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Sound corruption


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Has anyone any idea how I could fix my sound problem in CMBO & CMBB?

About half the time either plotting moves, or watching a turn I get a crackly chug-a-chug sound as well as all the desired ones.

I have a Creative SB Audigy Player card, with the latest Creative drivers on a Windows XP Pro system running on an ASUS A7V266 board.

I have disabled the onboard sound using the BIOS setting.

The card is in PCI slot 4, and I have an Nvidia M64 video card in PCI slot 1

Thanks, Len.

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I'm guessing that you're suffering a common problem between VIA chipsets and SoundBlaster PCI cards. There is no absolute cure for this.

I suggest first installing the VIA 4-in-1 chipset drivers. I don't really know if they'll help in this situation, but they're usually beneficial for some compatiblity problems. From what I've read they incorporate some fixes for SB Lives and the 686B Southbridge (of which your motherboard has a newer chip).

Typically the issue has been one of PCI Latency, which can be adjusted in the CMOS/BIOS setup. Usually it is suggested to leave the value at 32 Clocks. You can also try this PCI Latency Patch for VIA chipsets. Version 0.19 is recommended, if you have an IDE RAID on your motherboard you may want to try the newer versions.

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Thanks Schrullenhaft, I've tried that little lot and still have the problem - no fault of yours, obviously. I guess I could try swapping the card location around.

As a matter of interest, it seems to happen most when there is a swathe of solid colour on the screen - like the sides of a map.


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