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C2 and armored infantry

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I am currently fighting two pbem battles in which I have US Armored Infantry as troops. And I am running into difficulties with the C2.

First I have got to say that I understnad the C2 system. With "plain" infantry troops I have no problems keeiping everybody in command (well, not more then efverybody has - at times it is pretty difficult to keep the troops close enough together to have the squads within range).

With the armored infantry I keep running in trouble though. An US platoon of Armored Infantry consists of 4 halftracks, in which there are 3 squads, a mortar crew and ammo bearers, and two mg crews. Usually I try to park the halftracks somewhere just out of sight from the enemy, set up the MG's as firebase, the mortar near the trucks and let the infantry advance.

I immediatly run into trouble. The Leader losses radio contact with higher up when he dismounts (or maybe when he is more then a few meters from his halftrack). If I want to keep my dismounted troops in CC I have to keep the leader close - advancing in his halftrack?

Meanwhile the mortar crew has no radio either, can not use the radio in their halftack (or the halftrack hasn't one either) and has to walk behind the halftrack of the platoon leader to keep in command. Indirect fire is only possible when the leader dismounts within voice range, as spotting in a halftrack is a bit conspicious. And then the leader losses contact with higher up.

As it is I am usually better of using a plain infantry platoon, which is more flexible. I loose the speed and the mobile MG platforms - but the first usually isnt an issue and the second is of dubious value - viewing the terrain and the vulnerability of the halftracks.

Am I missing something in the C2? Or is an armored infantry platoon really so prone to C2 problems?

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