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  1. I´m amazed with this game! I love it and having such a great time!! Don´t know rest of u, but I prefer to play turn based games, and in every TURN I spend a lot of minutes because there´s an enormous amount of details in this game. Moreover, because the peculiarity of bocage there´re mini-battles all over in a single scenario and when I solve the TURN I like to see absolutely everything ... It's like a good war movie! A delight for any wargamer! Some details I´ve seen made ​​me smile. Let me share with u one of them: this happened to me playing Mission 3: "Link Up" tutorial of the game. Maybe it is already out here, don´t know, but here goes: My soldiers advance to take a German trench (which has been previously softened by fire area with a couple of Shermans and a mortar), and meanwhile the commander Regan is covering the progress protecting the left flank with his Sherman. Suddenly, I saw a German AT-gun crew running around the field (this ATG was previously destroyed by mortar). So then, Regan prepares to shoot: My boys have reached to the trenches. They´re a little bit tired, but the good thing is that the trenches are clean. Meanwhile, the Sherman commander Regan shoot at the enemy crew, which runs away and hides as best they can: And suddenly!!!! Here you are the detail (of many, many of them that has this wonder!) that makes me smile. Commander Regan stops his burst of gunfire and..............(sorry, the text of the photograph is in Spanish because first I´ve published these pictures in "Punta de Lanza" website, too -my nickname over there is "Rubeus", but I translate for u): Regan jumps over the turret, where he enjoys of better LOS over the bocage, finds again the hidden enemy crew, and starts to fire again :-D It´s another detail that makes this game so great and enjoyable (ENJOYABLE to PLAY and to WATCH the action :-) CMBN is another masterpiece from Battlefront and it´s a musthave = HUGE as a cathedral. And everything I can say is not enough ;-) Greetings and enjoy playing CMBN! You have only 1 live to play it!!
  2. Hey! Thanks for your comments. Happy to see that, in general terms, I think we´re agree. Don´t know why but I see this CMBN like "TLotR: Return of the King"... ;-) I mean: CMx1 were the king of tactics games (CMBB & CMAK), but when CMx2 arised it looks like the king was dead or disappeared (I felt sad for this). But with latest patch, CMSF was like a bright shining over the horizon (the king was coming back with his glittering sword). Aragorn was not dead: he was just getting stronger and stronger... And now, the King is back: "Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy" is an amazing game!! And I´m glad to see it again!!!! :-D
  3. Yes, Battlefront´s team has done an excellent work! On the other hand, I remember I had my differences and discussed sometimes with Steve and Moon when CMSF was released into the market (didn´t like the new engine and the modern war it was based on). Precisely I didn´t receive polite answers to my questions and opinions, so then I decided not to write anymore in this forums. But time goes by... and I´m not a resentful person... Even I´ve been playing CMSF because IT IS indeed a great game with the lastest patch. Another good work done by Battlefront guys. And now I´m just writting this words only to say "Thank you, Battlefront, thank you Steve, and thank you Moon!". You´ve done a Great Game with this CMBN, and I only want to give u my recognition. It´s amazing, the best of tactical´s game ever, and very very enjoyable!! :-) Now, I´m not sure if I´m right or wrong when I´m thinking that CMSF has been only a kind of "experiment" or "testing ground" for this wonder which is called CMBN. Then, apart of your evil behaviour with some of your answers to customers (heheheheheee ;-P ), you were right in the past but we, customers, were bad informed (or some of we didn´t want to see the far horizon... ;-) Time gives u the reason, I´ve to admit it. Sorry for my English, congratulations again, and thank you for your work! :-D
  4. He, he, he, he... I prefer Vencini´s photo... :-P Good picture, Santi ! Well, now the plan is as following: start studying the manual; later on a several multiplayer games and local Spanish leagues; and finally we´ll play an International Tournament and again we´ll be the winners of the "Combat Mission´s Cup of the World"!! He, he, he! :-D (Canción: "y si somos los mejores, bueno ¿y qué? Tá, tá y si somos los mejores, bueno ¿y qué?..." tá, tá... :-P
  5. Hi! I´ve seen a graphics bug. It isn´t important, but I´d like to know if you experienced the same one. It happens in the training battle "Training Mission - The Road to Berlin". Here you´re the SETUP PHASE: Well, now I go down with the camera towards that house you can see in this first image, and going inside the house. And this is what I see. This is the right wall inside the house (there´s a gap from which I can see through!): And this is the left wall from inside (you can see the Sherman from here): I don´t know if it´s a problem of this DEMO, or maybe is my graphic card (ATI Radeon HD 5850 1 GB GDDR5, with drivers updated), but I´d like to know if it´s happening to you as well. Thank you very much in advance for your replies and... Congratulations for this great game, Battlefront! ;-)
  6. Yes, I have. I know I haven´t posted many times in this Battlefront´s forum. Sorry about that. I have posted about 930 times in another Spanish website well known for you ("Punta de Lanza") because I love "Combat Mission" series. But believe me: you are in "My Favourites" at my web browser, and I read you very often Sorry if I said something that you didn´t like. It was just an opinion: don´t like to pay for a patch at all. But it was just me. Don´t take it very serious, and keep fighting. You are doing good! And please, let me give you just an advice: probably you´re very young. I´m sure, younger than me. But this is for Steve and you (Moon) and then I´ll go for good): just try to be polite with customers (or potential customers). I repeat: economic situation isn´t good (as businessman know that), and you´re working "in front" of a company (a very good software company, I add). And because that, you´ve to try to avoid being rude with customers (or potential customers). What I mean to say is: if somebody is bad-mannered with you, you´ve to try not to step at the same level (or even on a low level). You are administrators. I know it´s very difficult. I know it´s more difficult if you´re young and with blood in your veins. But you´ve to try. It´s a question of self-preservation and surviving It will give a better company image to Battlefront. That´s it! Sorry for boring you. Good bye now, and good luck!
  7. This patch isn´t necessary. At least, I´m playing both, CMBB and CMAK, in my computer with Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bits (with last updates) and nVidia GeForce GTX 260 (with last drivers installed), and everything is working fine! Well, maybe it´s just only my case... Anyway, I don´t like that a customer who paid already for the software, now has to pay for downloading a simple patch. It´s just ridiculous! And why 5 dollars?!... Come on! "Combat Mission Campaigns"... Now this patch... ayayayaayyyy... Battlefront, Battlefront... What´s happening?... I don´t know, but if we bear in mind mundial economic situation... I can imagine... It´s very very sad to use this kind of Sales & Marketing strategies... I´m very sorry. Regards, JC
  8. Because "in some cases" some of us have Spanish version of CMSF (issued by Friendware in Spain) and we cannot add any patch at all to the original game because Friendware and Battlefront didn´t reach an agreement (as you can see, a very efficient customer policy... And anyway, "in some cases" there are a lot of us who don´t like wargames based on these modern battles between USA vs Siria or Irak or Iran or whatever country... I have tried CMSF (version 1.07), and "the feeling" is not the same as playing CMBB or CMAK. It´s worse! (
  9. No, I didn´t make any changes at all. My screen is HDMI connected to my graphich card, at 1920x1080 pixels, 32 bits quality colour, (60 Hz.), PhysX is on, and about 3D configuration I didn´t touch anything at all. I would give you details of each element but everything is in Spanish language and I don´t know its English translation: anyway if you are interested I will send you a screen capture of these details. I installed the game "Assassins Creed" (comes together with the graphic card) and during installation process DX10 was installed. I don´t like this game, but it shows like a movie! It´s spectacular! Then, also I installed "Kuju Railroad Simulator", and "Take Command: 2nd Manassass" and everything is working fine. I only have troubles with "CMSF" because I´ve a Spanish version and when I updated it to last patch, it crashed! (anyway, I don´t mind because don´t like this game very much... :/ I switch off Internet connection, switch off firewall, switch off Windows Sidebar, switch off Winzip Quck Pick. Doing so, I haven´t no troubles at all playing CMBB or CMAK at the moment... (if I´d had any, I will inform over here...).
  10. Yes, you´re right "MeatEtr", and it would be great what you mention. But look! For example, WEGO system it´s a good way for it! In all modesty, I only think that if you´ve a company with loyal clients, you´ve to try to look after for them. I understand a company when try to follow up new marketing strategies to expand its target market. But I feel Battlefront perhaps is getting the wrong way... :/ Nowadays, we all know global market situation is too difficult, and older CMx1 users are loosing trust in Battlefront. I don´t know if Battlefront is gainig more sellings in proportion with last CMx1, or new customers with products like CMSF or TOW2 -I have my doubts, anyway...-. I am convinced Battlefront will do a great job making games (general quality of their catalogue is superb), but regarding Combat Missions series I think the strategy to develop this serie in a good way can be more straight and easy just sanding down our old CMx1
  11. I´m very happy because I´m running CMBB and CMAK in my Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bits without any problem! I recently have built a PC by myself: Intel Core 2 Quad 9550 2.83 Ghz., Asus P5Q-Deluxe motherboard, Corsair Dominator 4 Gb. DDR2 RAM and Western Digital Caviar Black HDD 640 Gb. My graphic card is XFX GeForce GTX260 666M 896MB DDR3 DUAL DVI TV PCI-E BLACK EDITION, and I have instaled XFX´s last drivers from XFX webpage. Drivers are "Windows Vista64 WHQL International - WHQL driver for GeForce 200, 9, 8, 7 and 6 Series", version 182.50 (129.70 Mb). I´ve played one complete game against A.I. in CMBB (+35 turns) and everything went perfect. Now, I´m playing CMAK against A.I. as well, and everything is going fine, too! One detail: before starting playing CM, I switch off Internet connection, firewall, and most of all the memory resident programs which are on in that moment. (I hope this information can help somebody, and if you want to know any other detail about it don´t hesitate to ask
  12. Same here, as well... And as "Cid260" said: "I hope that the design of CMx2 WWII take into account this... for a possible new external CMC development". And also, one easy question: why not to come back to old WEGO gameplay system? I think it´s a very good system for this kind of games, much better than RTS. If WEGO system works fine, why change this important aspect? Try to change or improve graphics, sounds, interface, and add another little details just to make CMx1 a Total Masterpiece (I´m sorry but I don´t really understand last Battlefront decisions in designing wargames...
  13. I´m still sad... Lucky of you discovered a love for CMSF (I really don´t like at all... ;( Anyway, as you said, I´ll stay tuned...
  14. +1 This idea would be GREAT!! And personally it´s what I´m waiting for in next CMx2 WWII. I don´t care about 3D graphics, sounds, fireworks and so..., aren´t solid reasons for me to buy any game. I´d prefer this kind of improvements in gameplay: I think it will give more interesting incentives to play it!
  15. ¡Uauh! Excellent news!! So, it looks like "CMC" is sailing before the wind! And great AAR !!!! Come on, and keep going with your good work !!
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