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  1. What is everybody using for buildings/houses/barns? It doesn't look like there is a complete set
  2. Good, I have some favorite modders and was not looking forward to wading through all the mods again if there was no compatibility.
  3. Are any of the mods from CMBN compatible with CMRT?
  4. okay so i opened a ticket and I got 2 responses late yesterday and one tonight. Are they understaffed? Anyway, maybe someone can answer this question before they do. I only have two keys. One I got when I ordered CMBN a couple years ago and another when I ordered the bundle two weeks ago. Would I be correct to assume that the (and I'm guessing it's a 3.0 key) key I got with CMBN will start the other games if they are also 3.0? If not should I have gotten separate keys for all of the games? thanks
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, created a ticket
  6. Right. Never had RT before and tried the Activate New Products in main folder with the key. Turned off any virus software and firewalls, read all the ReadMe files. Nothing happens.
  7. Yes, tried that key. Nothing happened except it upgraded my BN from 3.0 to 4.0.
  8. Nothing on any of them except copyright info and website, some have description. No license keys.
  9. Thanks for the responses. I didn't download RT, instead I got the big bundle and received all the disks in the mail. So I installed RT and input the license key that came with the purchase email and it doesn't activate RT. So then I opened the Activate Modules icon associated with BN and input the same license key and it upgraded BN to 4.0 Should I have received another key for RT? thanks
  10. I'm a bit confused about how to get CMRT. I have Normandy and Market Garden running on engine 3. All I see on the Battlefront site are CMRT patches 1.02 and 1.03 and upgrade to engine 4. Are the patches to install CMRT to engine 3 or are they patches for the inital CMRT release? Do I have to download the initial release version of CMRT to get things rollin'? If so where is it? If not what is the process to adding CMRT? thanks
  11. No I was not in an AFV, I retired from the Navy and rode ships. There's no place to go in that environment. If you are knowledgeable and capable you step in where others have fallen in combat. Also, if forced to abandon your ship you augment the unit that picks you up. Regardless you are assuming worst case. Suppose on the way to the battle your vehicle becomes unusable and there is for whatever reason an abandoned vehicle nearby that is usable. Would you abandon the fight? Maybe it's just perspective but to me a tank is a tool like a rifle. If my rifle broke I'd find another one.
  12. I retired from the military and don't think it's unrealistic........ that's why I asked the question
  13. Apologies if this has been discussed before. I did search but didn't find a specific answer to my question. On several occasions I have had crew members of various vehicles injured while in the vicinity there might be a complete crew of a destroyed vehicle. I would have thought you could re-man the personnel depleted vehicle with a crew from a destroyed vehicle of the same type. Is this not an available capability or am I doing it wrong? thanks
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