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  1. I know how good is my English. Unusual parallels... Of course they was. But... That myth about machineguns shooting at running soldiers is too primitive, stupid, hugely hyperbolised. That didn't happen in such way. Block units officers executed single men, if they refused to fight and agitated others to flee. They were not just behind the rifle units, but in the rear: at road intersections, towns. The scale of war was huge, millions men were involved, may be someone somewhere shot at the crowd, who knows. But showing it like a common event is false. Another myth in this movie, 1 mosins for 2 men... Yes, in 1941 RKKA had problems with small arms. But this means that platoons had only 2 mgs instead of 4. (In 1942 3 mgs, in 1943 - 6) Again, too stupid hypebole. May be somewhere conscripts were caught without arms by quickly advancing Germans, that happened in 1941. But that they were intentionally sent to combat without weapons... I hate such "creative" writers and movie makers.
  2. When, where? I know only 1 fact from Loza book, wheh his tank fired over heads, than lower. And someone fell. And that is not exactly "fact", as it is memoirs. In movie it is shown like a typical, common event. That is obviously not true.
  3. I read it again after your comment and still I found nothing about other nonsence in this film. (And that nonsence is much brighter, than sniper duel! Sniper duels occured, while 1 rifle for 2 soldiers and mgs, shooting in own troops - did not. That's why I said that it is fun) And I don't undestand how my profile is connected to the article.
  4. It is fun that only myth in "War in the gates" in sniper duel, according to his opinion.
  5. DMS

    Russian radios in squads

    That has reason, as attack formations of rifle divisions really were very narrow. 2-2,5 km for division, 500-600m for 1-st echelone battalion, 250-300 for company. But... That companies were smaller IRL. (At average. Sometimes not) In the game with 100% strength units you can use wider formations, I think. Or you will suffer huge casualties from mortarts and hmgs because of over concentration.
  6. DMS

    Russian radios in squads

    Not exactly. Companies don't have radios, MG ammo is limited unlike German squad. (SMG ammo also) That's why companies are 1-task only. 1-st company (or 1-st 2 companies) atack 1-st trench line, next company attacks 2-nd trenchline, next battallion goes deep, e.t.c. In real life Soviet units were always understrength, 15-men platoons, 50-men companies. So "up 1 level" rule was correct for small units. In the game player commands full strength units, so this rule doesn't work. 1943 platoon with 6 mgs is powerfull, nearly equals to panzergrenadier platoon.
  7. DMS

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    There were really many panzerfausts, that were captured during urban fights... But yes, in general it's too loose assumption. May be for city assault groups formations only.
  8. DMS

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Great news! Well, there were some changes - assault groups formations for urban combat, active using of static flamethrowers (FOG-2). Will you change Rifle battallion OOB, particulary SMG platoons in companies? (As variant "B", like in CMBB) May be new OOB variant for understrength battalions, with less men and more automatic weapons? (Typical Red army rifle division was understrength in 1945, up to 50%.) And captured panzerfausts! They were massively used against buildings.
  9. Is 5,56 ballistics good enough at >500 metres? Does longer barrel really help? In Russia RPK-74 is considered useless by many...
  10. Kholkoz workers were collective owners of the business, so they did care.
  11. It is official data. With the date 1.10.1944. I can't give you a scan of a document, but I am sure my source is correct. It was Russian language article, I didn't want to copy untranslated text. Machinegunning running friendlies is another myth. Penalty units just stood on roads in the rear (not just behind the frontline trenches) and checked deserters, possible spies, locals. Functions of military police. The war was huge, I can't give 100% gurantee that penalty units never used their MGs against running friendly infantry. Who knows. But the standard procedure was to stop the unit, in bad case to shot "panicers" (person who agitates men to flee) Using pistol or rifle, of course, not machiengunning crowd of soldiers like in movies.
  12. Numbers are known, on the 1.10.44 6,07 % were sent to penalty units, 3,81% were arrested. Others were sent to army or to industry. Since november 1944 ex-POWs were sent directly to rear army units, not to filtrarion camps. Officers were sent to penalty units much more often than privates, 36% against 0,86%. (Russian historian Pyhalov) So you can see how myths differ from reality.
  13. Nope, they all were "filtered" in the "filtration camps", majority were checked and released. Polizeis, collaborators, hiwi were punished. Not all of them, some of the criminals were found long after the war, in 1970s, 1980s. There was no punishment for "contacts with the West". (If you mean western allies, not German authorities)
  14. Traitors who not just collaborated, but fought for nazis with wepons in hands shouldn't be punished?!
  15. DMS

    Stryker vs Bradley

    Mass is important, not just tracks instead of wheels. 30-tonn Bradley would be stuck as well. BMPs are so light not just for amphibious capabilities!
  16. Tank main guns create noise in excess of 140 decibels. Repeated exposure to this level of noise can cause severe hearing loss and even deafness. In addition, dangerous noise levels may extend more than 600 meters from the tank. Single-layer hearing protection such as earplugs allows Infantrymen to work within 25 meters of the side or rear of the tank without significant hazard. (FM 3-21.20)
  17. Use realistic tactick! For example, set Soviet infantry in line. Then select company and give fast command to location 50 m ahead. Wait, give orders to supress hmgs. Then another rush for 50m. Then use assault or slow command. Another way - to use narrow and deep formations. 1 platoon in 1-st echelone, others are in reserve or are screening flanks.
  18. DMS

    Who's winning the tank war?

    So if you hear that Russia invaded Estonia in TV news tomorrow, you are not surprised, you don't suppose sort of fabricated cause of war? ("green men" capture city hall in Narva, "uknown snipers" kill NATO patrool, chemical attack against someone e.t.c.)
  19. DMS

    Who's winning the tank war?

    May I ask you a question? Do you really think that Russia plans to attack Estonia so or it is kind of doublespeak? I really don't understand. (question to everyone, not only to MikeyD)
  20. BMPs without commander are blind! I would advice to leave at least platoon leader mounted. Or to keep riflemen close, so they would spot and share intel.
  21. I like that modern Russian historians, who fight with wartime newspaper articles. "Pavlov house was just a platoon size strongpoint, not a central defensive position", what a discovery.
  22. It is hard to believe in official German numbers. Knowing about their sofisticated air loss count, ("85% damaged" e.t.c.) I suppose men losses also covert in some way. ~8 millions out of the ballance. They were either POWs or KIA.
  23. Well, US self propelled 155 howitzers have no automatics, they are manually loaded...
  24. In War thunder Mig climbs better, but Sabre turns faster! It is a difficult question! Serious researcher should play DCS.
  25. Stalin and Zhukov are credible sources, I think. You may think, that if Russian historian admits something negative to USSR, than it is 100% true. But, as you know, Russia turned ideology in 1991 and official version now is that "war won thanks to lend-lease , Red army fought bad, war won thanks only to individual heroism of soldiers" e.t.c. Russian historian who praises lend lease most likely is not a neutral researcher, but a conformist. In 1980 he would write about heroism of colonel Breznev, in 2010 he writes about deceisive lend lease role. They are not worth referring, I think. Imagine fighting for every town from Berlin to Warsaw, in every favourable position. Not against outnumbered Germans, but against roughly equal foe. Veterans would be killed in battles, equipment would wore out, new divisions, arriving in Europe, would be not so well equiped as those, who landed in 1944. It would be hard to explain people why to fight against communistic Russia, I don't think that U.S. soldiers would fight house to house like Germans in Stalingrad, who fought for Lebensraum against Untermenchen. To die for making Poland capitalistic, not communistic? So even if RKKA would stay in defense, out of fuel and ammo, it wouldn't be easy for ex-allies. And what if Soviet offense would start before supplies would be limited by bombing? B-17 don't stop tank columns. Il-2 do. I guess, surprise factor was deceisive. Who attacks, destroys airfields and goes deep in enemy territory first - gains advantage. Yes, transferring CMFB units to CMRT would be intersting, I guess! With war in Korea module coming next.