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  1. Thank God! Finally, realism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Agreed. Doing this is the worst part of the game I'd dare say. When they throw up the white flag, you won mentally and physically. Against an AI, granted... but yeah you know what I mean.
  3. (this never happened) Google the story lol
  4. Really, is it a huge technological feat to adjust an APS system to engage targets at a higher angle than usual? It seems like the logical evolution for nations concerned about their employment versus their vehicles (or seeking sales to those who fear their employment ) I'd not be surprised if it was capable of doing so.
  5. This is exactly the mistake I made personally
  6. L0ckAndL0ad is making my "Favorite posters" list, watch out!
  7. People just want a tank that can kill the Abrams, because the T-90 cant deal with it on equal terms is what this boils down to IMO. So if the Armata went ingame, what would its weapon stats be? Armor thickness from various angles? Amount of ammo carried, and proper ratio of ammo? Reload time for the autoloader? How fast would it pivot in place, or reverse? Hell how fast would it go driving forward even? If it can turn the tables on the Abrams, people would be happy. Anything less, and there'd be discontent. Oddly, wouldnt the Armata suffer BIGTIME from the "crew-only LoS" rule? The unmanned turret would just be sitting there rather than providing LoS. Also known as "The terrible conspiracy to disadvantage Russia by those monsters at Battlefront"
  8. Yeah thats pretty absurd, definitely reeks of politics rather than the machine itself falling short.
  9. I meant the optics systems. In terms of magnification and resolution, the Catherine looks more capable than the 1980's-era one the Abrams at the time were using. Plus, in GW1 it'd be M829A1 as the best round. Thats a no-contest loss versus the most modern Russian stuff.
  10. They're better than what the US had in GW1 definitely. They're good enough for most things I'd say. The T90 in SB sadly is the S variant too, and unplayable at that
  11. How common were the AN/PAS-13's, Panzer? I play ArmA3 with buddies and they lament that thermal imagers for rifles are available. In a 2035 game. Are they ~STRAIGHT TRIPPIN?~
  12. Is there certain terrain/tree types that the "I cant see through this... oh wait, but I can!" is duplicatable on using the Abrams? It may just be certain pieces of foliage that are causing the weird issue.
  13. Yeah the conscripts thing in particular seemed way off giventhe dedicated enlisted men working in the parade. Thats a higher priority than just some backwater post out East somewhere
  14. Not sure of credibility, but: http://belsat.eu/en/articles/russias-next-generation-armata-main-battle-tank-breaks-down-during-parade-rehearsal/ Wonder if such a powerful engine in comparrison to the previous tanks means its handling and driving is significantly different enough to screw with new drivers abilities and patterns?
  15. Same, I figured it was the anti-material rifle's specialty ammo rather than something fired off in huge belts
  16. They cant be avoided, and every side has them. Even really strange "contenders" in the modern-MBT tank category often proclaim their tank to be the worlds greatest. Turkey and India's indigenous projects come to mind.
  17. At their size, I doubt these rounds are going to cause much spalling. In the event that they both penetrate, its just a matter of hitting important components isnt it? 12.7mm and 14.5mm would both overmatch a BMP's side armor. Its just a matter of making the little holes over something thats important inside, rather than intert.
  18. Patch 1.0.69 Fixed Bug where Armata's turret is weaker than expected at key points along the frontal arc Patch 1.0.7 Undid former bug where Armata's turret is weaker than expected at key points along the frontal arc due to recent information Patch 1.0.71 Modified bug where Armata's turret was weaker than expected at key points along the frontal arc by covering it with a canvas tarp Patch 1.0.72 Fixed bug where Armata was ingame
  19. I'm most familiar with the Global Defense Initiative's sweeping success to retake Europe from terrorist elements belonging to the Brotherhood of Nod, myself.
  20. Meh they may not even bail out or escape. They may just kinda sit there and go "Lol gun's dead :(" We really need to see the finalized turret to gauge what kind of effects things will potentially have. Its possible a penetration will hit whats part of a large intert/non-essential area and the gun may remain operative. Or its possible it'd still lead to risk of the vehicle as a whole. Are we even 100% positive the turret isnt going to have significant armor protection? The gun's going to be a monster though. Would be a shame if the M1A3's weight-loss had to be undone by adding even more armor to an M1A2
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