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I final Networked my Win2000 and iBook details inside

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I recently bought a Home networking kit with two network cards and a Hub (very cheap £45 for the boxed set). The hope was to get my ibook and win2000 machine to talk to each other nicely and to share the internet (I'm going to get a broadband connection soon and would really like to surf the net whilst watching TV in the livingroom so I thought i better get them talking now whilst I have the time).

Well all I can say is that its much easier than i thought it was going to be.

These are the stages I went through 1) with TCP/IP i managed to FTP files back and forth very easily. 2) Managed to get the Internet connection shared very very easily (Went to lots of web sites that either told you that it was easy but then provided no details at all or sites that just told you to do it plain wrong).

3) Managed to network them properly i.e sharing printers ect, but only after I downloaded a program called DAVE.

Sorry if I have bored you but I just needed to tell someone. If anyone needs the details of how to do this I will gladly post them.

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