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IMO it would be nice to have a move order like Hunt, except the unit only halts if fired upon, and does not fire on enemy it sees unless fired upon. Was trying to get a FO in position to call mortar fire on an AT gun on the other side of a building. Tried hunt, FO halts before he gets in position. Next tried slow, FO crawls into building a little ways, engages AT gun with small arms and is of course killed. Maybe there's already a way to do this I don't know of?

Sorry if this has already been discussed, couldn't find it.

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Short cover arcs are one of the best tools available to you. If your troops are arriving at their firing positions piecemeal (moving up from an oblique angle to behind a bocage, say), giving them all a short covered arc (and a Slow across the last action point up to the back of their cover) will keep them from exposing themselves (and being targetted) one at a time as they arrive and see the enemy. Once they're all (or enough of them are) in place, remove the short arc and they all open up in one devastating volley.

Works against the AI, anyway :)

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