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  1. Roosevelt: Sorry... I should have been clearer. I believe that the European version I am speaking of is -- specifically -- the German one (I think there's supposed to be a French and Italian version, too, but I'm not certain). There is also an Australian version; of that I am completely certain. The version you have is likely the original one, purchased online here at Battlefront.com. To have the other versions, you would have to have ordered from one of the online retailers that supplies the German or Australian boxed (yes, boxed) Strategic Command game.
  2. Col. Guderian: As I said before, the graphics are not available to the general public. You would have to purchase a EUR/AUS version to have the 'newer' graphics you want. Other than that method -- as I've also said before -- only Battlefront/BTS can release the graphics as an update to North American version owners.
  3. Greets, Whos. In short, I was asked by Hubert to produce an updated version of my 'elite edition' for inclusion in a European/Australian release of SC. JMBunnelle was also asked to create a series of new terrain graphics and icons for inclusion as well. All of this is part and parcel of the European/Aus release of 2003 (v1.07, btw). As of yet, these 'new' graphics were not released to the general public; only Battlefront can authorize their release.
  4. Herr General: Well, the interface graphics are my own, yes. The terrain was done by J.M.Bunnelle, however (as well as the set of icons you see in that picture, I believe). These graphics combined were included in the Euro/Australian release of SC last year. As of yet, they have not been made available as part of an update to the North American version of SC. My interface graphics that were included in those releases do not suffer from the crash caused by my original release of the 'Elite Edition' graphics (i.e., the crash is caused by my original release's incompatibility with the last NA 1.07 update). Incidentally, I've been using all those graphics you see in those screenshots for over a year.
  5. I'll bet that you're talking about this terrain and iconset.... check these links: Pic 1 Pic 2 If so, let us know.
  6. Yeah well that might have been the plan in 1940 or early 1941 but I bet you anything when 1942 rolled around those plans would have been pushed back. Wayyyy back. </font>
  7. Not really an answer to your question as far as scenarios and operations are concerned. I, too, am a fan of SSG's Korsun Pocket game. I purchased the add-on "Across the Dnepr" a month or so ago and have not had a chance to play it at all. How is it? Have you played any of the HPS Panzer Campaigns series (i.e., Smolensk '41)? If so, how does the add-on compare to it, especially since they cover a similar period? I'd be interested to know how you're doing against the AI (especially since I'm not that strong of a player and AI has been pretty satisfying for me) and what side you're playing. Good to see another KP player here. Looking forward to SSG's next game in the Decisive Battles Series (Battles in Normandy).
  8. I think I could put that together. Stand by for some news regarding the mod.
  9. I would love to see a single post of yours somewhere in an archive that indicated your prior "excitement". Before the thing was even released you were bashing it. Heck, you bashed SC extremely hard (without even playing it, of course) based on the fact that you couldn't stack units ala A3R. The trouble with you, Les, is that you stick your foot so deep in your mouth sometimes that it eventually comes out the other end; and even though the smell is considerably more abhorrent on the way out, you're one of those guys who like to pretend it didn't happen (whilst the rest of us are too polite to complain about the stench). The irony in all this is that -- because you've gone so far out on a limb to criticize various games (HOI is not the only one) in which you possess not a smidgen of knowledge -- you'll never get to play them because so many folks will roast you alive due to your oft-outlandishly negative statements. And it's too bad, really. Because I swear, deep down, I know that you would really like HOI. You're the kinda guy who could really get into a long, 12-hour multiplayer marathon (we have LAN parties where I live), wrestling with other leaders over strategies, stabbing allies in the back, and having fun doing it. I picture you playing a Churchill; a stubborn bulldog till the very end. But, still, a loyal ally when you needed him. Take the plunge, Les. THEN let's see you flood the SC2 fora with loads of new ideas gleaned from another worthy game. HOI and its latest patch (the sixth, btw) have set in concrete what a grand strategy, WWII game can be. And, believe it or not, the folks at Paradox have that same level of outstanding dedication to strategy games that the folks at Matrix and Battlefront do. They're serious about their player base, too, and -- like many posts I've seen from designers in the SP fora -- the Paradox developers can often be spotted posting their comments and thoughts at all hours of the morning (Sweden time, of course)... because they're still at work tweaking code to accomodate players' requests. You strike me as a stand-up guy when you want to be, Les. Come clean, drop the fundamentalism, and give it a serious shot. I would be more than happy to play HOI with you and show you the ropes. Otherwise, I'm going to have to start showing up in an ASL forum talkin' smack about that game. I can say I've never played it, too (although I was, of course, "excited" about it before it went to print)! It'll be loads of blustering fun and we can switch sides for a change.
  10. Pumped? Heck, you harangued HOI before it hit the shelves. And, as far as I know, you still haven't played it. Well... suffice to say, HOI is a much more complex game than SC1 is in every venue; and its base of players dwarfs SC's. Not that SC is a lesser game, but if it had the variables HOI does (not to mention its larger userbase), there'd be plenty of whiners in here. And we both know that SC was also on the receiving end of some serious whining.... just checked the forum there... looks like it's still going on. Well... day one is a little magnanimous, don't you think? I like SP, too, but if you trail together all the README.TXT files of fixes/changes/additions, you'd have a nice full day of reading, too. Tactical's your cup of tea, Les; but let's not exaggerate SP's goodness. I like it, too; but I'd wager a month's pay that were it not free, it wouldn't have the same following. Yeah, the Grigsby fanboys are about as vociferous (and onerous?) as the HOI ones are. I'm anxious to see what GG's spin on Axis & Allies will be. I've been playing GG's games since the AppleII was god's gift to computing; but most of them are spreadsheets. GG does spreadsheets well. By the way... if you haven't played HOI yet, you really should. It's an overwhelming game for a first-timer, but I'll bet it would take you for a ride. I love HOI multiplayer, but you need a solid 6-8 hour session for a good game. However, if you've got the time, it's like Risk on LSD. It's deep, and you always have flashbacks days later of some such invasional episode. No flaming here, Les. But HOI has come a long way from its earlier incarnation... just as SC and SP have. And there's still 300 or so posts per day to sift through over there. Don't knock it if you haven't tried it. That said, SC2 will always be welcome; and you'll find lots of HOI players buying it, too.
  11. Man, I must be falling prey to the placebo effect, then. One thing, however: what speed of system did you try it on?
  12. Pheasant: Well I, for one, am very pleased with this mod. I noted an increase in camera movement right off the bat on one machine. I reviewed all the graphic replacements side by side with their originals; absolutely no difference (save in size) to the naked eye. Great stuff... and I'm looking forward to your terrain base release! Thanks again for this one.
  13. Hearts of Iron (v1.05c + C.O.R.E. Add-On) & Korsun Pocket (SSG/Matrix) Both are extraordinary games for their respective genres.
  14. I'm still enjoying HOI after nearly a year. And yes, the patches have greatly assisted in HOI's ongoing evolution. The thing I like about HOI is the amount of "stuff" that's under the hood.... and there are still many who are trying to figure it all out. Of course, I still love hex-based games like SC (esp. when I don't feel like rolling out HOI in all its mammoth glory). But I have to agree that HOI -- like Hubert's gem -- keeps you coming back for more.
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