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CM under Mac OS X

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You can't run CMBO in OS X "classic" mode nor from the System Folder on your boot disk as OS X dumps some files in that folder that clash with CMBO.

What I've found the best is to build a lean OS 9 System Folder on another partition and boot the machine from that when I want to play CMBO.

My understanding is that the engine wont be rebuilt to work with OS X until CM2 (not CMBB).

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You should be able to get CM to work in classic, only no 3D acceleration, meaning software rendering.

There's some stuff you'd need to remove from OS9 folder to get it working. Forgot exactly what, probably "classic rave".

If the extension(s) is there, CM tries to use hardware 3D, and fails. Without the extensions it should work.

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This is what it is written about the matter in the "introductory" pages of CMBO on this site:

"Currently MacOS X no longer natively supports the RAVE

graphics API. Combat Mission was in development over two

years prior to the announcement of this decision by Apple

and was written for RAVE.

This means that you will NOT be able to play Combat

Mission in a native MacOS X environment.

You may be able to play Combat Mission in "Classic Mode"

but it will require locating and deleting the "Classic Rave

Extension" from your Extension folder. Please note that after

every subsequent reboot this extension will reappear and

would need to be again removed to play.

Running the game in classic mode is not recommended as

it will be running in software mode and will not benefit from

any hardware acceleration.

The preferred solution is to make a separate bootable

partition on your harddrive and install either 9.1 or the latest

9.2.2 MacOS there. This will allow you to boot into a *pure*

MacOS and the game will function correctly.

If at some time Apple decides to better integrate RAVE

support into either Classic Mode or MacOS we will make an




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