root out Bolshevik corps in Epmtsa and another battleship of Baltic Fleet is sunken by Royal Navy in Kronstadt.

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Well, our so called allies, the Makhnovists, have shown their true colours, and in typical anarchist fashion, they have allowed the enemy to enter their territory, leaving one of our Red Army Corps in a predicament to the west of Huliaipole.

Remedying the situation will be a mission and a half for Comrade Trotsky, and he has already begun by launching an attack on the White Tanks. Far from being invincible, they have taken a battering!


Heavy fighting is reported from Tsaritsyn and the Urals. What else did we expect when we embarked on our revolution?

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