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  1. I think in the CMSF series there was damage modeling to vehicles. i.e. an "Upper Left Hull: Penetration" would actually put a little hole, upper left hull. Tracks would be graphically blown off, etc. Is there any way to include this in CMBN? I think it would really add to the depth of this admittedly already deep game.
  2. I am one of those who skipped the CMSF generation, and so the last CM game I played was x1, whether BO or AK or even BB, I can't recall.. but one thing I DO remember is being able to highlight a unit, press 'enter' and see that units stats, along with its kills, etc. Such and such was killed, a gun was knocked out, so many infantry surrendered to this unit...is there such a key in BN? I always like to keep up with which of my units is performing above expectations...and the other way, as well.
  3. agreed. That was one of the things I really appreciated aboutCMBO, etc. You could see the size of the engagement from the menu. Not sure how to do that yet (if at all) in CMBN. Also, where is the 'Securing the River' battle? I don't see it in the list. It must be within a campaign?
  4. Are you downtown or in a suburb? I'm a ways out of the city, out to the west...not sure if I'm working that day (or the next!)...
  5. I've just begun toying around with the campaigns, and have played a turn here and there in them. However, I can't seem to get my new campaigns to show up in game. I've gone to 'creat new campaign' and selected which one I want to play on the campaign page, but they just don't show up when I try to play them in DiF (no expansion). I've tried to make a new battle of britain and Midway campaign. They show up in my campaign home page but not in DiF itself. Maybe it's just a slow server or something? I've given it 15 minutes to show up and nada yet. I'll try again after a couple hours.
  6. Good to hear, Dan! Looking forward to it.
  7. Has anyone received an email yet? Just curious, as the bulk of this forum had a preorder in, and was wondering if any of us had received an email that the DVDs are enroute....
  8. Don't know where you got that idea. It was stated, numerous times in numerous ways, that in no way would the hard copies be ready near the same time as the download. They have to get it produced, sent to their various warehouses, and then get it out to the consumer. Simple logistics. As for the game, I had as high hopes as anyone here. I, too, preordered based on BFs history of fantastic games. I have been disappointed thus far in my time with the game; though, to be fair, I haven't had much time to devote to it.
  9. My fausts can't hit a halftrack either. Anywhere from 20-100m, I haven't scored a hit yet. With 2 Pzfausts firing.
  10. Uhh, wolfseven, you realize you responded to your own topic and sounded like 2 different people? Forget to switch screen names?
  11. No email here either. Nothing in spam, etc. On D/L attempt #2. #1 unsuccessful.
  12. That would be awesome. For ToW sequel (or expansion) you should have all the forum members of that game send in voice clips. How immersive would that be? You see a tank fire a round and hear YOUR voice say "On the way!" Awesome stuff, that..
  13. My first attempt I didn't use a D/L manager. Was averaging about 140k/sec. Got to 1.2 GB then crapped out on me. Just stopped like it had the full file. THen when I tried to run setup.exe it told me it was corrupt and to get it again. I d/lded GetRight and am on my 2nd attempt now, but only getting 44k/sec. Oh well...maybe I'll have it running by 4/21.
  14. yes they are. Go to the tech support forum for ToW, there's a thread there.
  15. yes they are. Go to the tech support forum for ToW, there's a thread there.
  16. 1% done at 138KB/sec. 3:40 to go.
  17. I don't know if it's just me, but after reading the walkthroughs posted here a few weeks ago, I found something about this tutorial mission. The guide indicates that in the version the reviewer got, there were no PIIIs in that first wave. Only the 3 PzIIs. Maybe they added the 2 PzIIIs after the mission was too easy? Moon, can you enlighten us on this?
  18. Hey Moon, just for clarification...I noticed in your response you had the phrase "RTFM". Now, I'm no genius, but I want to make sure I'm reading you loud and clear. Care to elaborate?
  19. Painful, sometimes. But always funny. You mean nobody in Germany gives wedgies? Try it to one of your friends. Pull the underwear so hard you get it over their head, at which point it becomes an "atomic" wedgie.
  20. Bump for answer to waypoints.. ?
  21. I've beaten that first wave lots of times. But, no matter what I do, the 2nd part of that scenario rocks my world. I clear out the infantry wave but once the 3 tanks pop up I'm toast. I've beaten all of the tutorial missions and the battle, but that one mission is just near impossible for me, it seems. Not to mention so much of it is luck (do my shots hit, do they penetrate, and if so, do they disable?). Seems the PzIIIs are boresighted onto my positions.
  22. i THINK there's an option to remap your camera controls. Otherwise I think you'll have to use a keyboard key along with mouse movement to rotate around it's axis.
  23. Looks like that guide was written when there were only 3 light tanks, and no PzIIIs. Did that demo mission get changed or something?
  24. I'm having the same problem. The PzIIIs kill my gun crews (note the plural..I crew them with every man I've got) in 1 shot. My AT guys don't even have time to aim, much less fire. Those Panzers are wicked gunners, I guess. And the one time I did get past the first wave, the 2nd wave decimated me, again, with their first volley.
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