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Detonator/3 no go

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Have new Compaq Presario that always locks when CM is run---during order phase- (Drag)--started with original drivers and has persisted with driver and chipset upgrades. I have an AMD athlon 1.1 with 128 ram and 20 gig HD and Nvidia geforce GTS with 32 ram and the latest drivers from Nvidia loaded with all in one ATI chipset----still locks --- tryed the detonator/3---still locks---reloaded software and patch---still locks---getting desperate--anybody got any ideas.

Thx HJ

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What OS are you running ? Are you saying that you have both a NVidia GeForce GTS and an ATI All-in-Wonder video card ? Which card actually came with your Compaq (probably the ATI) ? What version of DirectX do you have installed ?

The latest CM patch will do little to help your lockups (though it is nice to have). When you mention "chipset upgrades" are you speaking of drivers for your chipset ? Do you know which chipset your Compaq is based on ? Since it is a 1.1Ghz I'd guess that it is a VIA, but it could be an AMD.

Do you know if your primary display adapter is sharing an IRQ with another device ? While sharing IRQs is not an actual system conflict, it can cause problems in some situations.

To get some of the latest Beta NVidia Detonator drivers Reactorcritical is one good source.

Reactorcritical (go to TNT/TNT2/GeForce section and pay attention to the OS, the latest version isn't necessarily at the top of the list):


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