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  1. Yep, looking forward to this release. Thanks to Steve for all the patient updates. Try not to drink too much coffee while your working on this...
  2. Howdy all! Have a blessed Christmas this year!

  3. Any way to make this game work in win 10?
  4. Hi all. I have played this game, waw, and pde since it came out right up thru windows 7 with no issues. Now I have installed windows 10 and installed the games and patches and it wont run. I get the opening splash screens, then the main menu. But when I click on any of the buttons like settings, load, or start a battle and it all freezes. I can still hear the music and when I click the mouse I can hear some sort of strange sound, but that's it. I really would like to play this again if possible. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you for your time.
  5. Everybody knows horses cant count past 3 so that is patently absurd. However, my old horse did fart a lot. I think he was communicating allright...
  6. Im in awe. You guys are fast...and courteous.
  7. Ive noticed a couple instances so far where a tank crew abandoned it after coming under fire. Don't get me wrong, I don't blame them. If someone shot at me on the eastern front, Id probably get out and run too. However, I was wondering... Can they be re-entered, and if so, by whom, a crew or infantry team? Can the abandoned vehicle be captured? If so, can it be used against me? Thank you for your time.
  8. Ive been playing the training campaign and making a couple slapped together scenarios and completely enjoying this game. Like someone said earlier, if you like CM and the eastern front, you'll probably like this game. Don't let all the fan girl replies scare you away, they're actually kinda cute in their own hairy, coarse, blunt way. ;0)
  9. Thats it exactly, thanks oddball. As for the grenade, no, I had him throw it, he didnt do it on his own. I wanted to watch that animation too. Thanks for the replies fellas. Yes, the work in this game is truely amazing. The hit decals also add a new dimension to the game, differing sizes even!
  10. Thank you. Yes I did. Then used the windows movie maker to fancy it up.
  11. In playing a slapped together scenario I made in the editor, I noticed a lone German survivor of a destroyed AT gun. As I watched I was very impressed with the individual soldier animations. So I put together my first ever movie and put it on Youtube. Go easy, Ima tender noob here...
  12. How do you take screenshots? I tried the print screen function and all I get are nice shots of my desktop. Thank you.
  13. Yeah, me too...actually, after a battle, the landscape is dotted with my flaming tanks.
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