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  1. There is more than one Strategic Command series out there. I would guess Matrix is getting a jump on the name SC3 with the series they put out, and is not necessarily affiliated with people we know here at Battlefront.
  2. Thank you Hubert. I will be dropping some names here, and if it's not kosher, please just edit them out. I have purchased every game you have made. The only other author I can make that claim on is Gary Grigsby. I appreciate the level of quality you dedicate yourself to, even for a "beer & pretzels" game. This is what World in Flames should be if made into a computer game. You strike a great balance between complexity and playabilty that is hard to come by. This latest map gives enough room to try anything stupid you have ever felt compelled to do. Kudos! So far (from memory, will replay several times and write things down): - The supply level of 3 and railroads, working as designed or unintented? The Eastern Front from Germany I have a feeling will be unfair in a match between two human, but I can live with the design decision if this is what you want. - My German fighter when in Paris itself only had a range of 3 or 4 instead of 5. Will test again in another game to make sure it wasn't just a one time thing. - The creation of the Indian Army after the fall of Singapore. The unit just doesn't show up anywhere. - Coastal Forts in France, are you supposed to get 3? From the text I am under the impression 3 will show up, but get 2. - DDs in the Atlantic, they have a script deathwish. When German CAs and BBs are in the area, they throw themselves at them and try to hit any subs in the area, without heavy ship backup. I am not even trying to be gamey on this one. They just like to die. - Destruction of supplies sources and ports, it just doesn't happen. I imagine this has been pointed out already. There will be more, but I need to use pen and paper, not just memory.
  3. I think there are quantifiers for Iraq, and any Axis unit will do, not just German. I haven't looked at the script, but 1944 seems to be a long time out to have this trigger.
  4. Nice to know someone else suffers from this truly tragic malady besides myself I really wish they would make a slightly bigger keyboard, but I imagine there isn't too many people who would buy them.
  5. Is there a current list of changes/bugs in AoD? I don't want to search all threads, nor want to repost something already mentioned. Thank you! The map is awesome, btw. Rather an amazing game.
  6. The Strategic Bomber losses is correct, it is very expensive to bomb your opponent. I haven't looked at convoy too close, because I agree with you, it's too hard to read. I have been following all of these for quite a while, they are a very fascinating read and tell the story of the game being played. I will try to rectify what each shows, at least what I understand each to be when I have a moment. Hopefully our sharp witted game designer can come in and and clarify.
  7. So far, no. It seems normal as of now.
  8. Hehe, doesn't matter what version you are on, luck happens. I still debate about fixes for tech advances, sometimes I like the "weighted" randomness we have and sometimes I would like a more consistent approach. Right now, you will have some games with no tech hits, others, the Panthers will roll across the Russian border in 1941.
  9. I have thought this to be a good idea, as long as in the save game continues to show the settings. Maybe make that more visible in the game, plenty of room at the bottom of the screen.
  10. I dunno, how much slave labor in Russia and China helps with that output? With all of Europe under German control, stretching to the Pacific Ocean, that level of output seems pretty reasonable. With no Russia to cause losses, you should have every thing built.
  11. Congrats on the win! Amazing what you learn when you play vs. human competition.
  12. Here's what end game looks like: Ima thinking we should call it, only thing left is the killing. There is no more maneuvering I can do, money is low, and you can pretty well do what you want. If you want to keep going to pop the balloons, I will. If not, I will post up screen shots of the final empires.
  13. I can tell you Event #1 file in 8 point font is 137 pages long . That is the biggest file, but there are 2 others.
  14. Is Irtkusk (sp) considered a capitol for supply in Siberian Russia? I expected to see the city drop to 5 supply, but it still a 10. More research needed. {Empire of the Sun} Indonesia abandoned entirely. I have a lot of troops, but the Allies have more, and I need them everywhere. Carriers sink a couple more ships, help take down a brazen Marine invasion in Ryuku. Chinese have better morale and readiness than the Japs, so, for the most part, we sit and watch them. {Europa} Allies take what I keep giving, Norway is long gone, Italy can rejoice and hang Il Duce and his mistress, Russian can....well, we still want to overrun them. One Soviet Army killed near Sofia, Ju-88s bomb ports in Italy, should slow the Allies if they were planning on using them, and we catch our breath. Polish partisans rise up, quelled by Luftwaffen troops stationed with the Stukas stationed there.
  15. July 29, 1945 {USSR} We finally break and run, Soviets start up the engines to see see how fast they can drive west. Soviet paratroop killed dropping in the Balkans after he finds my 15 strength Stuka. Lucky for me, 15 strength tac is stronger than 6 strength airborne. {Bulgaria} We go for the big prize, but leave the the Russians in front of me at 1 strength. Maybe next turn we kill them all. {Adriatic} JU-88's spot an Allied transport entering the Adriatic, send them off to build a new fish shelter. {West front} We ping down several front line Americans to make it harder to break me. Just shoring up the lines. {Germany} The Panzershrek: simple enough 8 year old boys can use, light enough 60 year old men can fire! Yes, we are drafting old men and young boys into service. That should slow down the Russian and Americans! You can see the killer instinct in their eyes. {Empire of the Sun} Fighting along the border of Burma is no longer important, we withdraw. We sink more American battleships (2 more). I am down to 6 ships, but US suprisingly has 18 left. I suppose it doesn't matter, as long as he has more than I do. We take a page from Crispy's paratroop tricks, and drop on the Trans- Siberian railway. Think that will put a small kink in the plans to overrun me. I think I may have bought enough time to make it to 1946. Summer is growing short, so I might make it.
  16. We've come to the time (last few turns) where watching the replay takes a lot longer than doing my turn. {Europa} The time has come to abandon Italy, we need the troopers to face American tanks. American airborne, death by air strike, troops recapture Munich. Around Sofia, one Russian army destroyed, one reduced to strength 1. We hold in the east. Why don't I cut and run in the east, with American breathing down my neck? Well, if I were to run, the Russians would follow and cut those 0 entrenched unit to shreds. I don't see me freeing up a lot of troops by moving. Beside, I do have it in my mind, surrender to the western powers is a much better option than surrendering to Uncle Joe. {Empire of the Sun} Hmm, well, I am getting beat on, and not much in return. Think I sunk his battleship, and a second to strength 1. That's about it.
  17. June 5, 1944 {End of the Iron Dream} Here is the entire empire of the 3rd Reich, at the beginning of the turn. Allies at the gates! Soviets breaking through! What else is there to do, but attack of course. {Bulgaria} HG Panzer drives into the heart of the Russians and attacks the straits. Command and control problems prevent the attack to go off as planned, Russian army reduced to 2 strength. Russian army in front to Sofia destroyed. {Western Front} WE blast through the American army in front of the Sigfried line, send the Panthers across, and he takes out a British corps. Some pinging on Americans in the north. The Kriegmarine rallies one last time and sink a British cruiser. {Eastern Front} A combination of air strikes, counter attacks and blitzkrieg eliminate the breakthrough, and keeps my tank off the front line. Army, tank, and corps, die, in that order. {Empire of the Sun} Eliminating that bomber hurts, my 'eyes' have been removed in one area. CV Kaga with some fighter support eliminate the two battleships and destoyer that sunk my carrier previous. CV Akagi sends 2 transports to the bottom. Subs skirmish east of Philipines, with small results. Not much on land this turn.
  18. Turn sent, but falling asleep, dont think I will make it through an AAR, zzzzzzzzzzzz.
  19. April, 1945 Ach du lieber!! I have outlived Roosevelt! Send the Bismark out raiding! {Europe) West Front: we take pot shots and wound a few units East Front: I weave together a front line for the last time, itskittin kinda heavy. Artillery, tanks, and whatever else they have will make this miserable in the Eastern Front. Oh, submachine guns, can't leave those out. Think of scenes from 'Cross of Iron'. {Around Sofia} We ignore the half strength out of supply unit that is landed, 2nd Panzer grinds 2 more British into the dirt, and they take their 1st casualty. We blast another tank army and divide the Soviet forces. This will of course cost me units, but buys more time. {Italy} Is mine, for the moment. But there are 6 to 8 carriers in the Med, I think the Nuclear class carrier Nimitz is with them. There is so much air flying the sun is blacked out. {Empire of the Sun} The corps holding out in Borneo is at 2 strength, and very low morale and readiness. Reinforcing to 5 strength would still be death, so we withdraw them. They won't get any medals though, for we are Japanese, and they are just doing what is expected. The 1st Guards Armor Army is at tech 5, I am not sure how to stop them, just slow them down. I reinforce heavily in front of Soviets, but nothing for offensive action there. Hmmm, we notice a lack of American air in China. I wonder where they could be now? Just kidding! We are 99% sure they are in Europe, waiting for the sun to come out. Oh, and from the looks of it, mud on the ground for you, but clear skies overhead.
  20. March 1945 {Asia} A rule I am not sure how many people know: Even though my corps has supply 5, every land square (hex, chit, uhm, whatever the exact name in the rule book it is called) is enemy occupied, so he is ensieged. I don't recall the exact rule, but I do believe with supply 5 he can only be reinforced up to strength 5 (I think it's 8 with supply 10, but I don't recall, and am not looking it up this minute). Makes me think to run away or hold. Not going to give up the island that easily, so kill me. Nothing else here. {Europe} Welp, going to miss something sometime, 2nd Panzer with their new Panthers wipe out 2 British corps and close in on the port, but one unit south in Greece keeps it open for Britain. Pretty tight rope down here, the Russkies are primed to blow something up. HG Panzer blasts an HQ, and pull up the peninsula, all Allied units in Italy now in Sicily. Clear weather in Europe should be happening soon, Allies will show superior air power when that happens, and lots of German mamas are going to be crying.
  21. {Europe} HG Panzers blaze a trail of glory through British forces, wipe out an army and a corps single handed, open up the door again to Naples. We ping the tank open to us, knock him to a 3, bring down a truckload of reinforcements again, including our latest tanks, the Panther. At the end of the turn, I realize I am not looking at the Italian/French border quite properly, leave a place the Allies can cross into Italy, but they still have to kill the Frenchy in the way. Speaking of which, doesn't it just feel right to overrun French units, whether you are Axis, Allied, or Communist? I think so! Wonder if it has ever rained all summer long? {Asia} Uhm, nothing noteworthy? May have sunk the last Soviet sub, but that's about it.
  22. Well, let me toss this is too. You can send your German subs in the Pacific to Japanese ports and they can fully resupply, upgrade, and reinforce in harbor. Not sure if that's meant to be.
  23. {Europe} Hermann Goering tanks lead assault down Italy, Rome freed, Italy liberated, lol. Knock a russian corps down to 2 strength in front of Sofia. Shuffling troops behind the scenes, think I will make past the actual historical date of conquer, but I will be severely beaten here, fairly quick. Want to play this out for a while though, you rarely get to see the late game and how it plays out. {Asia} Borneo is guarded only by a single corps, think there is like 8 troopers for the Allies on the island, going to fall next turn. Where will all those guys be heading? His air hit my air last turn, I return the favor this turn, at least where the rain allows. Otherwise, more hunkering down, everywhere.
  24. December 17, 1944 {Europe} Question: What does this mean to me? Answer: The least of my problems. This is taking troops away from what will be a really ugly spring/summer in Europe. The western and eastern fronts are prime for collapse, the areas you see above just take valuable troops away from other needed areas. Oh well, the Feuhrer's Fireman will be busy this year. {Aisa} And this picture means? Red Storm Rising? No! Russia just has too much money on their hands. Sink 3 out of 4, we'll see if it's just bait for the American Navy. 1st Kure Special Forces leads Banzai assault on 5th Tank Army on the border, succeed in destroying it. Nothing else special to report.
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