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  1. Stop posting useless threads and head over to www.combatmission.com The chat room there is by far the best way to find an opponent when you need your fix.
  2. WHOA WHOA WHOA. . . wait. . . What is this a picture of exactly? The first build. . . what? Or someone's doctoring? I'm honestly curious.
  3. I believe that the panzershrek was derived from a captured American bazooka in North Africa. I could be wrong. . .
  4. So, any grogs have evidence of actual "rammings" during WW2 combat? It would be interesting to hear a first hand account or something. . .er "fink" of this nature.
  5. Not quite exciting enough to be my splash screen, but a nifty pic, nevertheless.
  6. Yes, indeed. . . Anti-Aircraft guns are for shooting at aircraft. Although I do find that their function in this role is sketchy at best. Rarely will you shoot down an enemy plane. Instead, as I understand it, the presence of AA can distract enemy's aircraft and keep it from doing its job effectively. I do find, however, that smaller caliber AA works VERY well against targets on teh ground. Just the other day, I played a game iin which my soviet 37mm shot up a number of Pz IIIs, a couple ACs and tagged a few inf. as well. The key to this, as with all artillery pieces, is PLACEMENT.
  7. Ah. . . . Brings to mind the scene in A Bridge Too Far where Robert Redford is crossing the river at Nijmegen with his fellow airborne buddies. Didn't they later call that "Little D-Day" or something? er. . . . somefink. . . "Hail Mary, full of grace. Hail Mary, full of grace. Hail Mary, full of grace. . . ."
  8. Hey Jeffers, as I cannot find it on the site, would you mind emailing to me as well?
  9. Hmmmmm, strange. . . I created a mini-scenario with partisans (Republican Guerillas) vs. a company of Italian Motorized troops (Nationalist). The partisans are set up to ambush the italian convoy as it crosses a small bridge (with AT mines on the road). However. . . . for some reason or another. . .THE TRUCKS THAT THE ITALIANS ARE IN WILL NOT MOVE!!! I tried setting up a VL and exit grid on the partisan's end of the map and they dont go anywhere!!! Why is this happening?
  10. Oops, yeah sorry. FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS it is.
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