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  1. I will let this go. I have been around these forums long enough to not let the flaming bother me when someone suggest constructive criticism. Yes, I will own up to making two mistakes. I should have kept the install files. And yes, I should have put this in tech support. This is not the place. But the rest of your post is just not helpful. If BF is every going to grow as a company it does not need comments like this from curmudgeons with a superiority complex. You may of not ever had DL problems. Before the last few weeks, neither have I. And I have been a customer since 1999. But have you tried to download a product in the past month? If not, then your comment is not helpful. I am indeed not an IT engineer. And I refuse to get into a dick measurement contest over the interest about my 'IT skills' But I am proficient enough to know that the technology I have should be sufficient to download the ~6 GB worth of files I need in about an hour. Not the 10 days it took me. My suggestions were not to belittle BF. They were meant to provide some alternate ideas in case the download issues persist. And who knows, maybe they could save money on bandwidth costs? I am sure the company has looked into ways to save money. But on the tiny chance they have not, the few keystrokes it took me to type out my suggestions would be worth it. And finally, as far as Steam. I have seen the arguments against it. I like Steam. I like it a lot. It can be a fantastic tool for some companies. But I trust BF has looked into it and if it is not for them, then they know their finances better than any of us. Steam was never mentioned in this thread until you brought it up. And with that. I have said my peace. Normally I don't get offended by random forum posts. But your post in particular was out of line and the kind of thing that drives off casual customers and keeps war gaming a small hobby whose median age is in their 50s.
  2. As an update to my problem. After almost two weeks and almost 60 tries I finally re downloaded all three games. The speeds were terrible and the connection kept dropping but finally with enough persistence I got what I needed. I did in fact drop BF a help desk ticket and they replied very quickly and politely but the advice did not help. Pretty much the standard 'check your own system and connection' I have not used a download manage since the late 90s. I also have a top of the line system and my internet is fiber optic and I would venture to guess it is in the top 1% of speeds worldwide. I don' say those things to brag. I say them because the problem is probably not on the end of the user. I did e-mail ShareFile (they handle BFs downloads) and they were less than helpful. It took two e-mails and four days for them to respond and they answer was 'we have no problems on our end' and 'being an overseas customer, you cannot expect fast download speeds' My location needs to be update, I live back in Europe now. I can accept that many problems are indeed on the users end. But I don't think this is on mine. I have had no trouble anywhere else. And I do a load of downloading. Typically 30-50 GB a week in a mixture of work and entertainment. My constructive suggestions were not putting down BF. I was simply suggesting that I have dealt with software companies of BFs size or even smaller in some very niche game fields (like flight simulation and sports management simulation) and I have seen some nifty ways for small companies to distribute product and keep bandwidth costs down. But saying all that, my problems are now over. It was just a major pain in the ass. A little disappointed at the comment though.
  3. I tried again all day today without success. I am going to open a ticket. I understand BF is a small company but this is annoying. I purchase software from other companies the same size, or smaller, than BF and they offer multiple download options. One flight simulation company I download from offers their products over Google Drive which is awesome since they offer nearly unlimited download speed. Another company that sells sports simulations makes their products and updates avaliable through a torrent. That works well too since it greatly cuts down of bandwidth costs. BF may want to look into some alternate ways of distributing their products. If you have a few minutes, please open a ticket as well. The more tickets, the greater the chance of it being responded to.
  4. Yeah I know 1 gbps fiber optic is tough to live with but someone has to use it
  5. I cannot remember the last time I purchased a PC game on disk. Probably around 5 years. Usually I am very good about putting the install .zips or .exes on an external HDD. Not sure why I didn't with my purchase from Battlefront. That is on me. However, these downloads speeds are horrendous. I was hoping it would clear up but I have tried about a half dozen times for the past 72 hours and I am still getting very low speeds and my file interrupts usually before 20%
  6. Hello everyone, a handful of you might remember me. I purchased the new CM games back in July and ran them on a temporary computer. In the past 10 days I have relocated to a new residence and am have a new computer set up. I am trying to re-download the three games I purchased over the summer and I am not having any success. My download speeds run from 25-40 kbps which is unacceptable. Worse, the downloads frequently quit after 10-20% completion. It is not my internet, I downloaded something off Steam earlier today and was getting 13.5 Mbps. Are there any alternate ways to download the products? Does BF have a cloud or torrent I could use? The default method through sharefile is just not adequate. Thanks! On a secondary note, I loved the games as I played them over the summer. I got Normandy, Italy and Red Thunder and all 3 expansion modules for Normandy/Italy. Very enjoyable tactical combat. Now if I can just get the downloads completed I can update Normandy/Italy to 3.0 and keep my games going and continue work on my very bad user created scenarios.
  7. I was very early. I can't remember if it was PC gamer or the Matrix Games forums that tipped me off, I am thinking PC gamer. I remember getting the demo and playing it over and over and over. I don't even think the full game had been released yet. I remember the demo came with two scenarios. One was fantastic. Two ridges with a valley in the middle and the Germans had bunkers and an AT gun with fantastic LOS. That was a great scenario and if I remember correctly it did not even come on the final disc. Probably late 99 was when I came across the demo.
  8. Below the platoon level most Syrian units do not carry radios How do we let the player split squads but keep them from abusing the function? I will be the first to admit not being able to split squads is less than realistic But just as unrealistic is letting the player split the squad and then run them all over the place outside of visual or voice range. Once you get past that range the squad leader would no longer be able to issue orders. OOB dictater...I like that I think I have a new title
  9. That sounds right The RPG 18 is a cheap light weight disposable AT weapon with good accuracy and good penetration
  10. They should If a few people would please confirm this one way or another I will post it as an issue in the beta forum And really all Syrian ATGM teams should have RPGs
  11. More fixes Do not expect features until a few more patches The Nvidia 8xxx problem is AFAIK a driver problem that has been passed on to Nvidia and will have to wait for them to release in a future driver update
  12. Steve should announce something before it hits the servers The delay has been very very productive We have indentified the source for and fixed several bugs relating to weapons firing and the AIs firing of weapons Combat should be greatly improved
  13. Guys Just give us time We arn't all playing Bioshock and Warhawk and not doing anything for the game Ever since the patch was delayed last Friday we have been every day fixing new bugs (some very big) You guys are going to get a better patch than would have been released last week. The patch will be released soon. We are wrapping up a few more changes and making sure fixes are actualy fixing problems. The patch you guys see will have alot of good fixes. Just please be patient
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