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  1. Thanks appreciate it....is there any others or is that pretty much it?
  2. Just curious, is there another recommended site where the same missions/campaigns are available for download? The design of BF's repository makes it very cumbersome to download files, especially if your trying to download a bunch at the same time, takes many mouse clicks and navigating pages. If I was only downloading a single file, not a big deal, but when try to do a lot, way too time consuming for me.
  3. Excellent...thank you very much....not sure if your able to share, but did you determine the specific setup options that triggered it? Or was it still a little more random like I was seeing?
  4. I used IE11 to download my version and it only took me about 45 minutes on Friday night. Of course each situation is different for people, so hopefully things get better for you since I understand how frustrating it can be.
  5. Just my luck:) I am guessing it is some combination of factors that I just happen to be generating, but I am sure the developers will figure it out, not a huge issue at this point.
  6. Thank you for verifying the issue for me and having it reported for fixing at some point.
  7. Yes, the issue still happened with the loaded save file.
  8. File sent...I just had the issue happen again so I saved it at that point.
  9. Icons turned on and when it did work, I changed nothing from a settings perspective. It seems to most not work when you freshly start the game and choose tiny and human selected map with automatic purchases for both sides. Not sure if it matters, but I have Russia as attacker and US as defender. The units are absolutely missing in these cases as I have scrolled around the entire map and even tried with tiny/small maps where there is no way to miss them. I even ran a few minutes off the clock and nothing showed up.
  10. Its very strange....it seems to happen most when I have a tiny battle size selected....now it is hit or miss, sometimes it works, other times it doesn't.
  11. Hello, Not an expert with setting up Quick Battles so not sure if I am doing something wrong. I set the unit purchases for the human player to automatic versus me selecting them and when the battle starts, there are no units in the battle for me to control. The map is empty with no units for me. If I set unit purchases to human, then I can correctly choose units and they show up fine in the map. Am I doing something wrong in not getting the computer to automatically pick my units or is this possibly an issue?
  12. Pretty sure that was my experience too....pre orders got a special early email, but non pre orders were downloading the game during the same day. When a big game like this is released, would be really hard for people to not want to share their thoughts on it immediately after playing it. Imagine it won't be much different this year.
  13. Is this true about pre-orders getting it "couple of days" ahead of everyone else? I could be misremembering, but thought when I pre-ordered in the past, I got the game the same day as everyone else, except I got notification of it being available a couple of hours earlier.... Has this changed or maybe I have forgotten how it works?
  14. Is there a somewhere you can look to find out how many activations you have used up and that are remaining for all the modules?
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