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Automatic QB selections.

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Has the patch really fixed these for 'small' battles?

On the evidence of multiple games I have generated, it would seem not.

Selecting 'mixed' often as not gives, for instance, all AFV's or two mortar platoons and a platoon of mixed AFV's (1 Panther, 2 Mk IV and a halftrack)

What it almost never gives is an overall force HQ which, given the C2 emphasis of CMBN, is surprising. Self-selection, using a 'recommended' force usually does.

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I agree. Selecting armour should come up with ...mainly Tanks; not companies of armoured infantry and a bunch of half tracks with the odd Stug thrown in.

however, Mix can provide some interesting if unbalanced battles.

I usually select medium maps - small is frustrating as the unbalance is, well... frustrating.

When I choose the Americans, I always select the force and include at least one M10 or 76 Sherman (unless I choose mostly armour) as the computer likes to picks Panthers and in platoons on a surprising number of occasions.


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I just generated a QB, with random conditions picked. When the map opened I had a bunch of foxholes, but no troops at all! Either the Germans had got pointers from the Japanese on ninjas, or they are playing a really high-stakes bluff.

Just tried another: medium Meeting engagement. I get 20 PSW 234/1 and four tanks!!

Third try. 20 Marders and four PSW 222s

Clearly things need some type of tweak: while the scenario might be fun, in a perverse way, it is hardly a reasonable simulation

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