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  1. On 7/30/2019 at 12:27 PM, Johnlondon125 said:

    ... Or should I just shut up and buy?

    Yes!  Pick your favorite time frame and buy at least one to check out all the features

    On 7/30/2019 at 4:42 PM, Thewood1 said:

    Anyone who thinks it doesn't rival CM modern has not been keeping up in the last four years.  Is it a full on wargame like traditional wargamers want?  Probably not.  You can easily lose control of the battle from nnot paying attention to detail and rage quit.  But if your not just wanting to play miniatures in digital form, and experience chaos and frustration of managing a modern battle, I would choose SB over CM any day.  It still has weaknesses around infantry and foxholes, but CM has its own issues that can be pointed out.

     For modern RTS, nothing tops SB, IMNSHO.  That said, it's a totally different system.  I do not play CM in RT just for all the reasons Mord and others have mentioned.  I have only in the last few months really started to pick up SB and learn the game.  I'm still not fully capable with everything that SB allows.  I have only CMBS to blame for even getting me into that game.  I never had any desire to play any other time period than WW II before I picked up CMBS.  Now, it's been several years since I've played anything but CMBS and SB.  When I feel like an infantry fight with some armor, I play CMBS.  When I want to mess with armor and blow ****e up, it's SB.

    On 7/30/2019 at 5:08 PM, sburke said:

    Yep. As with any game CM has it’s limitations. Noting that for the OP is important for their decision making process.  SB sounds like it would scratch an itch for me.  Graviteam tactics not so much. Would SB replace CM for me? No, nor should it.  Different itch, different solution. 

    On 7/30/2019 at 5:15 PM, IICptMillerII said:


    Exactly. Both CM and SB are great at what they do. Its important to recognize that they set out to do fundamentally different things.


    SB will never replace CM as sburke says even though I find myself playing it more these days.  I've owned all of the CM series since the night of the refreshing monkeys.  I've has SB for a couple of years, but put it down for a good while due to the learning curve.  Now that I've made the decision to learn the simulation, I've been playing with it almost exclusively for several months.

    I own many hundreds of dollars worth of computer wargames.  Exactly 4 games rest on my hard drive (if you count the entire series of CM and Campaign Series as one game).  Two are 3D & two are top-down; Two are RT (3 if you count CM as RT, I don't); two are igo-ugo They are:

    1. Combat Mission (I still have CMBB on my HD) 

           2. Steel Beast Pro PE

           3. Campaign Series (JT's and ME, not too interested in the new Viet Nam game, but I may still purchase it)

           4. Flashpoint Campaigns Red Storm

    I also own many of Tiller's PC and Modern titles...  they just haven't made it onto my newest computer yet and I only have so much time.  The four above can fill that up easily.  Each game tickles a different fancy.

    BUT, to the OP, I do not believe you can go wrong with any of the CM games.  I've been enjoying them for over twenty years.


    Rake Out...


  2. 21 minutes ago, QuiGon said:

    Aren't these custom icons some kind of cheating as they give you an unfair advantage by giving you more information than the game is supposed to give you (e.g. specifying if a sound contact is a tank or light armor)?

    Custom icons don't give any more info than the stock ones - they just replace files that are already in-game.  Like Bil say, they're easier to read quickly.  If I have a choice, I use NATO-type icons in all my wargaming.  If I don't, I make my own or use someone else's.


    15 minutes ago, JSj said:

    Yes, very true. Also, I think that more than 90% of all bugs and problems that gamers have are because of mods that break the game.

    I've been playing this series since way back at the very beginning of CM1.  I've always played a highly modded game and never had an issue with mods.  As Vin said above my post, the game just doesn't look right without mods.  I install mods immediately once I install a game.

  3. 15 hours ago, Bil Hardenberger said:

    What can I say?  I never play with these icons and I’ll never do it again. ;) 

    I'm with ya, Bil.  Whenever I watch a youtube video where the stock icons are used, I have little idea what units I'm seeing.  I use a combination of yours and ones I've done myself.

    I just found this aar... Thanks for doing this and all you do for the hobby.  I didn't play CMSF1 much.  At the time, I didn't care much for modern equipment (I really didn't know much about it to tell the truth); it was WW II all the time.  I only bought the base game, and that only much later on after most of the bugs had been worked out.  I bought Black Sea on a whim and since then have played mostly cold war and later in all the games I play

  4. On 7/26/2018 at 1:51 PM, IanL said:

    I recommend everyone just add him to your ignore list. Then you don't have to see this silliness

    Done...  before I  even got to your post. Trolls like this are a major reason why I rarely post on any forum.  The anonymity of the keyboard gives far too many a presumed right to be asshats  obnoxious.  I'm far from thin-skinned, but I doubt he's spoken with too many people in that vein

  5. I've been reading, again, Blumenson's Breakout and Pursuit.  Along with this, I've been doing some other research and located a trove of aar's in the Ike Skelton Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library.


    What I'm having difficulty (sp: l a z i n e s s, :rolleyes:) with is converting map coordinates in the aar's into lats & longs so I can find a "real" location.  I've found a site explaining the "British Modified System", but that system uses coordinates such as "vZ3383", meaning (as best as I can tell) Map Section vZ, 33 kM East/83 kM North.  The US aar's use coordinates similar to, say, "565-068".   Does anyone here have a link that will point me in the right direction.  I'm a land surveyor IRL, so I do understand coordinates, projections and the sort.


    Thanks in advance,  Rake


  6. Having the same issue with CMBN and have opened a ticket.  I had no problem upgrading CMRT or CMBS, but both of those were previously installed and I just loaded the upgrade.  CMBN had been removed due to hardware issues and I hadn't played the game in about two years since I removed it.

    I've tried twice to install from the full upgrade and the license has been rejected.  I also tried installing module by module.  After downloading up through 3.0, I attempted to install just the base game and was rejected for having used all my activations.  The license key has been saved on another computer since my original purchase during pre-order and I checked it against the key in My Accounts... same key, same issue.

    Regarding the insufficient activations...  I thought (read somewhere on the forums) a new activation was added every year after the initial activations ran out.  Not having installed the game for two years, I thought I'd have two additional activations remaining



  7. I just dl'd the big "pack" of the upgrade.  The computer I'm currently on only has CMBS and RT on it.  I have BS  up to 1.04, but I haven't been able to find any installation instructions on the BF website or within the upgrade folders.  There are two CMBS folders in the upgrade package...  Am I to ASS U ME that I only need to run the CMBS Upgrade 4 Windows or do I need the CMBS 2.00 Full Windows?

    Thanks in advance

  8. Yeah you have to save in a certain bit rate for some reason.

    8 bits per channel for the RGB channels, and 8 for the alpha channel...  I kept making the same mistake as the OP until I remembered I was dealing with four channels, not three  ;)


    Oh, one more thing... Every time I make a selection, I've learned to save it as a separate channel (I'm assuming you're using Photoshop).  That way, if I screw something up, which I'm often prone to do :rolleyes:, at least I don't have to recreate the selection; just load a "new" selection.

  9. Well I kind of agreed about the circle needing to be replaced with the square shape for the NATO icons... my WW2 period icons will always have the allies with circle shaped icons.. seems to fit the period.  If you make your own version, share a few screenshots.

    I do understand that the modern version would be the rectangular, but after starting a set, it just didn't look right to me.  I'm working on it slowly; as I play a new scenario and encounter new types of units, I'll pop open Photoshop and create a few new ones.  My ADD won't let me game long sessions, just as I can't play in PS until I finish a whole series :)


    One thing that I am doing, and have done with the WW II sets is to make the "Icon ** 2" version the opposite and/or much lighter color of the "Icon ** 1" symbol, e.g., the "Icon Soviet * 2" is red on a yellow background...  The brighter color helps to pick out teams that have been hit, but more importantly, it has several times saved me from the silly mistake of double-clicking to select a unit and then giving orders to an entire company :angry:


    An example from RT...



  10. Bil great job, I just fired these up to test them out and I like what I have seen so far.  If I did have to nitpick about something it would be that the US symbols are shown in circles vs the traditional rectangles. 


    Bil...  sorry to throw my hiccup into this (ya just can't please everybody ;) ), but I always loved the circle version for the blue army.  I understand that some may prefer the square or rectangular versions; these seem to fit more with the NATO symbols. 


    After playing with my own modded versions of your period based icons for so long, I've found I'm just going to have to create my own set for CMBS...  Now trying to fit the wheeled AT symbol into the 128 square pixel area (circle or diamond) is gonna be tough, but I'll figure out something, even if it's using old WW II style symbols :P


    Thanks for all you do for the series... from your AAR's to you Battle Drill blog (an extra thank you for the link to the Obscure Battles page).  I read it all, post little, but always grateful.

  11. Okay, as a bit of a "mea culpa" for my outburst the other night (even at my age, enough vodka can get me, ummmhh... "riled up" :rolleyes: ), I have a planning map to share of the second KG Engel scenario.  Basically, it's a copy of the mission map with contour lines drawn in.  I do this for a number of the larger scenarios I play...




    If you're able to get into the second scenario with all your tanks and the AT gun showing up  ;)  I can drop it into a dropbox account... that is IF I can figure out how to do so...  Send a PM... or, if you're lazy, just right click and "save image as"  :)

  12. A small suggestion. Real world (or CM world) isn't photographer's studio lighting. You might want to experiment with cranking the saturation down, playing with brightness/contrast. Ugh, that's the bane of my existence, forever chasing down artwork in the game than either needs to be brightened up or desaturated. From building facades to crops to street signs. See attached.

    Yikes!!!  The first picture (studio lighting) looked awful close to the color of the Class 3 safety gear OSHA requires for construction workers...  minus the reflective striping of course  :)

  13. I tried playing this scenario as a "stand alone"; i.e., exploded the campaign and opened it as a scenario.  This time, the Pz IV's and the Panther were there, but the AT gun was nowhere to be found.  The crew and ammo bearers were sitting inside the hano yet the gun was nowhere to be found.  I opened the editor, and the gun was right there where it should be... trailing the 'track, but once again, after loading the scenario, the gun is missing.


    The scenario looks interesting, as does the campaign.  At this point, it looks like my options are to play the campaign with  a couple of Lynx, which likely allows a slim chance of winning, or playing the remainder of the campaign as individual scenarios and defeating the entire purpose of the campaign system. 


    I suppose the good news is that I'm too old to be mad about stuff I can't change... just gotta change the game I'm playing for a bit. :unsure:

  14. Same problem here, my panzer IV's and Panther were missing in the second mission even though they survived the first mission. The pak40 was present in my game, did not have any problems with it



    i have the same problem. all my tanks survived the first mission but in the second one i only have my 2x panzer II. does it help to play the first mission again or is there any other solution?


    Same issue here with the disappearing Pz IV's & V.  I've even gone back and replayed the last turn of the the first scenario a couple of times to see if that would magically allow the tanks to appear.


    The first time I tried to play this campaign after upgrading, the AT gun wasn't there.  I waited a few months before trying the campaign again and the gun showed up.


    I've got saves if anyone is interested.  I started this campaign because I've gotten tired of the monster games in CMRT and the fact that I never got through the second Engel scenario due to the issue where MG's would not set up with LOS through bocage...  the size of these campaign scenarios make this an interesting campaign for me;  I'd love to be able to get beyond the second one  :(   

  15. - 1 to turning off the red crosses.  I like knowing when someone gets hit  Early on in the vid, I watched a T34 w/ riders get  get ko'd...  I had to go back and watch it a second time because I missed the red crosses;  I watched the tank explode and thought no one suffered collateral effects. Everyone has an opinion and is most certainly entitled to theirs'.  CM, as realistic as it is, nor any other video game, certainly isn't not going to fool anyone into thinking it's a movie.


    Nice job, Macisle!

  16. ...

    And the FO doesn't need to see the gun to call arty on its location. If the FO couldn't even draw a valid "support call" LOS to the place you wanted to bombard, then there was definitely some, probably postural, distinction between the elements involved, and something like a low wall, or crops.

    One thing I just recently noticed is that a spotter can place an arty call to places that won't show up in LOS. The downside seems to be that the accuracy suffers. I'm in the middle of a game against the AI where I've tried this extensively, but artillery landing where I've asked for it has been dicey at best

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