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  1. Wanted to thank everyone for all the tips and advice. I'm going to start dabbling with the demo this weekend and when I think I have the basics down pretty well I'm going to take the plunge. Just not sure which title it will be.
  2. I just downloaded the Normandy demo and I'm giving this another try. I gave this a go several years ago and put it on the back burner because I was so new to the genre. Fast forward to now and having a couple years under my belt playing Battle Academy 1 & 2, Unity of Command, Theater of War (briefly), Steel Divisions (briefly) I find myself lured back to this beast. I know I'm going to fail, a lot, but I want to really "get" this game. I've watched the Armchair General videos multiple times. Any tips/tricks from you pros here for a new guy? Not sure if the demo will allow me to play a smaller platoon vs platoon battle, but I know starting off as small as I can is the best approach. Thanks
  3. Is it my understanding that Windows Vista 64 uses cannot use the battle editor??? Uhm....why? That makes me not want to buy this game and why haven't they fixed it? Thanks
  4. Yea, no kidding. Is there someone out there willing to "teach" someone how to alter the stats of vehicles (as long as the developer doesn't mind of course!)or email an example of how to do that? Thanks Zas
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