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Quick supply question

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I have a 2.5 ton truck atached to my pioneer platoon which is holding ammo and an infantry platoon running out of amo on another part of the map . Will my infantry resuply from this truck if i move it close to them ?? Its about 1/2 a mile across mainly open fields with enemy about . I dont want to take the chance of loosing a truck if the reciving troops wont be gratefull ...

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Seriously, if I have some 'rear-echelon' troops near a re-supply wagon can they pick stuff up and walk it to the frontline and then share it out? Or would they have to be hit first and given buddy aid before a guy in the frontline benefitted?

Unfortunately, you can't have just any old unit pick up ammo and deliver it to a frontline unit. There are, however, a couple of options that do work:

1) With infantry squads, you can split off a small team, like a Scout team, and send them back to pick up ammo. They will share the ammo with the rest of the squad once they return and re-join.

2) Nearby units *from the same platoon* will automatically share small arms ammo. You don't need to issue any commands for this to happen -- basically, how this works is that once an infantry unit is out of ammo, they'll automatically "borrow" clips from any nearby units from their formation that have the right kind of ammo. I don't know the exact range for this effect, but it seems to work over a range of at least a couple of action squares.

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Do the Ammo Bearers represent a genuine historical team?

Either way, should they be regarded as 'first-line' troops, and should they be modelled with lower combat ratings?

Ammo bearers are part of the gun/mortar squad and their separation is just a functional division, similar to how regular squad can split of an AT team (but a game limitation limits crew-served weapons to single team, unsplittable units).

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