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  1. There is more than one Strategic Command series out there. I would guess Matrix is getting a jump on the name SC3 with the series they put out, and is not necessarily affiliated with people we know here at Battlefront.
  2. Thank you Hubert. I will be dropping some names here, and if it's not kosher, please just edit them out. I have purchased every game you have made. The only other author I can make that claim on is Gary Grigsby. I appreciate the level of quality you dedicate yourself to, even for a "beer & pretzels" game. This is what World in Flames should be if made into a computer game. You strike a great balance between complexity and playabilty that is hard to come by. This latest map gives enough room to try anything stupid you have ever felt compelled to do. Kudos! So far (from memory, will re
  3. I think there are quantifiers for Iraq, and any Axis unit will do, not just German. I haven't looked at the script, but 1944 seems to be a long time out to have this trigger.
  4. Nice to know someone else suffers from this truly tragic malady besides myself I really wish they would make a slightly bigger keyboard, but I imagine there isn't too many people who would buy them.
  5. Is there a current list of changes/bugs in AoD? I don't want to search all threads, nor want to repost something already mentioned. Thank you! The map is awesome, btw. Rather an amazing game.
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