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Help! Problems with game!

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Hi, I've had this wonderful game now for over a year and a half, and it has always worked perfectly...until now. It worked fine after I got my new graphics card, and since then the only new thing I have done to the computer is reformat it. I re-installed the graphics card drivers after doing this. Well, here's what's happening;

I install the game, per usual, however when I try to run it it flickers to a black screen and then back to my desktop with no error message. After it does this, everytime I try to minimize a window or right click on my desktop, I get a whole bunch of colours appearing on where I right clicked/minimized. Help, please, if you can.


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If this is a fresh install, then CM needs to go through the process of selecting a resolution. This will be a black screen with a box in the middle listing the resolution and refresh rate and some buttons.

How quick does the screen come up and then go away ?

Typically CM will start out with a resolution that is the same as your current desktop resolution. However it try that resolution at the maximum refresh rate offered by the videocard. So if you're running 1024x768 @ 85Hz on your desktop, CM may try 1024x768 @ 120Hz as the first resolution/refresh rate combo. This may be beyond your monitor's capacity to handle, so the screen may appear shredded. However if you wait for 10 seconds or so CM will automatically try the next lower refresh rate available at that resolution (do not press any keys during this time). In this example that may be 1024x768 @ 100Hz. Eventually a resolution and refresh rate combo should come up that can be displayed on your monitor and you should be able to read the screen. Once CM has reached 60Hz refresh rate at a particular resolution it will try the next lower resolution available, but again at the highest refresh rate offered by the videocard at that resolution. In this example that may be 800x600 @ 140Hz.

Once you get a resolution that you can see and seems to be the appropriate size you want to play CM at, press the Enter key or click on the 'Select' button on-screen. CM should now display the Battlefront.com logo and eventually the game splash screen. When you exit from the game normally a Prefs file should be saved out and you will not have to repeat this process again unless you delete the Prefs file or change your desktop resolution to one below what CM is set for.

In your particular case here I'm not sure what is happening. If CM comes up and then immediately (within a second or two) disappears with no error, this sounds quite strange. Perhaps the CM executable is corrupted, but I would guess that this would give an error within Windows.

I suggest that you make sure that nothing is running in the background (try to kill/disable most things running in your Sys Tray in the lower right). This includes things like anti-virus applications, firewalls, system monitoring utilities,etc. Depending on which particular CM game you have, you may want to re-apply the last patch (and you'll want to make sure it is the correct patch, CDV/retail or BFC/Internet).

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What Windows version are you running and how much have you patched it with updates ? Do you know what version of DirectX you have installed (from the Run command in the Start Menu type in dxdiag and in the bottom of the first tab it should tell you the version) ? What videocard did you install and what driver version ? Do you have anything running in the background while attempting to launch CMBO (including anti-virus, firewall, etc.) ?

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