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  1. That's awesome jby! Not that I've every had any need to play DT on a LAN, but it's great to know it works. Marneus, the best resource for creating scenarios is probably http://tbgsoftware.com/CreatingScenarios.pdf which can be found here: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=78165 The PDF is a guide by one of the devs to creating scenarios. Basically, you make a heightmap in black and white, a texturemap to go over it, and a RGB detail map which applies textures specified in the scenario xml file, which you need to write. The specifics are in the PDF. It takes a while to get the hang of, but once you do it's a great thing to try. Good luck!
  2. Just put those mods in the CZ7 folder to run them with Creature Zoo. As to making your own maps, you don't need the scenario editor. Some of the best maps, by Nexus, were made without even touching it. If you want to get the editor working, good luck but I don't run DT on Windows. If you want to know how to make maps w/o the editor, we'd be happy to help.
  3. http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=71585&highlight=creature+zoo This is the Creature Zoo v7 thread. The actual mod is: http://dropteam.johalla.de/download/Creature_Zoo/Creature_Zoo_7.zip Unzip it into the "Mods" directory in your DT folder.
  4. Hey Derfel, 1- You can have 2 installs going at the same time iirc. 2- It's not the lack of mods, it's the lack of players. We sort of conglomerated everything into one big ubermod, Creature Zoo. Poesel71 ran his own server with Creature Zoo to go alongside the default server, but unfortunately he's not able to host that server anymore. There are a lot of mods, they're just all in one big file which isn't getting used these days. 3- I don't have much here as I haven't used it as a LAN game. Good luck!
  5. Will do Poesel, thanks.
  6. :-) 3 of those maps are player made! That just made me happy.
  7. 152, what was your plan? I heard something that chilled my heart when I joined that game. It was kim2 saying "we'll have to go to plan b." This really scared me because it meant you had not one, but TWO plans. I was terrified. Apparently I inadvertently messed the plan up, which was cool. But what exactly was it?
  8. I was thinking that it might be a problem with textures, so I'm thinking about trying to re-download the textures, etc. How, exactly (I forgot) do you trick DT into a version upgrade? I know you change version.ini but then, what do I do to have it redownload my /data files? Sorry if this is a muddled post, I'll clarify if I can if anyone has questions. Can anyone help?
  9. The cutter needs a speed bump or we need a new unit.
  10. Actually, AFAIK the demo server is gone. So multiplayer is really impossible w/o say a direct game between a couple players, or someone running his/her own demo server.
  11. So far I've used a program called Istanbul to record, and it works fine at 640X480. Of course, to do that I must open in a window and Istanbul records the whole screen. I'll check these out, but off the top of your head do you know if any can record from just a window? My main problem, still though, is fixing the white stripes I keep getting. Maybe a new GFX card is in order? Heck. that would even help record at higher resolutions/framerates.
  12. Just an idea- maybe the best thing to try would be recording replays. Of course, I wouldn't enjoy being the one to re-watch an ENTIRE game that I've already played, just for the sake of having it on video, but you do get some advantages, namely an omniscient view of the battlefield. This could be either a blessing or a curse, depending on what you think this should be like, but I don't think showing only one player would be as interesting. I'd get recording all my matches straightaway if it weren't for my graphics glitches... Those would put an interesting face on DT. EDIT: 152, I do have a bit of hardware sitting around that I may somehow be able to abuse into working for DT, but it only records at 320x240. Ouch. ANOTHER EDIT: I was just looking back at 152's advice: and thought I could add something. Unfortunately when toggling to your 20mm your black circle indicating ammo starts showing reload time for 20mm, which you don't really need to know. What would be nice is to have an idea of how long until you can switch back to your 120mm again. A rule of thumb I once heard around here was 3 20mm blasts per shot with the 120mm, and it's served me fairly well so far. So if you fire off a shot with your main cannon, switch to your 20mm, and fire that three times, you know if you go back to the 120 you'll be good to go again. [ June 02, 2008, 04:58 PM: Message edited by: Phonan ]
  13. I think it's a great idea. I'm not really set up to do hardware capture right now- if I got my Linux box working with DT I'm capable of doing 640X480 capture- however, that would assume I'm rid of the "ZebraTeam" problem.... 152, you've talked about capture a lot, do you have hardware to do that with?
  14. Yes, thank you everybody for some of the most fun I've had in DT for a very long time! (And by the way, sorry about blowing up your tank on Treachery, rua..... dang that's ironic.)
  15. Haha- actually it's a Nvidia 7300 LE for me if you can believe it. Actually works quite well for me, and it's worked before, but I don't know what's with D(z)T these days. I might delete DropTeamSettings.dat and hope for a lucky break... no one's had this problem before?
  16. Well folks, I was really quite happy when DT started working flawlessly on Ubuntu 7.10; unfortunately I've started to have problems, perhaps with the upgrade to 8.04. I used to have problems related to my dual-monitor setup, but those seem to have gone. What remains, however, is artifacting (or something) that I have taken to calling "ZebraTeam." White stripes all over random objects and surfaces (even terrain.) Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone have advice? I'd appreciate any help. I do assume it has something to do with my graphics card...
  17. Wow, what happened to all these people?
  18. Great that you solved it- hope you can soon meet us all in our online matches! (3:00 EST on Sundays and 7:30 EST on Wednesdays)
  19. Guess what? I think I'll be there today!
  20. Hey Chilibird (EDIT: Iceman,) welcome back! Of course, if you start playing with a Viper again I'll feel like a cheap ripoff. I'm sure, though, that everyone else is glad you're back! Seriously, its great to see you here again,and if you start playing again, please join us for some of those Sunday and Wednesday matches!
  21. Phonan

    DT 2

    Um, 152 as far as I can tell this is a Halo machinima, so I don't see much of a problem. Or am I missing something?
  22. Phonan

    Fan Fiction

    So here's what I think. If we get a real, interesting fan fiction story going, wouldn't it be possible for some of us who've modded a while to get it turned into a DT campaign? I for one think that would be a cool thing to attempt- an entire user-made campaign. And if it has a good story, etc. maybe we could get a campaign that newcomers could enjoy playing more (no offense to the current campaign.)
  23. Whoops, sorry! Completely forgot Wednesdays for a while, and I've been really busy. Will play soon, and I hope we get more people when summer comes!
  24. Congratulations from me too, Jung- great news! [ May 14, 2008, 02:31 PM: Message edited by: Phonan ]
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