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  1. Looks like it, OTOH it may just have been a very big success...
  2. I have a slightly different approach I wrote about a little here: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/115644-combat-mission-commander-campaign-tool/#entry1573691 If there's anything interest in it for you I can try to give more details...
  3. Hey Falke and others, this is probably not the absolutely right place to post this but I am in the process of making Yet Another Half Baked Operational Layer - General Spreadsheet (YAHBOLGS), in case anyone is interested. It seems that it'll be rather different in approach than what the others have been proposing - and one thing is for sure: it is not going to be pretty... It uses a real map tucked into a spreadsheet (currently open office calc, but should work fine with excel) to do a couple of things: act as map (image is in background of spreadsheet), keep track of unit positions and orde
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