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    Because... It is belt-fed and 7,62x54, I guess. Because of firepower. RPK-16 was made for special forces, as I know. To clear buildings with short barrel. (Though there is version with long barrel)
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    Eastern distict. Best things are given to western districts.
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    It is replacing RPK.
  4. DMS


    PKP doesn't need changeagle barrel. Because of better cooling and heavier barrel. It can make 600 shots, while PKM could 400. RPK is considered as "AK with larger magazine". RPK isn't IAR, it has the same accuracy as AK in general.
  5. 45mm anti tank gun had 7mm shield set at 45 degrees. 7 : cos 45 = 9,9. Penetration for usual 7,92mm ammo: 8mm at 100m, 3,5mm at 500m. (30 degrees) Penetration for AP 7,92: 13mm at 100m, 7,5mm at 500m. (30 degrees) So, after 500m ap mg round wouldn't penetrate gun shield. Usual MG ammo would hardly penetrate it after 100m. In the book of W. Schneider "Panzer Tactics" I found following scheme. I made some tests, setting 3 lmgs against 2 guns at 500m. MGs easily supress crew... Some photos to show that there was enough space to hide behind the shield. (At least for gunner and loader)
  6. DMS

    German sub mg squads?

    Not only tankodesntniki. But 1 platoon of each rifle company. And 1 SMG company in rifle regiment. (Company had only SMGs, platoon had mgs and snipers)
  7. What's about "Hammer's flank", in real life 1-st guards division was in 2-nd echelone. It's battalion made reconnaissance in force before assault, probably that's why German sources say about this division. And campaing author was using German sources, I guess. Inaccurate, but it doesn't change a much. What is more important, there is no solid trench line... If Germans would set such defense with seperated platoon sized positions, Soviet recon units would infiltrate through gaps at night.
  8. DMS

    Module 1 Scope Ponderings

    May be Wasaw-Lodzin-Poznan operation? 3 artillery regiments supporting 1 rifle battalion, "special echelones" - forward battalions, attacking in each division sector. Low density for Red army, 1 battalion instead of typical for early war 4. Artillery support was surprisingly stopped after 20 minutes and "special echelones" caught Germans unprepared.
  9. DMS

    Soviet Mortar Usage IRL

    If fire position is 200-400 m behind observation post, it is easier.
  10. DMS

    Soviet Mortar Usage IRL

    In open area mortars were used centralised, under control of battalion commander. In forested or urban areas mortar platoons could be attached to companies. In some cases single 82 mortars were given to forward platoons. If mortars were used "centralised", company commander would direct fire with the help of command detachment. He communicated with fire positions by telephone, messengers, signs, signals and "by chain" ("цепочкой"). I don't know exactly what "by chain" means, I guess that "chain" of soldiers would stretch from OP to mortars and they would shout to each other: "Add 200m! 0-05 to the right! One more spotting round!" So if you roleplay, just make a chain of units and call mortar strike. In regulations (БУП-42) typically is said: "machiengun and mortar fire". Fire sector was assigned. Also fire tasks at frontline and in the depth of enemy defense were assigned. So direct and undirect fire was used. There is regulation about mortar company: http://militera.lib.ru/regulations/russr/1942_bup/09.html You can use google translate. Ask me if something is unclear.
  11. Soviet rifle battalion had only 2 guns. And, may be, if it was very lucky, fire platoon or a battery from AT regiment (battalion) of rifle division. I usually choose only 2 battalion guns not to break historical accuracy. If you play with 1 company, you should take only 1 45 mm gun. Though, if you play against mech unit, it is realistic to assume that division command would move divisional AT guns at dangerous direction and set them in depth, behind rifles.
  12. DMS

    Russian army under equipped?

    Guys, wake up, China is 1-st economy in the world now. We are not alone.
  13. Playing red side is suffering in CM! I know that feel. Blue always outspot and outgun, you can just randomly (without recon) find the weak spot and attack in narrow and deep formation ignoring losses (may be behind smoke or massive artillery fire). Echelone by echelone. No wide formations from manuals.
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    Germans made bunkers from wooden houses in Russia. The whole villages were remade in strongpoints. MG was set in basement, 1-st store was used for observing.
  15. DMS

    Fortified Map?

    I made tests in CMRT. 122mm destroy wire, but can't fully clear a minefield. May be some mines are destroyed, as soldiers passed with few losses. You need to concentrate fire, just 2-3 near hits are not enough. Modern Russian sappers have UR-77 vehicle for clearing minefields. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FZOu5TcQBo
  16. DMS

    Fortified Map?

    By the way, is it possible to destroy mines and wire by artillery/tank fire in the game? I tried, unsuccessfully.
  17. For 2 men, gunner and loader. Loader assistant is exposed, like commander and other crewmembers. Well, gunner in Stummel is also behind the thin shield, slightly exposed... Like gunner in Su-76, Hanomag e.t.c. If armor is not penetrated, gunner would fire back, I think. As Russian military theoretic Dragomirov said, "Ineffective fire just encourages the enemy". PPSh rounds are deadly at 200m, but from 400m it sounds like a "derp gun" and won't pin down anybody. For supression real danger is essential.
  18. DMS

    History accuracy

    I wish we would have this option in quick battles. I would use it very often, 6 DPs in platoon is a gamey a little. I like the firepower, but feel like in easy mode... (And "1944" TO&E has too much men in squad)
  19. DMS

    History accuracy

    Yeah, my suggestion must be naive... If it wasn't made for many years that game exists, there are reasons. Yes, I do like that sometimes! When I wanted to make a city assault group I took 1943 rifle company, deleted squads and added scout teams, lmg teams, sappers, snipers, tanks. Not 100% historically correct, (must be 6 men smg squads) but pretty close.
  20. Regiment defended position for half a year. They were sending recon groups, that spotted every German MG nest. There were some minor engagements, once German outpost spotted recon group on the minefield and shot them with mg. 3 men were killed, recon platoon leader and political worker amongst them. So German positions were well known. Probably they set guns in somewhat like keyhole positions between trees to engage a given target, though it is just my guess. I don't know how effective sniper fire was... "16 Germans were killed" should be read as "16 aimed shots were made". Though they could make Germans to keep low. https://pamyat-naroda.ru/documents/view/?id=100798650 In several PBEM battles I tried to use AT guns to support battalion attack. I used 76, 122 divisional guns, 120 regimental mortars... Guns were moving far behind infantry... And still 1 surviving MG managed to lay a killing burst on the gun in every battle! They attract fire. It is correct and 100% realistic for large guns, but small 45mm... (And regimental cannon on it's base) I don't know, may be I have a little bias as I usually play for Soviet rifle units.
  21. DMS

    History accuracy

    Number of SMGs is correct and slightly bellow historicall number. IRL 1 of 3 platoons were armed by SMGs and MGs only. In 1943, before Kursk battle, some divisions had more SMGs than rifles! What about SVTs - correct, realistic number would be 1-2 in squad in the best case. In general, it would be great if game would have TO&E editor. Tables changed dramatically in different units, (in Eastern front - for sure) it is impossible to make single TO&E that is correct for most units.
  22. Probably they were. I was very lucky and found regimental journal for this days! (Regimental documents are rare, unlike divisional) "Batteries of ИПП (AT regiment) and ПА (regimental artillery) fired by direct lay at targets №35, 37, 32, 39, 40 and 101. Results: target 37 is destroyed, targets 35, 38, 39 49 and 101 are damaged. Ammo used - 120, mortar ammo - 134. Snipers destroyed 16 Germans." "Regiment made engineer work entrenching forward line. Enemy shelled forward line of defense. Ammo used - 80. Losses: wounded - 1." It was usual positional war, not assault... Snipers overclaimed results, of course. Correct! But how much close is too close?
  23. Guns not just moved behind, but usually supported infantry attack by direct lay fire. First scheme that I found in pamyat-naroda.ru: "Scheme of battle positions for direct lay fire". 23.10.1942. 268 rifle regiment. Side of the square is 1 km. As you see, distance to German positions is 400-700m. It wouldn't be possible, if German mgs would be effective against guns at 500m, right? Right! It seems that flak gunner is coded to ignore supression when he is seeing target. Shield is 9mm, sloped at 30 degrees to vertical. Thicker, than M-42's, but not too much...
  24. I didn't wait until crew is dead. Crewmen were dying 1 in 1-2 minutes at average. Gunner usually dies first, he hides not enough close to the shield. As a result, gun doesn't fire back. I think that gunner is almost in safe and shouldn't be supressed so much... Why this is important in my opinion? Because historical tacticks of Red Army is missed: accompanying infantry "on wheels" by artillery. (In cities and in the open ground) German armor countered Soviet offences, and soviets moved AT guns after the infantry lines. (Soviet guns were light enough for that) When I try to do this in the game, AT guns are quickly supressed by few mg bursts and then are destroyed...
  25. Russian infantry TOE is strange... "Somewhere in late ‘43 the company lost its third platoon. But this was reinstated in ‘44 and instead the regiment lost a battalion"