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  1. It certainly seems related to automatic picking and so far it's only having an issue with the US Army if I try to use Armor or Mix. Hmmmm maybe I need to update to 4.0.
  2. It seems that if I try to use the Quick Battle option, and the US Army using either MIX or ARMOR I get a CTD as soon as I select a map and press OK. This happens when I have auto select for the US Army forces. Also if I try to do player select for the armor forces of the USA I get to the selection screen but if I press "suggested" I get an immediate CTD. None of the other nationalities seem to have an issue that I've seen so far, it seems to be limited to US ARMY, ARMOR or MIX, FRANCE and the QB automatic or Suggested forces screen. I removed ALL mods and it doesn't seem to make a difference. Version 3.12
  3. I currently did a reinstall of CMBS and I have V1.03 When I look at the patches I see it states there is patch V1.03 through V1.04 however the links take you to the same page which has only patches for Engine 4 (V2.10 and V2.11) Is there a V1.04 patch and if so where is it located?
  4. Okay the crews are carrying AK-74's, full AK-74's not AKS-74's so the rifle IS modeled and IS in the game. Why could BF not include this model? I simply renamed the M9.mdr file to AKS-74-black.mdr and wallah the troops now carry accurate AK-74's. The only minor problem is that the buttstock is not visible during some animations from a distance and I am attributing this to the lack of LOD files for the M9 pistol model. So close to getting it right, any ideas on how to get the LOD files included? I feel like I'm doing someone elses homework for them
  5. I agree it doesn't take away from the game that much but it would be like having a Vietnam Conflict game where all of the American troops carried M-4 Carbines instead of M-16's. They left out probably the most common model of weapon used in the conflict yet included G3's and FN's (both of which look beautiful by the way).
  6. When I exploded the CM:A data file and looked into the AK weapons folder it shows models for the AK-74 weapons and even the texture file is set up for the full stock version. From what you are saying the 3D model is truly no differen't than the AKS-74 model even though it has a differen't name. I was under the impression that the model was already in the game it just needed some coding to make it appear. Thanks for clearing it up.
  7. Even in CM:Afghanistan the Russian units are still only carrying the AKS-74 model no matter what weapon they're icons show they are equipped with. If they decide to create a Vietnam conflict module the Americans will Carry M-4's because hey, it's basically a M-16, just a little shorter and nobody will notice right?
  8. I don't get to see my soldiers faces much, they are usually pressed down into the dirt.
  9. would love to see it, but can we at least get the soldiers to carry true AK-74's as opposed to all of them having AKS-74's? ahem
  10. They would rather risk a bullet or shrapnel vs being trapped in a furnace on wheels/tracks.
  11. Well maybe it's simulated, in the same way the crews carry AKM's when they should be pistols, you don't see it, or it's modeled incorrectly but the game engine takes it into account.
  12. Chechnya would be prefect for the sim's engine, it's just a matter of interest in the market.
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