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Video problem


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I have the video problem where it tells me that my resolution must be 800x600 even though my desktop is at 1024x768.Before I get this notification the game loads at 640x480 then the note comes up. I have GeForce4 Ti 4200 video card and the latest video drivers from NVidia. I have DirectX 9 downloaded as well. I have Micosoft Hotfix 328310 and add/remove programs will not allow me to remove it. Is this my problem??? If not this need help cannot play. Boo tscaringi@comcast.net

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Have you deleted your Prefs file ? You may want to in order to see if you can select another resolution.

I suggest running the DirectX Diagnostic (from the 'Run' command type in 'dxdiag'). From the 'Display' tab run the 'DirectDraw' and 'Direct3D' tests and see if they pass. Also make sure that the 'Direct3D and AGP Texture' Acceleration settings are enabled ('disable' will be a button when they are). The tests will most likely pass. The 'DirectX Files' tab will usually tell you of any problems with the DirectX files themselves, but it may not catch all possible problems.

If deleting the Prefs file doesn't work and the Dxdiag doesn't indicate anything obvious, then you may want to consider removing your video driver, reinstalling DirectX 9.0b and reinstalling the video driver (possibly an older version). I suggest running a video driver remover utility like Detonator R.I.P. (Videocard drivers > NVIDIA detonator drivers > top of the list). After running this, reboot and install whatever 'default' driver Windows offers you (if any). Don't install any drivers as of yet. Now reinstall DirectX 9.0b (the 'redistributable' is linked at the bottom). After rebooting for this, then reinstall whatever Detonator driver you want (the 30.82 works the best with CM).

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