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Frozen Menus

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I am having a problem with the drop down menus in the battle set up and editor parts of CM. The game itself works great w/ no freezes or other issues. But for some reason the drop down menus (where you select things like FOW level, quick battle parameters and a host of things while editing a battle) will not cooperate. Most of the time the menus will open but the light blue highlight will not move and I can not close the menu until I hit another menu or button w/ my mouse. Sometimes they will not open at all and sometimes the blue highlight will move but will not align correctly to what my mouse is pointing at. The mouse works fine with every other function of the game. I have just updated the mouse drivers w/ no positive results. I have checked this board and no one else seems to have this problem but all other programs I run work fine. I have the same problem w/ the original and patch versions and have tried all levels of installation with the same results. I am also not computer savvy and might be missing something fairly simple. Any help would be appreciated. (I can only play so many 500 point quick battles w/ small hills and moderate tree coverage before I realize how much of the game I am missing!)

Thanks for any help.

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I have the exact same problem (I have a microsoft intellipoint trackball--newest drivers).

What I've figured out is that the display is one click behind the mouse for some reason. Try this:

Click on one of the menus. Ignore the blue line & click on whichever setting you would like (the blue line will not change).

Then go click on another menu. You should now see the correct selection in the earlier menu.

It takes a little getting used to, but it works & lets you play quick battles & use drop downs.

Good luck.


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