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  1. yeah, the key was using the right combo of moves on the attacking side: SPOILER < < < < < < < < < < < < < I advanced the infantry on the wooded flank, using move to contact with a sqaud leading ahead of the rest of the platoon. I considered using a half-squad, but the full squad came in quite handy when they bumped into the russian platoon also advancing through the woods. I managed to cutoff several of the russian squads and sent them packing. The rest of the force advanced up the slope out of LOS of the MG bunker on the far flank. I then advanced troops into the wooded area, concentrating all fire on those troops at the closest end of the trench. The slope of the hill prevented the other trenches from firing on my units, so I had the firepower advantage on that end of the ridge. My MG's supressed troops further down the line. Started to assault into the trenches, rolling up the defenders and they started to break. As a surprise, the hardest part of keeping the attack moving was my troops tiring from assaulting down the length of the trench. Spent the final turns knocking out the remaining pillboxes.
  2. Thanks for the tips, guys. I did replay "Hill 312" again, and with the help of some of the tactics, managed a major victory as the Germans vs the AI. Definitely a real difference after finding the right line of attack to approach the trenches.
  3. I'll admit that I'm having a tough time assaulting defenders in trenches. Any tips on the best way to go about this (aside from blasting them out with direct tank fire)? Is infantry fire more effective at certain angles to the trench line? Is there a minimum distance where trenches cease to lose their effective cover? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. furryshark

    Who else loves Battle of Minors?

    Great scenario! It brough back fond memories of that one Cross of Iron scenario with the Romanians . I think it was the Taking of Balta or something .
  5. furryshark

    DANG you RUNE!!!!

    In regards to the Jagermeister scenario, I've only managed a draw twice. Granted, there were some nice moments, like the KV flame tank mauling a German counterattack in the village or infantry ambushing a Panther or two that wandered into town, but on the whole I'm finding attacking A LOT more challenging vs the AI.
  6. furryshark

    Testers for a quick byte battle?

    Could you please send to me - I'd like to try it. thanks
  7. They'll be the ones towing the MG's. Watch those HMG's run!
  8. furryshark

    Hmm.. Chicago area CM meeting?

    Maybe a weeknight?
  9. furryshark

    Tiger Plans?

    This might be of interest... http://www.kitparade.com/features01/stugiiigds_1.htm
  10. Well, I finished the first battle of this Op with almost all my vehicles knocked out and the rest of my men cowering in the bushes while the FO did about the only damage. At least I know where the defense lines are now (I think!). Challenging but quite enjoyable!
  11. furryshark

    Goofed with Gemunden...

    I played this one (v.3) a couple of times. SPOILER AHEAD < < < < < < < < < < < It was quite enjoyable, though I'll admit that getting the Allies across the bridge in one piece was pretty frustrating! Still challenging, to say the least. Anybody have some tips playing as the US on this scenario? thanks! [ 05-24-2001: Message edited by: furryshark ] [ 05-24-2001: Message edited by: furryshark ]
  12. furryshark

    Hold on at Tourmauville *SPOILER*

    Ok, will do...
  13. furryshark

    Hold on at Tourmauville *SPOILER*

    Terence, thanks for the tips! I'll try to put them to good use. I look forward to seeing some more scenarios from you in the future.
  14. I've been playing this addictive scenario a lot lately - it's outstanding! However, playing as the British, I find it hard to set up a good defensive position after crossing the bridge while clearing out the stubborn German defenders. Anyone have any hints on this one? thanks!
  15. furryshark

    ASL vs CMBO

    I must confess I did clip my SL counters with surgical precision. After purchasing Crescendo of Doom, though, I just remember looking at counter sheet after counter sheet. Overwhelming, and I hadn't even cracked the rule book yet. I'll stick with CM, for sure.